A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1 Chapter 46 Quidditch

Classwork begins to pick as November settles in as the surrounding mountain peaks have grown frosty including the lake which now has a layer of black like ice. A few brave souls had already attempted to skate on the frozen lake including the Marauders. After getting an earful by Professor McGonagall, they had been let go with a severe warning to stay clear of the lake until the lake thoroughly froze through.

The grounds are covered in frost each morning as the gray skies promise that first snowfall is not too far off in the distance. Even worse the dungeons have become chilly as everyone wears thick coats and gloves to keep out the bitter chill. While Astronomy had quickly turned into the most hated class as the icy, bone-chilling wind raked through their clothes and froze them to the very bones each Wednesday night at Midnight. The 1st year's students' teeth loudly clatter in the icy wind as their fingers numbly shook as they tried to chart the star's. Even the large figure of Hagrid was seen wearing a moleskin overcoat, rabbit-sized thick wool gloves, and beaver-skin boots.

Despite the bitter chill, the school is a flurry as the start of the Quidditch season is just around the corner. Naturally, most of the boys are only jabbering on about Quidditch, while those lucky few that tried out and were accepted are absolutely thrilled to be able to compete for the Quidditch school cup. Even Severus prattled on about Quidditch with Terry and Silvia, every chance they got.

With exams coming up, Rowan momentarily limited her research to only an hour or two each day. And given that there was no urgent need to do as for the time being things would no doubt be quiet on both ends. Not to mention that communication with Alastor Moody at present was probably risky as all Auror's were most likely under investigation by spies as the Death Eater's attack had failed.

With her research currently on hold, Rowan occasionally in her spare time began to wonder, a little bit about the concept of a Horcrux itself. The little that is written about Horcrux's is mentioned briefly in a passage in Magick Moste Evile, which is kept in the forbidden section of the library. There was only a brief mention of a Horcrux in passing and that was all. The only other book that could possibly mention a Horcrux's more in detail is Secrets of the Darkest Art, which at present was locked and kept in the Headmaster's office. Even knowing the location wouldn't be enough as the real problem was how to get into the office without being seen or caught by anyone including Dumbledore and his phoenix, Fawkes.

It wasn't as though Rowan didn't know how to create a Horcrux, it was quite simple really, murder. After killing the victim, the magical practitioner in question used the death of the victim, which inadvertently damaged the practitioner's soul. During that time frame, the magical practitioner must cast a forbidden spell, which would rip the damaged soul portion away from the soul and allow a portion of the soul to be encased in a nearby object. But what Rowan really wanted to know more about is information about the damaged soul portion. Because if she could understand the soul a bit more, it may be possible to create a spell to search for damaged soul portions such as a Horcrux!

"Pray do tell us, Miss Prince, what is preventing you from paying attention in class?" The sharp voice of Professor McGonagall asked.

Rowan blinked with a tad of embarrassment at being caught as her mind kicked into high gear. "Well, I was wondering about you, Professor McGonagall."

Professor McGonagall blinks in surprise as Severus stares at Rowan with accusatory eyes that scream, "Liar! You were asleep again, I bet!"

"And pray tell, what is that, Miss Prince?" Professor McGonagall pointedly inquired.

"Well, I heard rumors from the older boys that you were quite the talented Quidditch player in your time as a Gryffindor student but was taken out by a foul during a Slytherin and Gryffindor final's match. And given that the first match of the season is Slytherin versus Gryffindor, I was just hoping that given that we are Slytherin's that there wouldn't be any hard feelings if we cheered for our house," Rowan tactfully said.

Professor McGonagall is silent as the entire class gape with open mouths unable to believe that Professor McGonagall was once a Quidditch player. "No, Miss Prince, I shall not mind. For just as all of you will be cheering for your house, I shall be cheering for Gryffindor to crush Slytherin under their feet," Professor McGonagall said with a faint teasing smile.

The class chokes and gapes at seeing a miracle before them, Professor McGonagall smiling. "Well, I look forward to a good match as well," Rowan said with a rueful grin.

Professor McGonagall nods to them, before briskly saying, "Alright everyone, now let us return to where we left off." Professor McGonagall returns to the front of the class and continues her lecture.

After class, Severus mutters in accusatory disbelief. "I don't how you do it, but that wasn't what you were thinking about! Because I'm fairly certain that you were half-asleep!"

"How do you now? Can you read minds yet?" Rowan firmly said as she batted her eyelashes at Severus. "Besides I wasn't snoring, so I couldn't possibly be asleep."

Severus snorts and grumbles, "Whatever it was, it's not like you're going to tell me. And secondly, you can sleep with your eyes half-open!"

"Ah, Sev, are you jealous?" Rowan warmly said as she wrapped an arm around Severus and pulls him close enough until they are cheek to cheek.

Severus pulls himself away with an aloof glare. "I will ignore you, peasant woman," Severus loftily said, before stomping off. Rowan recklessly grinned and chases after him. Because after all, sometimes it is quite a bit of fun to tweak a sibling's tail. And most especially that of Severus's.