Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting While I Started A Farm Chapter 490

Chapter 490: : Spiritual Realm

"You practice martial arts and I farm ( to find the latest chapter!

The sea of blood is changing, and the ancestors of the river are about to recover!

In the Sea of Asura, the consciousness of the ancestors of the Styx gradually became sober, and at this time a wave of will was passed out

"Yuan Tu Jian!"

The three words rang in the ears of all the Asuras above the sea of blood. Many masters of the Asuras glanced at each other. Several of the Daluo realm quickly spoke through voice transmission, and one of the old men said: "In the first battle, I The treasure of the clan Yuantu Sword was lost. Now that the ancestor is about to be born, he probably felt the Yuantu Sword, everyone, mobilized all the intelligence networks of our clan to inquire about the Yuantu Sword."

"At that time, the first ancestor will return, Yuantu Abi is in his body, and he will be invincible under the holy realm!"

Star battlefield.

With the return of the immortals who went to the earth, and the migration of the great immortal sects, demon gates, and demon cultivating sacred places, the names of Jianghe and Wanghou began to spread in the starry sky battlefield.

There are immortals who have returned from the earth, who directly incarnate as a storyteller, spreading publicity.

They deliberately avoided and played down the merits of Jianghe and the princes for protecting the earth. Instead, they exaggerated their claims and hyped up Jianghe and the princes' suppression of immortal gates and demon sects, and suppressed the immortal cultivators, forcing them to migrate.

If Jiang He was here, he would definitely recognize that these people were mostly immortals who had grudges against him.

For example, Taixu Sect, now also moved to the Starry Sky Battlefield, but no one said bad things about Jianghe and Wanghou.

of course.

Jiang He did not know these things.

At this time, he was lying in the sun under a parasol by the beach.

Next to him, Hu Mei, Boya Hancock, and Aoi beat his back to feed the grapes.

In the farm, there are also sun, moon and stars.

The time flow rate is the same as the outside world.

When the sun went down and the night rose, Jiang He set up a bonfire on the beach and started a barbecue.

Er Lengzi brought beer.


A dog's paw made the ice erupt.

It has a cold beer in his left hand and a barbecue in his right hand. He said happily: "Following the owner, I drank so many fine brews, but I feel that cold beer is best for barbecue... By the way, what kind of meat is this? The power of blood is sufficient, after eating it, it still has the effect of tempering my body."

Er Lengzi is now in the Demon Realm, and his martial arts cultivation is not weak.

The flesh and blood of ordinary monsters is useless to him.

Jiang He drank a sip of cold beer, feeling that the taste was a little bit awful, so he dug a hole on the beach, threw a bottle of cold beer in, and added a few grains of nine-day-breathing soil to strengthen the taste.

The beach is also in the farm.

Beer, an ordinary item, grows extremely fast on the farm. In just ten minutes, a two-meter-high tree rose from the ground, and a bottle of Snow Beer hung on the branch.

The strange thing is that these beers are still cold.

Jiang He took a bottle of


"Planting point +1."

I opened it and took a sip. The taste is indeed much better than before. He drank wine and ate a sip of barbecue. He smiled and said, "This is a starry beast that I encountered in the universe some time ago. The cow, which is nearly eight thousand miles long, is probably equivalent to the realm of true immortality."

"There are many interesting places in the cosmic starry sky. Wait until the next city, let you come out to breathe..."

After eating and drinking, Jiang He got up and yawned.

Boya Hancock hurried forward, Jiao Didi said: "Master, concubine wait for you to rest."

Hu Mei said charmingly: "The slaves and maids go with me."

Aoi flushed, he muttered for a few seconds, and said in a low voice: "Master, I...I..."

"You don't need to find a reason, you also go together!"

Jiang He laughed.

He took the three daughters into the villa on the corner of the farm and waved his hand to isolate the villa. In this way, no matter how much movement and noise inside the villa, there will be no movement outside.


A soft hum came from the other side of the farm.

The willow branches that are hundreds of meters high and the canopy covers a thousand meters are swaying. On the trunk, a pretty loli face appeared, and said angrily: "The master asks sister Humei to warm up the bed every day, but they don't let me Warm the bed, don't you just think that I am too young?"

