A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 56

Volume 1 Chapter 56 Illicit Affair

A bit smelly, Gittins makes his way to a pub by the name of Monarch on the outskirts of town. Gittins slips inside causing more than one face to cringe at his foul smell and mutter if he'd fallen into a sewer. Gittins makes his way through the smoke-filled pub towards the back to a dark booth with old worn seats. An old weathered man with neat cut white hair and a knit Christmas wool sweater shuffles enchanted poker cards.

Gittins trembles and says, "Sir, may I have a word?"

The old man pauses and glances up to reveal sharp eyes like that of a wolf. "Where is my package, Gittins?" The old man firmly asked.

"That's what I wanted to talk about ya, sir," Gittins quietly said. "Someone took it from me."

The old man stops shuffling his cards as two nearby sitting men get up. The bartender at the bar firmly, but loudly says, "The bar is now closed." Instantly the only sound heard is the sound of shuffling chairs as everyone in the pub suddenly gets out as if there was a werewolf with them. The last of the customers shuffle out as the bartender locks the door with a loud snap.

The old man leans back against his booth and says, "Gittins, I thought we had an understanding."

The two burly men grab Gittins forcefully by the shoulders as the old man continues, "I would forgive for your first youthful mistake and in exchange, you would become a loyal courier."

"And I did, sir," Gittins hastily said. "But someone ambushed me today! A dark beauty and three hooded men. They just wanted to know who had attacked their men."

The old man known as Sanderson frowns and studies Gittins with calculating eyes. "Suppose, I do believe you, do you have any proof?" Sanderson growled.

"Aye, boss," Gittins said in relief. "Even though they took my wand as I ran past, I got this-," Gittins paused and glances at the man holding him down. "Er, I don't know if they can let go or if one of 'em wants to reach into my pocket."

Sanderson motions for Gittins to be released as Gittins shakes his shoulder with relief. Gittins quickly reaches into his pocket and pulls out a note. "It's not much, but the letter mentions their leader, a Dark Lord," Gittins said with a shrug as he handed the note over to Sanderson.

Sanderson quickly reads the note and frowns as he studies the contents.


The Dark Lord is not pleased with our progress and grows impatient. Despite our best efforts, we have yet to find any clues. Many have been coerced with money, but not a single clue has been offered to a potential lead. For there are no whispers or rumors in any form or manner.

I fear that we have possibly been led astray or that we are dealing with a very dangerous faction. For the Dark Lord has made many an enemy in his ascension and there are no few Dark Wizard's that hold ill will towards him.

Bellatrix, please come down as soon as you receive this owl. I fear that a trap is being set as we speak, and we are running out of time. May you forever find yourself worthy before our great Dark Lord.

Arty Clanx."

Sanderson's furrows his brows and said, "What did you say they wanted to know?"

Gittins swallows and hastily replies, "Aye sir. They wanted to know if we were the ones behind the attack on their men. I told that woman she was crazy and so I told her about the Rain Man."

Sanderson glances over at the bartender and barks, "Have you heard anything, Bertram?"

"No sir," Bertram said as he wiped the shots clean. "I always keep my ears to the ground and there is nothing abuzz. But the Rain Man always seems to know when something strange is afoot. Perhaps it would be deemed wise to get to him first."

"The Rain Man huh?" Sanderson mused to himself. Glancing sharply back at Gittins, Sanderson says, "You say, they took the package where?"

"By the old abandoned warehouse, I can take ya back!" Gittins said as he quickly stood up.

"Excellent, we can at least try to recuperate the goods. The boys will accompany you, Gittins to retrieve my goods," Sanderson firmly said in a pleased fashion causing Gittins to wilt. "By the way, could you recall the woman's face."

"Yes, sir, without a doubt!" Gittins said as he pounded on his chest in emphasis.

"Forget her," Sanderson coldly said causing Gittins to blink in shock. "Whoever they are, they mean business and seem to be just passing through. No doubt, their actions will stop as they will use all their power to seek out the Rain Man and God knows how long that will take." Gittins trudges out of the bar followed by the two men to retrieve Sanderson's goods.

Alone, Sanderson remarks, "And, Bertram see if you can't get some of your friends to learn more about this so-called, Dark Lord. That fellow sounds a tad bit dangerous and I don't want to see him on my streets."

"Yes, sir," Bertram said with a swift nod.

"Also have a few of the boys keep a look for the Rain Man. If we can get to him first, we'll know exactly what is going on," Sanderson instructed as grabbed his coat off the coat hanger. "And then, we can sell that information to this unknown party for an exorbitant amount."

"Mm sounds like a good plan. But are you certain, sir?" Bertram quietly asked. "The Rain Man only answers for a price."

"Mm, I know. But I don't like the feeling of unknown things bumping in the night," Sanderson said as he put on his gloves. "I'm the only one who should be lurking in the shadows."

"Then I'll see to it that it is done," Bertram said in agreement.

"Thank you, Bertram," Sanderson said as Bertram poured a glass for the two of them. The two of them silently raise their glasses in cheer, before downing the drink in one gulp.

"Ahh," Sanderson said in satisfaction. "Best I get going, it's getting late and the Misses will get mad at me if I'm out late again." Bertram returns to wiping the bar as Sanderson, walks out the door with at a brisk step with a slight bounce to his step. The kids were coming over with his grandkids tomorrow for Christmas and it was just going to be wonderful!