A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1 Chapter 19 Hogwarts Express

The London houses flashed past them as Severus and Lily study the scenery, before growing and sitting down. Seeing Lily, a bit nervous, Severus says, "Which house do you think you'll be sorted into Lily?"

Lily tilts her ginger head as her warm emerald eyes thoughtfully contemplate the question. "I don't think it really matters," Lily truthfully answered.

"You're absolutely right," Severus chimed in agreement.

Rowan rolls her eyes and wickedly says, "I can confidently tell the both of you, which houses each of you will be in."

"Fine, what house?" Severus said in disbelief.

Rowan points at Lily and confidently says, "Gryffindor." Then at Severus, "Slytherin." And then at herself, "No idea."

Severus chokes in shock, "No way, Gryffindor is known for brawns over brains!"

"No, Gryffindor is known for bravery and isn't Lily such a brave maiden?" Rowan gleefully said as Lily's eyes narrowed to a point at Severus comment.

Severus hastily retreats and says, "You're right, Gryffindor is a great place to be, I wouldn't mind joining it either."

"You won't," Rowan fearlessly retorted earning her a glare from Severus. Severus pointed turned away to ignore Rowan and instead turns to Lily as the two of them begin to discuss their class subjects.

A few minutes later, a charming, attractive dark-haired boy with hazel eyes and unruly hair is followed closely by a l.u.s.trous black-haired boy with fair skin, gray eyes, and an air of casual elegance that would make many maidens at Hogwarts hearts swoon. Seeing two empty spots, the attractive boy with hazel eyes and untidy dark hair points, "Are these two seats taken?"

"No, feel free to sit down," Lily politely said.

Rowan keeps her smile to herself at seeing Severus rather pleased with himself for having taken the seat next to Lily with Rowan seated directly across from Lily. The handsome boy with surly features takes a seat next to Severus, while the dark-haired boy with untidy hair takes a seat next to Rowan.

With a cheerful c.o.c.ky smile, the untidy haired boy says, "The name's James Potter, and all you are?"

Lily amiably smiles back, "Lily Evans."

"Severus Prince," Severus grunted.

"Sirius Black," Sirius said as he raised his hand.

They all turn towards Rowan, who is lazily yawning, "Rowan Prince, Severus's older twin sister." Rowan uncovers her mouth as she notes that James Potter lacks the trademark round glasses of his that wouldn't be his until his 5th year at Hogwarts. Which was rather strange, when one thought about it?

Seeing the rather bored expression on Rowan's face, Severus hastily says, "Rowan, are you sleepy?"

"Mm-, wake me up when the lady with the cart comes at half past noon," Rowan grumbled as she leaned back and closed her eyes to rest her eyes for a nap.

James blinks in surprise at seeing the pale girl with long raven hair and midnight black indigo colored eyes so casually take a nap. Sirius snickers and says, "Well, I guess someone finds us rather boring."

Severus sighs in exasperation, "I apologize for my twin sister's behavior, but she's always been like this."

"I know what you mean, siblings can be a real pain," Sirius earnestly said earning him a shared grin from Severus as the two instantly bond over this rather important shared fact. "I know exactly, what you mean I have an annoying little brother," Sirius added.

"Does your younger brother always want to share whenever it's convenient?" Severus remarked.

"Yes!" Sirius said with a roll of his eyes. "And then when I don't share, he complains to mother and father and I'm the one who always gets in trouble!"

Severus eyes Sirius with pity in his eyes and says, "Well, you have my most sincere condolences." Sirius sighs in agreement as Severus lets out a small sigh of relief and pride at knowing that Rowan wasn't that bad. In fact, it usually was the other way around if Severus was actually honest with himself.

"It's not that bad!" Lily protested. "My older sister, Petunia is quite nice."

Sirius rudely snorts, "Says, you." As Severus snorts loudly in agreement.

Before Lily can further protest, James kindly interjects, "C' mon now, you guys, it surely isn't that bad." Lily gives James a thankful smile for stepping up to her defense.

Severus drily retorts, "You're an only child, aren't you?"

James blinks sheepishly as Sirius grumbles, "Yup, he's an only child. You can tell by the way he innocently protested." James sullenly crossed his arms and lets out an indignant huff as he leans back in his seat.

Severus and Sirius share an unexpected grin of delight and mutually find that they don't find each other half-bad. Lily wryly remains silent as Sirius and Severus quickly become on jolly good terms with each other while James sulks in silence.

The train scenery had long since changed as they sped past fields full of cows and sheep as time quickly passed by and soon it turned half-past twelve. As promised Rowan blinks awake at the noisy sound of a cart nearby and stifles a yawn. Sitting up and stretching her back, Rowan pops her neck as the compartment door slides open by the smiling dimpled woman, who arrives with a food cart. "Anything off of the cart, dearies?" She asked.

Seeing the food, Rowan instantly orders and points at safe enough food for the three of them such as pumpkin pastry's, chocolate frogs, biscuits, and the like. Rowan reaches into her bag for payment as pocket money had been given to Severus and her by their grandfather to spend.

"That will be 10 Sickles and 8 bronze Knuts," the lady with the cart said.

"Wait, I can buy my own food, Rowan!" Lily protested.

"My treat," Rowan firmly said as she handed the exact change to the food cart attendant.

"Thanks," Lily gratefully said as Rowan handed out the shared food, between the three of them.

James and Sirius instantly order items such as Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and other snacks from the cart. The two of them easily pay for their food as Rowan numbly stuffs the pastries into her mouth and wolfs down in a matter of minutes. Unwrapping a chocolate frog, Rowan tosses the card of Morgana La Fey over to Severus, who glares at her but still studies the card with curiosity. Lily peers over Severus's shoulder as she watches in fascination as the cold enchantress on the card sneers at them.