A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1 Chapter 36 Mail

Finally, the weekend came and not soon enough. Even so, Rowan still rose early enough that morning that most of the students were still in bed including her roommates. The bitter chill of October had already long ago begun to set in as long sweaters and house colored scarfs began to crop up among the students. Out in the Slytherin common room area, the fireplaces roar and crackle as a small group of fifth and seventh years huddle together to study.

After pondering what to do with information gained from the meeting, Rowan had concluded that she could only risk sending a letter to Alastor Moody. But it would be a risk and so, she just would have to be rather clever in order to have the message sent. Seeing Wilkes among the group of fifth years, Rowan gently tugs on the back of his sweater to grab his attention. "Wilkes, could I have a word with you?" Rowan quickly asked seeing Wilkes's miffed face.

Wilkes sighs in frustration, but still quietly excuses himself to a corner of the Slytherin Common room. "Well, for one, you're up quite early on this fine weekend day. And secondly, what do you want?" Wilkes grumbled.

"I was wondering if you could help me send a joke on the behalf of my grandfather," Rowan lied with a straight face. "Grandfather's friend has for some time blocked his mail and as a result, Grandfather has to send his letters via third parties. It's that time of the year again and it's my turn to send a practical joke. It doesn't have to be anything big, but I was thinking that a fluffy black teddy bear with prickly roses as the joke. With the message, being held in the teddy bears paws that read, Hallows Eve, to allow my grandfather's friend to know the date he will be visiting with him."

Wilkes tilts his head in thought and says, "Sure, that can easily be done. Is there anything else?"

"Thank you," Rowan said with great relief.

Wilkes gently smiles as he tousles Rowan's head. "There, there now, no need to be so emotional," Wilkes commented. "After all, it's my job as a Perfect to help."

"Just let me know how much it will cost and I'll pay you back," Rowan instantly replied.

"Sure, now what's the address?" Wilkes asked as Rowan handed him a slip of paper. Wilkes carefully pockets the slip of paper, before heading back to his study group.

Unlike the rest of the students still in bed sound asleep, Rowan trots back up to the library. Madam Pince blinks in surprise at Rowan's dedication and nods her head in approval. Rowan waves back, before heading into the back of the library. Taking a seat once more, she begins to study until noon until she is unable to avoid her stomach's growling.

Rowan carefully takes note of her current place, before heading back out. On her way out she solemnly ponders, who else could be of aid the name of Andromeda Tonks comes to mind. Though already exiled by her family, Andromeda is only a year or so younger than her elder sister, Bellatrix. Maybe, just maybe given that Andromeda not only attended Hogwarts during that same period and was in Slytherin as well, maybe Andromeda saw something of interest. But of course, the problem was why on earth would Andromeda ever talk to her? Andromeda was a former Slytherin and was every bit as suspicious.

Rowan suddenly felt something wet fall onto her head. Annoyed she glances up to see the prankster Peeves hanging overhand. With a dark look in her eyes, Rowan reaches up to touch her head to come back with whipped cream and pie toppings. "Pineapple," Rowan muttered after tasting it a second later.

Ignoring Peeves, who was whizzing above Rowan narrows her eyes as she sees a ghostly figure emerge through the wall. With that in mind, Rowan held back an evil grin and purposeful says, "Hey, Peeves, what say, I invite the Bloody Baron for a nice little chat?"

Peeves came to a halt and then sneers at Rowan. "Oh, like I'm so scared," Peeves sneered as he blew a loud raspberry at Rowan.

"Is that so?" A chilling voice said from behind Peeves.

Peeves paled and instantly turns to face a gaunt-faced ghost with blank eyes and robes stained with silver blood. "Your, Bloody Highness!" Peeves squealed like a pig.

The Bloody Baron coldly gazes down at Peeves as the long chains hang from his clothes loudly clink together. In a hoarse voice, the Bloody Baron says, "Clean it up and DESIST!"

Instantly the pie disappears off of Rowan's head and Peeves fearfully bows and says, "Yes, your Bloodyness," before fearful zooming away.

Rowan bows her head in thanks and says, "Thank you, sir."

"We are Slytherin," the Bloody hoarsely said, before drifting through the wall back to haunt and m.o.a.n in his favorite haunting spot the Astronomy Tower.

Rowan happily touches her head to find that she is nice and clean, before heading to the Great Hall eat. Seeing his twin sister wolfing down her lunch, Severus pointedly asked, "Where were you all day?"

"Library," Rowan replied with a mouth full of food.

Severus raises an eyebrow in disbelief. "I never thought I would see the day when you would go out of your way to actively study."

"Shows how well you know me," Rowan retorted back.

Severus rolls his eyes in reply and after a pause said, "Do you need any help?"

"If you would like, but like I said the work is rather tedious, to say the least," Rowan truthfully replied.

Before Severus has a chance to answer Lily comes over with Mary and Willa. "We're all going to play a round of gobstones with Silvia, Bethanie, and Tiffany in the courtyard care to join us?" Lily asked.

Rowan shakes her head as Severus stands up and says, "I'd love too."

Lily glances at Rowan as she says, "Sorry, I'm working on a project honestly."

"Next time then," Lily said with a smile as Rowan waves goodbye to them as they head out to the courtyard. Rowan watches them go and thinks to herself, "Severus, you better make the most of this." And promptly set out to finish her lunch.