A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 60

Volume 1 Chapter 60 Christmas Eve

In Wiltshire, down a wide cleared snow-covered driveway, there is a towering curved hedge that runs far off into the distance. There before visitors stands an impressive wrought-iron gate barring any intruder's ways and despite the cold a pure-white magnificent peac.o.c.k struts majestically along the top of the hedge.

Past the great iron gates is a handsome manor at the end of a straight drive. Lights glint through diamond-paned windows as an enchanted fountain in the dark, frozen garden still flows with music like tinkling water. The manor is tastefully decorated with Christmas ornaments as inside the large main hall, it is brightly with candles, and great trees, sumptuously decorated as a magnificent carpet covers the stone floor. The eyes of the pale-faced portraits watch the chatting guests as they sip their drinks. With the youths in attendance 4th years and higher gathered together making small talk.

Past the grand hall is a drawing room at the end filled with only men and various important pure blood figures. The roaring fire crackles undereating a handsome marble piece with a surmounted gilded mirror above. On the elegant royal purple walls hang elaborate family portraits and grand sceneries. The impressive ceiling is 30 feet high as two grand golden chandeliers hang with candles brightly lighting the room. As in the back of the drawing-room is an organ propped against the wall that plays softly on its own.

The sophisticated figure of Lucius sips a sherry filled glass as he listens to his father, Abraxas Malfoy, a handsome man with similar features like that of Lucius with the exception of his features being that much harsher. "I am telling you that the country is going to the muggles," Abraxas said. "We should have never allowed muggle-born wizards into our ranks."

"Hmm," tactfully grumbled, a dark-haired man with a glass spectacle over his left eye. "But even if that is the case, would you rather have us become inbreed otherwise," Stephen Flint pointedly remarked, much resembling his daughter, Silvia, with a sharp mind and blueish gray eyes.

"That may be preferable," Grunted, a scowling, handsome dark-haired man with elegant features and gray eyes. Wearing an elegant black suit, Orion Black, the father of Sirius, coldly eyes Stephen. The two of them had never gotten along ever since their spat in their 3rd year at Hogwarts.

Taking a sip of his whiskey, Stephen Flint drily says, "Maybe be so, but I personally would much rather prefer our children breed with the muggle-born wizards to preserve our kind than to go and breed with magical creatures." Orion clamps his mouth in anger unable to counter Stephen Flint's argument as Stephen smugly takes a sip of his whiskey.

Seeing the two men glower at each other, Abraxas frowns and coolly says, "Still, I would prefer that not be the case at all."

"Don't we all," Flint remarked, causing Orion's forehead to twitch.

"But it can be," Abraxas loudly said as the room grows quiet as the rest of the men turn towards the host of the party, Abraxas Malfoy.

Lucius Malfoy purses his lips as his grip tightens on his glass in dread and embarrassment. "No father, not now," Lucius unhappily thought as his lips pressed themselves into a thin line.

"An extraordinary man by the Lord Voldemort is in agreement with us that the wizarding world is in need of change," Abraxas said causing many of the men in the room to mutter in agreement.

"And what does that entail?" Flint said with narrowed eyes.

"For god's sake, let the man speak!" Orion snapped causing sparks to fly between the two men.

Before Abraxas can answer, Lucius Malfoy hastily rises to feet. "But what my father has yet to mention is that Lord Voldemort is nothing but a charlatan!" Lucius loudly declared as the men furrow their brows in bewilderment.

Abraxas narrows his eyes at Lucius, who give a side look that promises to explain everything. Abraxas remains tactfully quiet and steps back as Lucius steps up in the spotlight. "That so-called man's true name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, the product of a witch and a muggle man. This so-called champion of pure wizards is merely trying to pass himself as one of us and use us as cannon fonder in his quest for power," Lucius declared. "Why even his very muggle name spells his new charlatan name, I am Lord Voldemort."

Abraxas eyes widen as hundreds of thoughts pass through his mind. But being a competent wizard, Abraxas steps in and confidently says, "It is just as my son, Lucius stated, the man known as Tom Riddle has been corrupting our children with thoughts of grandeur. I highly agree that we need to protect our children from his and his highly idealistically friends."

"But Abraxas weren't you all for his ideas before," interrupted, a snivel looking wizard.

"And though I agreed with part of his philosophy," Abraxas said. "I never fully trusted him as he is no Grindelwald." The men nod in agreement as Abraxas pointedly glanced at Lucius to continue.

"My father is an open-minded man and he gives all wizards a fair chance, but sadly Tom Marvolo Riddle did his best to charm, my wise father and miserably failed," Lucius confidently said. "Keeping his grave suspicion's in his heart, my father kept Tom Riddle close in an effort to further sound his intentions. And what my father found is truly terrifying!"

"How bad are we talking about?" Flint asked with narrowed eyes.

"Murder and deceit," Lucius said causing many of the men to furrow their brows. "My father spent many hours reviewing the past of Tom Riddle to suspiciously find that Tom Riddle's biological muggle father and family were all slaughtered in a single night. But to top it all off, his uncle a pure-blood confessed to the murder." Causing many of the men's brows to furrow and frown in displeasure.

Lucius dramatically paused, "Which my father found unlikely as Morfin Gaunt lived in that small village with the muggle father of Tom Riddle for many years and had never hurt him before. Why I ask? Because Morfin Gaunt believed his sister was a blood traitor and deserved to die in childbirth, which she did. And if Morfin, believed such a truth, then why kill the muggle man known as Tom Riddle Sr.?"

Lucius eyes the silent fixed room and fervently says, "I will tell you why, because Morfin Gaunt memories were changed via the Imerious Curse. During Morfin Gaunt's trial, no Auror, checked Morfin's mind for tampering as he readily confessed. But my father in his wisdom suspected that exactly is the case, but given the unfortunate mishap with Nobby Leach; Father was reluctant to come out with the truth."

Flint furrows his brows and slowly says, "If this is true, then I will have the Department of Magic reinvestigate the case. We cannot allow an innocent man to rot away in Azkaban for the crime of another." The room bursts into a hush of whispers as the men largely, now discuss who and who is associated with the charlatan, Tom Riddle.

"Barty Crouch won't like that," Orion Black pointedly remarked to his rival.

"Maybe, but I am not so easily detained," Stephen determinedly replied.

"Thank you," Abraxas said as he subtly gestured to Lucius to step back. Lucius raises his glass to his father, before moving away and out of the office. It was a wonder to Abraxas, where his son had gotten the information on Tom Riddle, but if it proved true, Abraxas had saved himself a great deal of embarrassment. And especially, if Stephen were to investigate and proved true Lucius's words, Abraxas would have earned himself a great deal of power.

"Your welcome," Stephen sincerely said, before turning to eye Orion with a bit of glee in his eyes. "Isn't that cousin of yours, Bellatrix, a very good friend of that fellow?"

Orion Black narrows his eyes and says, "I'm sure that it just a youthful misguided friendship."

"Mm, so you say," Stephen taunted.

Before the two men can jump at each other, Abraxas tactfully says, "Let us go and try the Christmas pudding. It is quite excellent this year."

"As long as I don't get the silver sickle," Stephen drily commented.

"Don't tell me you're afraid," Orion sneered.

Stephen ignores Orion's comment as they head back to the great hall and naturally the rest of the men follow. For Abraxas as the host was the man to follow. And truthfully speaking, many men would follow in Abraxas's footsteps. If Abraxas Malfoy stepped right, they too would follow. And if Abraxas did not like someone the said person in question would be shunned. And in this case, Tom Marvolo Riddle would soon find himself short of allies.