A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1 Chapter 34 1st Cog

A few days later, Rowan takes up Professor Flitwick's offer. When Professor Flitwick asked her reason for not asking Professor Slughorn, given that she was researching past students of the Slug Club. To which, Rowan stoutly replied, that she would never get anything done with Professor Slughorn constantly looking over her shoulder and boasting about his past students. Professor Flitwick did not question her response and effectively did indeed write her a permission slip to grant her access to the student's archives which contained information including articles from previously graduated students while their stay at Hogwarts.

The moment class is over Rowan bolts from the classroom to the dismay of Severus. She makes her way to the enormous library as a dark-haired woman with suspicious eyes gazes down her nose at her. Rowan's eyes widen in recognition of the prickly librarian, Madam Irma Pince. "Are you lost?" Madam Pince pointedly asked.

"No, Madam Pince, I came here looking for the Hogwarts Archives," Rowan quickly said as Madam Pince was infamous for having a short temper.

"I see," Madam Pince unhappily said as she gently shut the book before her. Madam Pince quietly and most pointedly says, "A fair warning, should you rip, tear, shred, bend, fold, deface, disfigure, smear, smudge, throw, drop, or in any other manner damage, mistreat, or show lack of respect towards any book, the consequences will be as awful as it is within my power to make them."

"Understood, Madam Pince," Rowan hastily replied.

"There is no food or eating allowed in the library. Including, no talking, laughing, whispering, sneezing, scurrying around, running or any type of behavior that may damage the books is that understood?" Madam Pince coldly said. "Also, there is no taking the books out of the library without a permission slip as this is not a lending library!"

Rowan numbly nods her head as Madam Pince pointedly threatened. "And should you attempt to steal a book," Madam Pince's nostrils flared in emphasis, "You shall not like the deadly consequences."

"Yes, Madam Pince," Rowan obediently chimed.

"Excellent, now exactly, what archives are you in need of?" Madam Pince briskly asked.

"Well, I've recently become fascinated with Professor's Slughorn's, Slug Club. I was wondering if I could possibly see articles on previously graduated seniors," Rowan hurriedly replied.

"Excellent, I shall direct you personally," Madam Pince said as she led Rowan deeper into the library. It was interesting to note that some of the books seemed to be moving on their own. And if she recalled, the Hogwarts folklore, some of the books were said to have minds of their own and even capable of speech, and most definitely are able to defend themselves.

The archives were not in the forbidden section, but in a corner of the library next to the rest of the regular books. Students simply weren't allowed access to them given their evil prankish nature. Only those with permission were allowed access to them and the library could tell. If anyone else tried to touch the archives, the books were enchanted to begin to scream.

"The archives are in chronological order," Madam Pince sniffed as she pointed to a stack of neatly bound books.

Rowan slightly wilts at the number of books on the shelves and faintly murmurs, "Understood."

Madam Pince briskly turns away as Rowan rolls up her sleeves and begins with 1938, the year that Tom Riddle started Hogwarts. She carefully takes notes of the Slytherin students in that year including those in the years above. Before she knows it, Madam Pince appears to warn Rowan that it is closing time. Madam Pince falters in surprise at seeing the carefully taking notes of Rowan as she intently studies the articles before her.

Madam Pince unusually coughs quite gently and says, "It is time for the library to close."

Rowan rubs her tired eyes and says, "Sorry, Madam Pince, I made a mess, let me clean up first before I go."

"It's fine," Madam Pince said as with a wave of her wand the bound books neatly rise and return to their shelves.

"Thank you," Rowan tiredly said as she carefully put her notes and things away.

"You are most welcome anytime, Miss Prince," Madam Pince truthfully said.

"Really?" Rowan said in disbelief.

"Of course, it is a rare pleasure to find someone who treats books well," Madam Pince said. Rowan nodded her head in tired thanks and back down to the Slytherin common room area to rest.

Rowan tiredly yawns as she passes through the door and suddenly paused mid-yawn at finding the common room area filled with not just 7th-year seniors, but members of a few other years as well. Rowan tactfully nods her head to them in an apology and says, "Sorry, I'll be quickly on my way now."

Rowan hastily moves to walk past them, when Narcissa coldly says, "No, let Rowan Prince hear as well and just might learn a thing or two."

"Miss Prince, please have a seat," Lucius Malfoy politely said, although his tone betrayed him. It wasn't a suggestion, but an order.

Rowan tactfully takes an empty seat at the edge of the circle as Narcissa coldly says, "And why are you running in so late?"

"I was at the library," Rowan truthfully replied.

