A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1 Chapter 17 Alastor Moody

As September 1st steadily drew closer Sirsa had Dawn pack proper clothes for the twins. However, after a loud debate with Rowan, it was tactfully decreed that only pants would be packed instead of skirts. Afterward, Severus would ask for the reason for Rowan's stubborn refusal to which Rowan solemnly replied, "It'd be weird to feel the breeze on my legs. And you do realize there are lots of stairs at Hogwarts, what's to stop a pervert from looking up my skirt?"

After which, Severus recounted said events to Reginald, who immediately asked Sirsa to desist in her attempts to have Rowan wear a skirt. Disregarding the fact that Sirsa had already done so, Sirsa did not appreciate Reginald's tone of voice and gave him a stern earful afterward. Reginald ending up sleeping in one of the guest rooms that night.

With three days only left until their departure for Hogwarts an unexpected guest showed up at the Prince Manor's front door, Alastor Moody. Sirsa and Aunt Georgine were quite pleased, but before they could properly chat with Auror Moody over tea Reginald promptly showed up. "Auror Moody, if you would follow me," Reginald requested as Sirsa and Georgine called out, their goodbyes.

Alastor Moody, middle-aged and average height walks firmly after Reginald without a limping gait yet. His wavy brown hair reaches his collar as he fidgetily pulls at his collar, not use to having it properly done up. The only scar on Alastor's face is on the edge of his cheek as his robust face that is somewhat ruggedly handsome in its own way.

"Thank you for that," Alastor gratefully said in his native Scottish accent. "But what is this all about Sir Prince?"

Reginald halts in front of the study and says, "Please step inside."

Alastor blinks in surprise and steps into the study room as Reginald locks the door behind him. Alastor reflexively reaches for his wand to find an eleven-year-old female child quietly sitting before him. "Please have a seat, Alastor Moody," Rowan graciously said as she gestured for Alastor to take the seat across from her.

"Is this a joke?" Alastor grumbled as he loosened his collar with a sigh of relief. Alastor's slumps into the offered chair and says, "So is this about an interview with an Auror?"

"Humor me, if you will, but please cast a muting spell?" Rowan calmly asked as she poured Alastor a cup of earl gray tea.

Alastor narrows his eyes in annoyance but still casts the spell as requested. "What is this about, lass?" Alastor barked in exasperation.

Rowan doesn't immediately respond as she hands Alastor his hot cup of tea and moves the platter of biscuits closer to Moody. "My question is rather simple has the man known as the Dark Lord begun to move?" Rowan quietly asked.

Alastor narrows his eyes and says, "He is barely on the Ministry of Magic's radar, why even ask?" It was just only a few days ago that an informant had brought the news that there was something fishy going on with a wizard calling himself, the Dark Lord. But how could this young lass possibly know all that?

"What about Professor Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix?" Rowan further probed.

Alastor hides his emotions as he leans back into his seat and says, "There have been talks about should an evil arise that a secret order needs to be formed. But how would a tiny sprite like you possibly know all that?"

Rowan smiles and places her finger on her lips and playfully says, "Ah, a woman's intuition." Seeing Alastor's dark face, Rowan quickly says, "Just kidding."

Alastor rolls his eyes and rather disgruntled says, "Then out with it, what is that you want?"

Rowan leans back into her chair and says, "It's not quite as simple as that, Alastor Moody. What if I told you that wizard presently known as the Dark Lord will one day be known as the evilest and most powerful wizard of all time?"

Alastor freezes and sets his teacup down. "Even if so, what does that have to do with the two of us?" Alastor pointedly inquired.

"Hypothetically, Alastor, I will propose this question to you," Rowan explained. "If it was you, Alastor Moody, and you found out that you could see a terrible future looming ahead, what would you do to stop it?"

Alastor freezes and quickly says, "A seer?"

"A mild gift of sight," Rowan replied, neither lying nor being honest.

"A farseer then," Alastor quickly concluded. "Hypothetically, that is. And what you say, is true, why me?" Alastor plainly inquired.

"I need someone who is rather paranoid, you, Alastor Moody," Rowan truthfully stated.

