A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 37

Volume 1 Chapter 37 Mail

After lunch, Rowan is about to head back to the Library, when Wilkes comes up from behind and says, "I had a friend send the joke for you. It'll cost you, 5 silver sickles."

"Thanks, I'll pay you back later," Rowan gratefully said.

"I'd hunt you down if you don't," Wilkes solemnly replied, before heading over to sit with his friends.

Rowan wryly grins back before heading back to the library to find James, Sirius, Lupin, and Pettigrew standing in front of the large imposing library doors. Rowan paused to study the slightly tired face of Lupin. The full moon hadn't transpired too long ago and given that these four were all roommates, it made absolute sense they would be the ones to notice Lupin's first month's disappearance from their shared dorm room.

"What are you all doing?" Rowan asked causing the four of them to flinch and jump up in surprise.

"Nothing," they all innocently chimed back.

Rowan scoffs loudly but still doesn't ask again. Recalling that she owed James a sweet, she reaches into her pocket for a chocolate frog and walks over to him. James takes a step back as he hastily exclaimed, "If this is about trying to give Severus, a nose-biting teacup, it was an accident really!"

Rowan paused and frostily said, "What nose-biting teacup?"

James tactfully changed the subject and sheepishly grinned. "Just a slip of the tongue, really."

"Right," Rowan drily said before holding out the chocolate frog for James to take.

"Here, payment for last time," Rowan said as James blankly takes the chocolate frog from her hand as he slowly recalls the incident that she was referring too. Satisfied that all debts were repaid in full, Rowan adds, "Well, if that's all, I'm off."

"Wait!" James hastily called out.

"Yes?" Rowan impatiently asked.

"Do you, um, happen to know if the library has any books on werewolves?" James quickly asked.

"I presume so," Rowan matter-of-fact answered. "Werewolves aren't a forbidden subject and there should be plenty of books as 1st years you will be able to have access too. However, I recommend asking Madam Pince for their whereabouts."

"Heh, figures," Sirius smirked. "You and Severus are such bookworms."

Rowan stops herself from rolling her eyes and instead glanced over at Lupin. "Are you alright, Lupin? You look a bit wane in the face." The four boys all stiffen at the question especially Lupin.

There's nothing wrong with Lupin, he just has a furry little problem that sometimes keeps him up at night," James truthfully said on the behalf of Lupin as the rest of the boy's sigh in relief at James quick thinking.

"Mm," Rowan said not pushing the subject. "If that's all, I'll be going now."

"Wait for us!" James cheerfully said as the other three followed in tow and caused Rowan to feel an impending headache.

Seeing Rowan, Madam Pince is about to smile but frowns at spotting the four Gryffindor troublemaking boys. These four had already gotten in trouble for gifting more than one student nose biting teacups and frog-spawning soap. Madam Pince frostily glared at them with a frown and a bit of disappointment at Rowan for associating with such riffraff.

James innocently looks at Rowan for help as do the other three boys causing her to sigh in exasperation. Glancing up to meet Madam Pince's gaze, Rowan says, "I'm here for the archives as per usual, Madam Pince. But these four are wondering if they are able to read a General Study of Werewolfism. Remus Lupin is doing an in-depth study case of werewolves."

Madam Pince thoughtfully eyes the four boys and says, "That can be arranged, but first and foremost they must be aware of the library rules."

"Mm," Rowan muttered without protest, before walking off and abandoning the four to their miserable fate. Without a shred of mercy, Madam Pince begins to frigidly list the rules of the library. The four boys' shudder at the vast list but remain still and attentive lest Madam Pince restarts from the beginning again. It had been known to happen a time or two before.

Rowan is intently reading and jotting down notes careful when the sound of moving chairs caused her to glance up. With surprise and some chagrin in her eyes, Rowan sees the four boys take a seat at her study table. James took the seat at her right side, while Sirius to her left and Lupin and Pettigrew sat directly across from her.

"Are the four of you doing this just to annoy me?" Rowan flatly asked.

"Whatever would make you think that?" Sirius sweetly said as he batted his eyelashes at her.

"I hate my life," Rowan thought to herself and proceeded to pointedly ignore Sirius Black. About to resume from where she left off, Rowan suddenly feels a tug on her right sleeve. With a sigh, she turned to face James and says, "Yes, James?"

"Thanks," James sincerely said with a wide grin.

Rowan blinks in surprise as Remus Lupin chimes in as well with a thank you. Pettigrew on the other hand sullenly looks at her as if she had grievously erred against him. No doubt blaming her for having to have listened to Madam Pince's speech. Ignoring Pettigrew, Rowan returned back to her work until Sirius sighed in frustration and puts his book down.

"This bloody book tells us nothing about how to go about curing a werewolf!" Sirius softly grunted recalling the rules of the library.

"It's not supposed, there isn't a known cure yet," Rowan mumbled without looking up from her notetaking. "And if you hadn't noticed the title of the book is a general study and not the cure for werewolfism."

The three boys look over at Lupin, who just smiles in resignation and says, "It was nice of all of you to help me in my research, but all of you don't need to bother anymore."

Rowan's quill halts as she glanced over at Lupin and scoffed. "How utterly predictable."

"Excuse me?" Lupin said with a touch of indignation in his voice.

"Even if Gryffindor's aren't known for their intellectual genius, but rather for their courage and bravery. I would at least think you would have the courage to see things through rather than to just give up from the very start," Rowan crisply remarked.

"I am not a coward," Lupin growled back as Pettigrew hatefully glared back in addition.

"Oh? Prove it." Rowan stared down her nose in emphasis of her statement.

Lupin with a loud thump opens his book up and begins to furiously read and take notes. Rowan hides a smile as Sirius leans over to whisper. "Aw, you're pretty nice after all."

"Your breath stinks," Rowan grumbled back causing Sirius to let out a gasp in protest. Before quickly covering his mouth as he subtly blows in his hand trying to see if his mouth really stank. A smirk appears on James, before quickly hiding away as they all return to their studies.