A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1 Chapter 65 Retrial

The rest of the Magical Enforcement officers leave as Bob Ogden says, "Bartemius, you did well in opposing the trial, but what you did not properly prepare for the opponent's corresponding evidence. Next time, present enough evidence to your case to prove your opinion."

"I shall sir," Barty Crouch vowed as he glared at Flint.

Flint smirks back but quickly composes himself as he solemnly and rather sincerely said, "Thank you, sir, for your vote of confidence. And I sincerely apologize sir, it wasn't my intentions to humiliate you in any manner."

"I know," Ogden said with a sigh. "But still, Morfin Gaunt was a vile, brute of a man. I found it almost impossible to believe that a child could be so brutal as to murder his own father and have his uncle pay for his evil misdeeds."

"Dark wizards are often like that," Flint mused out loud. "Now, that I think of it, sir, I do believe an owl left a memo on your desk this morning from Moody relating to a certain Tom Marvolo Riddle."

"Is that true, Elphinstone?" Ogden asked.

Elphinstone Urquart blinks in guilt as he had found his thought had wandered off on how to go about sending flowers to the women in his heart. A certain stern-faced female professor at Hogwarts with glass spectacles. A bit embarrassed, Elphinstone says, "I haven't had time to read the memo, sir. But I do believe Moody did say he would be in his office today."

"How very peculiar," Barty Crouch sarcastically said. Because it was frankly true, Alastor Moody was infamous for hating to file paperwork nor staying in office. Moody would much rather be out and about in the field then to be stuck behind a desk.

"Yes, well, even Moody must report in," Flint pointedly retorted.

Elphinstone wisely ignores the glares of Crouch and Flint as he says, "Sir, would you like for me to meet with Moody in your stead? I do believe that you are off to meet with Minister Eugena Jenkins."

"Yes, that would certainly be of help," Ogden said as they waited for the lift. "I'm to meet with Minister Jenkins over the overzealous squib right groups. I fear that at the rate things are heating up, we may very well have squib riots on our hands." With a soft sound, the moment the lift opens a stream of owl's swing by with parcels and packages as Ogden lets out a curse. "We need to get rid of those blasted owls!"

"I'm certain there is a more practical way, sir," Flint and Crouch chorused. The two men mutually glower at each other as Elphinstone says, "I do believe I heard that the department of correspondence is working on a solution. Something about messages being swift, sharp, and simple, or so I heard. I do believe they'll be bringing the subject up during the next office meeting."

"By Merlin's beard as long as it's no longer these blasted owls!" Ogden growled as the lift stopped on the second floor for everyone to get off, but Ogden. The moment they step out a stream of owl's flutter inside causing Ogden to let out a strew of curses as the lift doors close shut.

"Well, I best go see to my guest," Flint purposefully said leaving Crouch biting at his dust.

Being a rather good-natured man, Elphinstone patted Crouch on the back in a consolation fashion. "I'm sure that you'll even the odds next time, Barty," Elphinstone said. In reply Crouch merely sticks up his nose into the air and stomps off leaving Elphinstone shaking his head ruefully after him.

Running his fingers through his slightly salt-peppered hair, Elphinstone steps into his office to find Moody rather innocently waiting for him. Raising an eyebrow of disbelief, Elphinstone says, "To what do I owe this pleasant, but rather unexpected surprise, Auror Moody?"

"Elphinstone, I don't know if Ogden received my memo or not this morning?" Moody gruffly asked.

"He did, but he didn't have time to read it before the trial," Elphinstone replied. "Why is there a problem?"

"I just wanted to confirm if the rumors were true."

"What rumors?"

"The rumors that Morfin Gaunt was innocent."

"Well, they are true. But what does this have to do with you, Auror Moody?" Elphinstone asked as he took a seat at his desk.

"It has everything to do with the Tom Marvolo Riddle," Moody said causing Elphinstone to narrow his eyes at Moody.

"And what does Tom Marvolo Riddle have to do with anything?" Elphinstone feigned innocent.

"Don't play coy with me, Elphinstone," Moody snapped. "I know that he is the true murderer of the Riddle muggle family members. But more importantly, I've kept my ear to the ground these past few months and I've heard things, terrible things. I fear that Tom Riddle is a rather dangerous wizard."

"Yes, well that is fairly obvious," Elphinstone said. "A warrant has already been issued for his immediate arrest and is to be sent to Azkaban the moment he is caught without any trial."

"There won't be a special task force sent after him?" Moody further inquired.

"No, this office has more pressing things to worry about that," Elphinstone said with furrowed brows.

"In that case, may I be assigned to his case?" Moody pointedly asked.

Elphinstone sighs at seeing the determined gaze of Moody. "I know that you get like this when you have a bee in your bonnet." Elphinstone furrows his brows, but Moody steadfastly stared back. "Fine then, I'll assign you to this case, but I don't want any of your other assignments to be dropped and shoved aside is that understood, Auror Moody?"

"Yes, sir," Moody said with glee. "I'll see myself out, Elphinstone, sir."

Elphinstone shakes his head as Moody shuts the door behind him. Returning to his pile of files, not long after a knock is heard at the door. "Come in," Elphinstone said without looking up.

"Sorry, sir, but I have news on Rockwood," a rough, young voice said.

Elphinstone glanced up to see the ruggedly handsome face of Rufus Scrimgeour in his early twenties. Tawny hair lion's mane and yellow-brown eyes that made Rufus Scrimgeour resemble a lion. Brilliant and tough, Rufus Scrimgeour was already a force to be reckoned with and no doubt would one day go very far within the Ministry.

"Sir, I believe that Rockwood has been killed," Scrimgeour steely suggested.

"Are you certain?" Elphinstone asked with a frown.

"According to family members and his supposed vacation location, Rockwood never showed up and nor has he been in contact with his family," Scrimgeour answered. "I'm afraid that someone didn't want him to be found as using any type of spell to find the whereabouts of his body revealed nothing."

Elphinstone rugs his brows with one hand and says, "For now, keep the news to yourself. I want, you to see who and exactly what Rockwood was doing that caused him to disappear."

"Sir?" Scrimgeour said in bewilderment.

"Auror Scrimgeour, do as you are instructed," Elphinstone firmly said as Scrimgeour bows his head in apology, "Sorry, Sir, I didn't mean to be insubordinate." Elphinstone waves Scrimgeour away, who swiftly departs leaving Elphinstone with a frown. Something was going on; he could clearly feel it but what? Pushing aside his feeling, for now, Elphinstone returns to his paperwork with a sigh. There was always more paperwork to be done.