"That I am," Alastor sheepishly replied. "So, what can you tell me?"

"Not just ordinary wizards, but the Ministry of Magic itself will eventually become corrupted including the Department of Mysteries," Rowan flatly said causing Alastor Moody to choke.

Before Alastor Moody can protest Rowan lifts up her hand and says, "I can tell you that at least one unspeakable is already following him, Augustus Rockwood. I need you to keep an eye on him and stop his destruction of the Ministry of Magic. And so, before that tragic day comes, Alastor Moody, you must eliminate Rockwood at all cost."

Alastor swears at hearing the name in recognition. "Impossible!" Alastor growled as he falls back into his seat and gulps down his hot tea in a single gulp.

"I don't need you to believe me, I just need you to watch and act if need be," Rowan matter-of-factly stated.

Alastor trembles as he finds his mouth is suddenly dry and reaches for his cup of tea to only find it empty. Rowan quickly pours another cup for Alastor as he gulps the tea still piping hot down. Taking a breath, Alastor warily says, "Say, I do believe you for the moment. What else can you tell me?"

"A global event, mass panic of deaths of wizards and muggles," Rowan deadpanned.

Alastor furrows his brows and says, "Are we looking at a world-class event not seen in since Grindelwald?"

"Yes," Rowan matter-of-factly stated.

Alastor rubs his face and says, "Alright, what else?"

"I can give you a list of those who I am certain who've already surely fallen into his grasp." Rowan hands Alastor a tiny list and says, "Memorize it and then burn it. And should you ever have the opportunity, Alastor Moody, kill him, don't even hesitate, because he surely won't."

Alastor quickly memorizes the list as his eyes narrow as Alastor asks, "Who else knows about this?"

"You and me," Rowan truthfully replied as Alastor burns the list before her. "Trust no one, Auror Moody, I mean it. I only gave you the names of those that committed the worst atrocities and that is by no means all of them as the future is still being written and may very well still change."

Pursing his lips, Alastor frowns and finally says, "We need to perform a Fidelilus Charm. Should anything happen to me, I cannot allow for any of this to be traced back to you."

"Not yet," Rowan quietly replied. Not out of fear, but rather, Rowan knew that the time was not yet ripe as Alastor did not wholly trust her yet. And thusly also the reason for not mentioning the Horcrux's as she knew that Alastor Moody though a strong Occlumens was no match for Albus Dumbledore nor Tom Riddle.

The two of them are silent for some time until Alastor finally says, "Tis best I get going it's getting late."

Rowan gets up to escort him out, but suddenly says, "I almost forgot." Alastor hastily turns as Rowan gravely says, "And Auror Moody never use his dark wizard name always call him, Tom Riddle for that is his true wizard name, the name which he was born under." Seeing the hesitation in Alastor's eyes, Rowan quickly adds, "That man can sense those who use that dark name of his."

Alastor quickly memorizes the important tidbit's, before being seeing himself out of the house. Before Alastor can apparate away, Reginald Prince emerges stealthily from behind him without a sound causing the trained Auror to flush in embarrassment. With a steely look on his face, Reginald says, "Is there something I should be concerned about Alastor Moody?" Reginald had his own suspicions', but he needed someone else to confirm them for him.

Alastor is quiet for a moment, before honestly answering, "I'm not at liberty to say, but protect your family and especially that girl of yours. More than you possibly know may hang on her continued existence."

Reginald furrows his brows and says, "I will see to it that it is done." Alastor Moody nods, before swiftly apparating away leaving Reginald solemnly staring into the distance, before heading back inside.

Sirsa catches her husband in the hallway and rather disappointed asks, "Has Alastor Moody already left?"

Reginald coldly brushes past Sirsa without a word as Georgine mutters, "Lord, what has gotten into that man?"

Sirsa is stunned at recognizing that steely gait of the past. "Just leave him be, he will be alright in a day," Sirsa quietly said, before heading off to her parlor room. And thusly so, for the first time in centuries, the Prince's manor's stronger defenses went up. The full warding's had yet to go up, but time would prove otherwise.