A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1 Chapter 40 Seeds Of Doubt

After a series of matches with both sides winning and losing, Rowan finally calls it quits. "I'm done for the night, my brain hurts," Rowan complained as she slumped into her comfortable leather armchair.

Terry wickedly grins and says, "For today, but who knows about another day!"

Rowan wryly grins and says, "I humbly offer Severus as a sacrifice to be at your beck in call in exchange for my freedom."

"I gladly accept!" Terry cheerfully said.

Severus rolls his eyes and grumbles, "That's only because we're roommates."

"Exactly," Terry impishly chimed.

Severus rolls his eyes and stomps away as Terry cheerfully waves goodbye to Rowan and trots after Severus. Rubbing her temple, Rowan hears a voice from behind her say, "Rough night, Miss Prince?"

Rowan almost jumps out of her seat as her eyes hurtle open and she glances up at Lucius Malfoy. "No, it's just that Terry literally gave me a run for my galleons. He's quite the excellent wizarding chess player," Rowan bluntly answered.

Lucius Malfoy nods his head in agreement and says, "Well, that may very well be the case, but I am here to invite you to our educational meeting in our debate over the future of the wizarding world with Professor Slughorn's permission. Care to join us tonight?"

Rowan keeps her face nonchalant and answered, "Most certainly."

"Excellent, we will gather shortly, please remain behind as the common room will shortly be cleared," Lucius instructed. And sure, enough no more than thirty minutes later the rest of the Slytherins had retired to their dorm rooms except for those invited to be in attendance. Though Rowan did carefully note that she was still the youngest member in attendance as the rest were fourth years and up. It didn't seem like recruitment of potential Death Eaters such as Avery and Rosier had begun quite yet.

"Excellent it seems as though we are all in attendance," Lucius said as he turns to face the sitting group in a circle. Of course, not before casting a spell over the common room lest unwanted ears try to listen in.

"Now, I have exciting news to share tomorrow on Hallows Eve, a great wizard will initiate an attack on the Ministry of Magic but lead the pureblood wizards into a new glorious era!" Lucius Malfoy exclaimed.

The Slytherin common room fills with shouts and cheers as a fifth-year boy with furry eyebrows and squashed nose, Gil Goyle says, "And what is our great Dark Lord's name?"

"Patience, Goyle, don't interrupt!" Narcissa Black snapped back.

Goyle flushes in embarrassment and mumbles, "My deepest apologies for my rudeness, Lucius."

"It is of little importance," Lucius smoothly said. "I can truly understand your desire to know our Dark Lord's great name."

Rowan's eyes flicker at those last words. "How is he getting all this information? It's not like they're sending letters via owls to each other." Rowan privately thought to herself. "No, there must be some sort of meeting place that their parents are not opposed to attending a safe haven for purebloods, but where?" Rowan slightly paled as the answer stared her right in the face, the Slug Club.

"As promised from our last meeting, the Dark Lord's name is Lord Voldemort!" Lucius loudly said. Everyone lets out sounds of awe at the grand and powerful name as Lucius continued, "For not only is Lord Voldemort mighty and powerful but he is a pureblood and a Slytherin himself!"

"Are we talking about the same, Tom Marvolo Riddle?" Rowan purposefully interrupted.

"Excuse me?" Lucius said in surprise.

"If you break down Tom Marvolo Riddle, you get, I am Lord Voldemort, I am wondering if they are the one and the same?" Rowan innocently reiterated.

"Well-," Lucius tactfully paused and glances over at Narcissa for help.

"Even if that was his common wizarding name, what of it?" Narcissa fiercely exclaimed. "That does not change the fact that he will usher in a new era."

"I'm sorry to say, but I think this is all an elaborate con," Rowan argued.

"Stop lying and trying to spread doubts among us!" Vern Crabbe shrieked.

Lucius sighed in relief at the respite, but before he has a chance to speak, Rowan determinedly interrupts, "I'm not lying I can prove it."

This causes the other protesting Slytherins to become silent as Crabbe awkwardly glances around. "I don't if you recall, but I am rather fascinated by Professor Slughorn's eyes for talent. And with his permission, I've been tracking down past members of the Slug Club and their current accomplishments. One promising such lad was by the name of Tom Marvolo Riddle, and even had the potential to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts," Rowan said.

"But what?" A curious Slytherin asked, before paling in embarrassment.

"I suppose he wasn't good enough as Professor Dumbledore rejected him for the post in 1967," Rowan plainly said. "And besides, I really do believe that the man you call Lord Voldemort is nothing but a conman."

"And why is that, Miss Prince?" Narcissa angrily snapped.

"Well, simple, he's a fraud because he's only a half-blood. His mother, Merope Gaunt not only ran off with Tom Riddle Sr., a muggle but used a love potion to force him to love her," Rowan scoffed with disdain on her face.

"Out of all the vile things, a pureblood like Merope could do, when she could have easily elected any wizarding family to marry into. But no, she elected to force herself onto a mere muggle, how utterly revolting!"

The room's atmosphere changes as Rowan continues, "Please, forgive me for my emotional outburst, but why else would Lord Voldemort change his given muggle name, if he wasn't pretending to be someone, he is in fact not? Tom Marvolo Riddle may certainly be a Slytherin, but I find it hard to believe that he is our savior. And most especially given the fact that he's lied about being pure blood. What utter poppyc.o.c.k!"

The room becomes icy silent as Lucius Malfoy revaluates Rowan before him and says, "Can you prove it?"

"Certainly, just a minute," Rowan said as she took out her wand and pointed at the girl's dorm. Furrowing her brow in concentration, Rowan thinks of her notes and says, "Accio!" Some of the older Slytherin members raise their eyebrows in surprise as that charm was not only complex but that an ordinary 1st year would have no way of mastering.