A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1 Chapter 35 Conjectures

Rowan wasn't able to get much sleep as she tossed and turned in her bed as she recalled the Slytherin meeting. With a trained eye, she had memorized and recognized many of the Slytherin's present and had noticed that the majority were presently four years and up. It looked like every year there would be a gathering to weed out any skeptics, while the remaining suitable candidates are subtly indoctrinated. Those present at the meeting were a far cry from being Death Eaters quite yet, but all had the potential to become so. More than likely none of them would meet with Tom Riddle unless they were seen a prodigious or had some sort of influential connection. Two of those were probably Narcissa Black given her sister and Lucius Malfoy due to his family's influence and vast wealth.

But from everything she had seen, she still couldn't understand how someone like Lucius Malfoy had become a Death Eater. Yes, Lucius was rather arrogant, but he was quite methodical in thinking and knew exactly when to save his own skin. Therefore, reading his character right, Lucius Malfoy wouldn't venture into such a dangerous venture without absolute certainty that victory was assured. Although the same couldn't be said for Narcissa Black given that she was on good terms with her older sister, Bellatrix Lestrange. Of course, maybe, she was a tad bit bias against Narcissa.

And yet this only served to confirm some of her own theories. The subtle system of indoctrination could easily work if there was a follower of Tom Riddle at Hogwarts as an older student, and gently guide younger year students until the mantle was once more passed down. But the only problem that Rowan once more found was that large gap of ten years during Tom Riddle's disappearance. By the time Bellatrix Black attended Hogwarts the last of Tom Riddle's lackeys would have already graduated and there shouldn't have been anyone to pass down Tom Riddle's influence beyond the usual Slytherin bigotry of the superiority of pureblood's vs. muggleborn witches and wizards. Which only served to prove the theory that there was an initial introduction from Tom Riddle to a figure such as Bellatrix Black.

Now one could argue that Rodolphus Lestrange was to blame as his father was part of Tom's original gang, the Knights of Walpurgis. But Rodolphus was only a couple years older than Bellatrix and wouldn't have made said introduction to her. It is natural, however, for them to meet and marry after Bellatrix was introduced to Tom Riddle's followers.

Rowan taps her chin with her finger as she recalls the first official Death Eaters, the Knights of Walpurgis: Antonin Dolohov, Nott, Rosier, Mulciber, Avery, and Lestrange. No matter, how she looked at it, she felt that these six were the key. But there was no way of really contacting them nor much less them having them speak to her about the subject.

However, the sense of urgency seeped into Rowan's bones as she recalled the mention of the Hallows Eve attack. Maybe there was such an attack on the Ministry of Magic in 1971 but must have failed as it was not mentioned. But a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach told her this was already the effect of a single flutter of the butterfly's' wings.

One single step and already she was creating vast ripples in the streams of time. And she was rather certain that it was due to her confiding in Alastor Moody. Alastor Moody, no doubt was the catalyst that was causing events to move and change. For what had been done couldn't be undone. And even if she could, she wouldn't do so. Because unlike the potter brat, who had an entire Order of people to protect him and aid him in his endeavors, she didn't. All she had was one rather paranoid Auror.

Clenching her hands in resolution, Rowan glances over at the girls to make sure they are sound asleep. Certain they are asleep; she ends up sitting on the bed in a meditative fashion. But unlike the times before rather than tracing the body pathways, she forcefully prods the slumbering power inside her and forces magic into the body pathways. A drop of sweat can be seen on her forehead as she bites her lips at the burning sensation but continues to do so.

The slumbering power begins to move restlessly much like a sleeping beast finally awakening. A terrible force is suddenly felt on Rowan's body as her bones feel they are about to break under the intense pressure. The pressure inside only increases and threatened to explode as her nails dig into her palm.

Gritting her teeth, Rowan forces a trickle of the pent-up energy through her body pathways as her body pathways begin to break under the pressure. With an almost sigh of relief, the intense pressure is suddenly is lifted as the slumbering power withdraws back into its original nest. Much like a tiny streamflow being let out of the dam, the flow has finally adjusted and steadily begins to pour out into the body pathways.

Rowan opens her eyes to reveal midnight indigo colored eyes with a light sheen that rapidly fades away. With a trembling hand, she wipes the sweat off her forehead as she easily teleports herself out of her bed. Tiredly, she teleports herself back onto the bed and flopped back onto the pillows with mixed feelings.

"It looks like I have to start from scratch, but at least I can now teleport within a mile radius." Rowan idly thought, before with pained grunt as she curled up on her side as her body ached in soreness. Despite the ache, the soft rush of the excess mana can be felt coursing inside of her. With time, the pathways would turn from tiny streams into rivers able to withstand the full surging might.

"Well, at least I'll one day be able to teleport anywhere in the world," Rowan bitterly thought to herself. For now, Rowan's single magician ability was restricted, but with enough time it would slowly grow and with it the extent of her teleportation. And unlike a wizard apparating, she wouldn't be limited nor be kept out of warded places such as Hogwarts. But like all things, there is always a catch. For now, she is restricted to three jumps per day within a mile radius. With an exhausted sigh, she closed her eyes. Morning would come soon enough. And more importantly, she still had to attend all of her classes.