A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1 Chapter 15 Diagon Alley

Their first stop is naturally Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. A squat, witch in her late twenties or early thirties dressed in mauve smiles at them. "Hogwarts?" She asked.

"That would be correct, all three of them," Reginald replied.

"Excellent," Madam Malkin hummed as she quickly motioned for the three to come to stand on a stool. With a measuring tool and pins, Madam Malkin's slips robes on all three of them and begins to swiftly measure. Rowan's robe is done first as Madam Malkin says, "All done, my dear." Rowan carefully slips off the robe and jumps onto the ground. Soon enough, the measuring is done for Lily and Severus as Madam Malkin waves goodbye to them as a new customer steps inside her shop.

The next shop is purchasing parchment and quills. Severus and Lily enjoy picking out stylish quills and ink as Rowan gloomily misses the good old days of mechanical pencils and pens. The only cheerful note to that shop is that Rowan chose dark feathered quills in a variety of dark colors.

Their next stop was at Flourish and Blotts book shop. While Reginald and the Evans couple purchased the required books, Rowan, Lily, and Severus all dove in search of books. The three of them had to practically be dragged away against their wills to the next shop. Which was in no way as interesting as it was filled with cauldrons, scales, and telescopes. But their next stop the Apothecary was fascinating enough despite the horrible smell of bad eggs and rotted cabbages. The walls and tables were lined with jars of herbs, dried roots, bright powders, bundles of feathers, strings of fangs, snarled claws, etc.

While Reginald and the Evans couple purchase a supply of basic potion ingredients for the children, Rowan, Lily, and Severus study with fascination the items on sale. As they study the items, Rowan furrows her brows as she sees the silver unicorn horns for sale at twenty-one galleons. Wasn't killing a unicorn the foulest of deeds? That being the case, it seemed that the wizarding world would willingly turn a blind eye to such evil deeds. It wasn't a surprise, really, even idealistic wizards could be rather pragmatic.

Finally, they make their way to their last stop, Ollivanders. The three a.d.u.l.ts and three children enter an old shop that has a peeling gold-letter sign that says, "Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C." In the dusty window, a single wand is placed on a faded purple cushion to emphasize the shop's single purpose.

The shop only has a single counter with a bench, while the rest of the shop is cluttered with hundreds of thin boxes that almost reach to the very ceiling. The feeling of being in a strict library permeates through the room as Rowan wrinkles her nose at the dust as Severus and Lily study the shop with a solemn gaze. From the back, a pale old man emerges and says, "Good afternoon."

Mr. Ollivander sharp silver eyes shine like the moon in the gloomy shop air. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Mr. Prince. Hornbeam with a dragon heartstring. 12 inches. Very powerful and most suited for dueling. It served you well, did it not?" Mr. Ollivander sharply inquired as his silver eyes seemed to peer straight through Reginald.

"It served me well enough in my youthful days as a duelist," Reginald evasively replied as he gestured at the three children at his side. "Our excited fair maiden is Lily Evans and as for the other two, they are my grandchildren, Severus, and Rowan Prince. The three of them will be attending Hogwarts this upcoming fall."

"Excellent," Mr. Ollivander said as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a long strip of silver tape. "Ladies, first. Miss Evans, please hold out your dominant hand?" Mr. Ollivander instructed.

Lily holds out her right hand as Mr. Ollivander says, "Please raise your arm." Lily does as she is instructed to do as he begins to measure her arm starting from her shoulder all the way to her fingertips.

Mr. Ollivander nods and says, "Good, good. Now, remember each wand is unique to itself with its own core. There is unicorn hair, phoenix tail feather, dragon's heartstring and much, much more. For no, two wands are ever alike! And remember, you will never get the same result with another wizard's wand." And with a flourish, Mr. Ollivander vanishes into the packed shelves, before swiftly returning with three boxes.

Mr. Ollivander pulls out the first and says, "Holly and phoenix feather. 11 inches. Quite Springy," Mr. Ollivander holds out the wand to Lily and adds, "Go on try it out."

Lily tries the wand, but nothing happens as Mr. Ollivander snatches the wand back. "Not to worry, we still have more to try," Mr. Ollivander said as he grabbed the second wand from its box. "Oak and unicorn hair. 10 inches. Quite sturdy."

Lily barely takes the wand as Mr. Ollivander grabs the second wand out of her hand. "No, this will be better. Willow with a unicorn hair core. 10 inches. Quite swishy." Lily nervously takes the third wand as bright white sparks emerge like fireworks from the tip.

"Perfect!" Mr. Ollivander exclaimed. "A quite rare combination of flexibility and strength, most suited for charms."

With a smile, Mr. Ollivander turns to Rowan and says, "Now, your turn my dear."

Rowan holds out her right hand as Mr. Ollivander furrows his brows, before bolting into the maze of shelves. The minutes trickle by and to their surprise, they hear muttering and the faint sound of cursing from the back of the store. A loud crashing sound is suddenly heard as Mr. Ollivander exclaims in triumph, "I have it!"

Mr. Ollivander rather disconcerted emerges with a long thin silver like locked case. Mr. Ollivander with trembling fingers unlocks the case to reveal a gray, blackish wand resting inside. Mr. Ollivander gently holds out the wand to Rowan. "Elder with a Thestral core. 13 inches, quite powerful," Mr. Ollivander falls silent, before softly muttering words unheard, "Forged by the Ollivander best forgotten and inspired by that children's tale."

Rowan raises an eyebrow in recognition of the wood and the core item. A thestral is invisible monstrous horse-like creatures that could only be seen upon viewing the death of another. And elder wood was the same as that wand from myth. To be honest, both wands were similar except that the Elder's wand is 15 inches long instead. Interesting, things were getting curiouser, and curiouser.

Rowan gingerly takes the wand as green like floating sparks light up the air. "How curious," Mr. Ollivander softly said as he bends over to faintly whisper into Rowan's ear, "The wand symbolizing life and the core symbolizing death, an interesting conflicting combination. May you fare better with this wand, Miss Prince, than the wand that inspired its creation."

Mr. Ollivander steps back and says, "A powerful wand useful for all sort of magics." Mr. Ollivander turns towards the excited fidgeting figure Severus and says, "Now, your turn, Mr. Prince."

Mr. Ollivander quickly takes Severus's measurement, before heading into the back and returning with two boxes. Mr. Ollivander holds out the first wand and says, "Blackthorn with a dragon's heartstring. 13 1/2 inches. Quite firm."

Severus firmly takes the simple, elegant dark wand as warm white sparks emerge from the tip.

"Marvelous," Mr. Ollivander said in approval. "Firm and strong excellent for Defense Against the Dark Arts." Mr. Ollivander turns to glance meaningfully at Reginald and says, "Quite the talented group."

Reginald and the Evans couple all thank Mr. Ollivander as do the twins and Lily. They all wave goodbye as Reginald says, "To celebrate a successful shopping day let us head down to Eeylops Owl Emporium, I'll be buying the children an owl."

The Evans move to protest, but Reginald persuasively says, "Nonsense, I am heading down there anyway, and it is the least I can do." The Evans couple finally agree under Reginald relentless persuasion as he leads them away. Although, Reginald, perhaps did it with an ulterior purpose in mind. And later though, Reginald would never admit it out loud, but Lily Evans and her parents weren't half bad.