"But our tree grows slowly, what can I do?"

One night spring breeze.

The next morning, Jiang He was refreshed and walked out of the farm.

He had just walked out of the farm and saw the prince. At this time, the prince was sitting cross-legged on the top of the mountain to practice. The martial arts rhyme of his body was floating, and the movement of the martial arts spirit above his head was the same as that of his body.

In that cave sky, layers of space are stacked, invading into the void, and the sun, moon and stars circulate in it, which looks very strange.

Sensing Jiang He appeared, the prince slowly opened his eyes.

"Minister Wang's cultivation base has become even more unfathomable recently."

Jiang He praised, and the prince said: "After resigning from the post of the Martial Arts Administration, nothing happened and lighthearted. Now I have no distracting thoughts, and my practice is indeed smoother."

The immortal consciousness swept away and found that Wang Siyu was still in retreat. Jiang He suddenly remembered something and asked: "By the way, Minister Wang, I remember that in less than a month, you had practiced in the star map for a hundred years. , Is it possible that there is time to accelerate the formation?"

The prince nodded and said: "There is indeed a time-accelerating formation in the star map. At that time, I strayed into the star map and touched the formation. That was probably the method left by the great power that created the star map back then."

"Now I can only activate the 60 to 70% power of the star map, but not the time acceleration formation in it."

"That's it."

Jiang He was a little lost.

Otherwise, with the help of the time acceleration array in the star map, there is a high probability that after arriving at the starry sky battlefield, they will be able to create a group of main gods.

After waiting for another half an hour, Wang Siyu's retreat ended, her realm was already stable, and she smiled, and said: "Jiang He, Minister Wang, you have been waiting for a long time."

"It's okay. When we came out this time, we weren't too anxious to hurry, staying and staying all the way to see the stars in the universe, it would also help enlightenment.

Jiang He took out a star map, studied it carefully, and said, "Our current location should be the spiritual realm. This spiritual realm is a strange star realm in the cosmic starry sky. The master of the spiritual realm is a fruit tree. Powerful, one of the strongest group under the saint."

"In the spiritual realm, the vegetative spirit became the Tao. Because of this, it has aroused the coveting of all races. UU reading www.uukanshu.com often has foreign monks sneak into the spiritual realm, poaching and killing the spiritual monks... so the whole spiritual realm The cultivators are mostly concentrated on a few life planets in the center of the spiritual realm. There are strong spiritual people sitting there, ordinary quasi-sages, and there is no return."

"There are many spirit races in the periphery of the spiritual realm, such as the planet we are on. However, most of these spirit races have just developed their spiritual wisdom and have just transformed, and the strongest is only the level of harmony...maybe there is one On the next day, a certain alien master will come and kill the spirit race on this planet."

"So cruel!"

Wang Siyu sighed.


Very cruel.

But this is in the cosmic starry sky, this kind of scene is too normal.

The spirit race is a rare treasure of the grass and trees. Any spirit race can be used as medicine after being killed. They are treasures in themselves and carry their sins. This is because the spirit race is powerful and the ruler of the spirit race belongs to the saint. The strongest group below can bless one party, otherwise, it would have been annihilated long ago.

In the universe, there are so many small clans that have been destroyed. Even if it were the earth, if there weren't these strong men in the starry sky battlefield fighting on the front lines, if they hadn't left a lot of backhands on the earth, if it hadn't been the rise of the princes of the rivers, I am afraid that the earth would also be destroyed. Billions of people have become slaves.

Jiang He didnt get too entangled in this topic, saying: "The core area of the Spirit Race has a super long-distance teleportation array, but the Spirit Race is extremely exclusive, so we have to go from the periphery of the Spirit Realm, across the Spirit Realm, and wait until we reach the Flame City. Later, I took the teleportation array to the Galaxy Empire."

Jiang He put away the star map.

By arriving at the Star River Empire, this journey is considered half the distance, and the closer to the starry sky battlefield, the more powerful races, and the ability to build a super long-distance teleportation array. One teleport can span a star field. In a few days, you can reach the starry sky battlefield.