A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 62

Volume 1 Chapter 62 Christmas Eve Aftermath

The seedy pub is deathly silent as Lestrange studies the corpse of his dead wife, Bellatrix with mixed feeling. Bellatrix was such a beauty that Lestrange found himself enchanted that she chose him to marry of all people. And though their relationship was a bit distant at times, Lestrange truly did love her in his own way.

However, Lestrange knew that could not be said the same for Bellatrix. Bellatrix was hardly ever warm with him and only on very rare occasions was she ever imitate with him. Lestrange's eyes suddenly flash as the seeds of doubt begin to rapidly grow within Lestrange as he recalls his father-in-law's words. With a trembling heart, Lestrange feels sickened as he recalls the actions of Bellatrix in the past. Bellatrix was always cold and distant with him, but every time she saw the dark lord her features would light up. With great fervent emotion, Bellatrix would fulfill any request of their- dark lord.

"We must bury her body," Lestrange quietly said.

A nearby Death Eater opens his mouth to protest, "But shouldn't we have the Dark Lord-?"

"No!" Lestrange snapped. "She is my wife and I say; we bury her here!"

The Death Eaters flinch at Lestrange's ferocity as Rodolphus gently takes Bellatrix's hand to see that their wedding ring band is obviously missing and long since as there is no ring band mark on her forefinger. Some unknown emotion of hatred and jealously begins to twist inside of Lestrange as he abruptly drops her hand onto the seedy pub wooden floor.

None of the Death Eater's notice Lestrange's out of character actions as the other Death Eater's quickly bend down to carry her after Lestrange's figure. The Death Eater's carry Bellatrix's body out of town into a snowy drift. "We bury her here," Rodolphus Lestrange said as he used his wand to clear out a space in the snow.

"But the wolves will get her," whispered, a Death Eater at hearing the howling on the wind.

"I said dig," Lestrange harshly roared.

The Death Eater's blink in surprise and attribute Lestrange's fierce anger at the death of his wife as they hastily aid Lestrange in his endeavor. Not long after, despite the frozen ground, a somewhat shallow grave is dug.

With a flick of his wand, Bellatrix's body is lowered into the grave. The Death Eater's glance at each other as a Death Eater says, "Do you have any last words, Lestrange?"

Lestrange is quiet for a moment before bitterly saying, "You were loved." Lestrange's heart feels bitter and strangely turbulent as he turns away. The Death Eater's in unison raise their wands and push the frozen ground onto Bellatrix's pale corpse as Bellatrix's corpse is encased in the frozen ground of Albany.

The Death Eaters turn away and follow behind Lestrange. However, Rodolphus Lestrange mindlessly strides through the snow before them. The outspoken Death eater from before says, "Lestrange, we must report Bellatrix's death to the Dark Lord!"

Lestrange halts as a cold iciness fills his gaze causing the Death Eater in question to step back. "Yes, we should," Rodolphus Lestrange roughly said.

The Death Eater's including Lestrange apparate away, before arriving on the outskirts of a frozen building in a snow-covered forest. The guarding Death Eater's call out to them as Lestrange does not reply as the outspoken Death Eater motions to the guarding Death Eaters to remain silent. Another Death Eater leads the way inside as Rodolphus Lestrange trails behind. With ease, the group makes their way where the Dark Lord resides.

Seeing that Lestrange is so distraught the group opts to leave Rodolphus Lestrange behind out in the corridors. The doors open with a loud creak as the room is dimly lit and chilly as ice. Some of the Death Eaters shiver with cold and pull their cloaks closer to their bodies to try to stay warm.

Voldemort opens his eyes and frowns at the early return of his follower. His nostril's flare in displeasure as the Death Eater's flinch. "And where are Lestrange and Bellatrix?" Voldemort hissed with narrowed crimson eyes.

The Death Eaters glance at each other as the outspoken Death Eater hesitatingly says, "Dark Lord, Lestrange is presently distraught out in the corridor as Bellatrix has been slain by her father."

"What?!" Voldemort roared causing the Death Eater's to flinch.

"Cygnus Black was mad with rage and said, he would not allow his daughter to follow-," the outspoken Death Eater paused unable to find the right words.

"I want to know," Voldemort frostily ordered.

"My deepest pardon's, Milord," the outspoken Death Eater hastily said. The Death Eater winces, before continuing as ordered, "Cygnus Black said that he would not have his daughter following a charlatan, muggle-born wizard by the name of Tom Marvolo Riddle."

Voldemort sits up in fury as he narrows his eyes clearly enraged. "Who told him so?!"

"We don't believe the lies either, milord," the outspoken Death Eater hurriedly replied. "But Cygnus Black seemed convinced and slew Bellatrix when she came to your defense."

A dark aura seeps from Voldemort as a Long-nosed Death Eater boldly interjects, "We were finally making progress in finding the 3rd party and perhaps Bellatrix came to close and the 3rd party attacked by telling such convincing lies to Bellatrix."

The dark aura ceases to seep as Voldemort says, "If so, I want those responsible for such lies to be found!"

"Yes, milord," the long-nosed Death Eater said. "But what of Cygnus Black?"

"I leave Lestrange to avenge himself upon his father-in-law," Voldemort plainly stated. "Send Lestrange in."

"Of course, milord," the long-nosed Death Eater replied as the rest of the Death Eaters bow and exit.

Lestrange is sent inside but does react as if out of sorts. With eerie eyes, Lestrange studies Lord Voldemort as Voldemort says, "You have my sincere condolences, Lestrange. Bellatrix was a wonderful woman," as a faint smile briefly appears on Voldemort's face.

Lestrange's clenched hands hidden inside his robe begin to shake not with pain, but rage. Many a times, Bellatrix had spent time alone with the Dark Lord, when no one else was permitted so. Even his most faithful of followers were not permitted too. Often the Dark Lord could be found in the company of Bellatrix discussing the dark arts. For Dark Lord could have any woman he wanted, but it was Bellatrix who was Rodolphus's wife!

Lestrange bows his head to hide the anger and animosity that had appeared in the depths of his soul. Naturally talented in Occlumency, Lestrange composes his heart and mind as he raises his gaze to only reveal a bitter chill. "Milord, please leave Cygnus Black to me, I will avenge myself when the time is right," Lestrange requested.

"Very well, that is your right," Voldemort crisply said.

"Thank you, Milord," Lestrange said, before bowing away and departing.

Voldemort sighs for the first time in a very long time as he closes his eyes as a dark-haired beauty appears briefly through his mind before fading away. Darkness swiftly seems to engulf him as the lair becomes silent. But even so a certain woman's scent seems to be carried in the air engulfing the chilly dungeon.