Narcissa snorts as another pudgy four-year boy says, "It looks like we have a wrongly sorted Ravenclaw."

"Well, at least I have a brain, whether as you, Vern Crabbe, it's a miracle you haven't flunked straight out of Hogwarts," Rowan snapped.

A couple of members snicker at Rowan's comment as Vern Crabbe flushes with rage as his piggy eyes fill with rage. Before Vern Crabbe can cease sputtering, Lucius Malfoy snaps, "Enough!"

The room quiets down as Lucius says, "Now then, as usual, we are here today to discuss the muggle infestation that treads through our halls and what can be done to save our precious Hogwarts?"

Rowan keeps a poker face and reminds herself that she must dance to the tune of the devil.

The members of this impromptu meeting cry out different ideas such as:

"I think we should ban all mudblood witches and wizards."

"Poison them!"

"Round them up and keep them separate!"

This went on for some time until Narcissa flatly interrupts, "What about you, Miss Prince? You've been usually silent this entire time, cat got your tongue?" Vern Crabbe sneered at Rowan and eagerly waited for swift and utter retribution.

Rowan thoughtfully says, "The way I see it all of your ideas are rather idealistic and pointless." The members of the group gape in anger, embarrassment, with a few smarter members looking rather intrigued.

Vern Crabbe points at Rowan and eagerly leers. "Looks like we have a blood traitor among us!"

"Be silent, Vern Crabbe! I don't think she's quite done," Lucius harshly rebuked him causing Vern Crabbe to wilt back into his seat. Vern gives Rowan a hatefully glare as Lucius gestures to Rowan to please continue.

"What I mean to say is all this planning is pointless if we aren't able to stop the Ministry of Magic from impending our plans. To bring about any sort of change the requirement needed would be to take over the Ministry of Magic," Rowan matter-of-factly stated.

Lucius slowly smiles in acknowledgment and says, "You are indeed just as intelligent as I thought and more, Miss Prince." Lucius rose to his feet and passionately says, "Indeed, we are in need of such a leader to lead us into a new glorious age!"

Vern Crabbe eagerly howls, "I am willing to follow such a leader!"

"As am I!" Slytherin after Slytherin cried out as Lucius narrowed his eyes at Rowan, who remained silent and emotionless at the cheers.

Staring coldly back at him, Rowan claps quite loudly and rather sarcastically just as the cheers quiet down. "I commend you for your devoted statement it was quite awe-inspiring," Rowan flatly said as she ceased to clap. "But sly words will not be sufficient to convince me, unlike these hot-headed youths."

Narcissa narrows her eyes in anger as she is about to shout at Rowan for her insolence, but snaps her mouth shut as Lucius glares at her to be silent. Rising to her feet, Rowan coolly says, "I am no such fool and will not be made one lightly, Lucius Malfoy. I only believe in actions, not flattering words. If there is such a man show me his skill and I will gladly follow. Otherwise, I will just disregard this as another conman's attempt to gain followers.

And I am no sheep to be led by such a foolhardy shepherd. Rather that sounds like the actions of a foolish Gryffindor, who would believe such words without actual proof and I am no such thing. For I am a Slytherin and we are always cunning."

The older Slytherin's in the room eye her with mixed feelings as though a cold pail of water had been poured all over them that had rapidly sobered them. More than a few were actually rethinking their actions as other more cunning Slytherins decided to tactfully take a step back and watch and wait for actual results.

Seeing the unnatural silence, Rowan excuses herself. "Goodnight everyone," before striding out of the common room area to the girl's dorms.

Narcissa and Lucius narrow their eyes at the sudden revaluation. Seeing the changed expressions on some of the older Slytherin's and sensing the change in the wind, Lucius thoughtfully nods his head and says, "Miss Prince made an excellent point this evening. For those that are still doubting on Hallows Eve, our great dark lord will reveal himself and appease any who still had doubts concerning his leadership."

Some of the Slytherins are mollified a bit by this response, but those had already changed their stance firmly meet Lucius's gaze without any wavering. Seeing the changes in the room, Lucius quickly changes the subject. "Now off to bed everyone, we all have classes tomorrow."

Rowan who had hidden behind the staircase hurries up the stairs and rushes into her bedroom. Luckily the 1st year bedrooms weren't that far off and with ease, Rowan made it back before Narcissa or any of the other girls saw her. Rowan lets out a sigh of relief as she sees the sleeping figures of her roommates already sound asleep.

Taking care, Rowan softly removes her bag and changes her clothes to get ready for bed. Although, there was no guarantee she would be getting much sleep. She had the acute feeling that it would be a very long night of that much she was certain of.