A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1 Chapter 67 Return To Hogwarts

"Cursed reporters!" Snapped, a familiar burly Death Eater, Seth. Throwing the Daily Prophet onto the ground, Aeron stomps on the tabloid in emphasis. Rodolphus Lestrange is unusually quiet as a glimmer of satisfaction seems to appear in the depths of his eyes at the news.

"The Dark Lord will not be pleased by these false accusations," The long-nosed Death Eater, Aeron wisely concluded.

"But even worse those fools at the Ministry of Magic have sent a warrant out for our Dark Lord's arrest," the burly figure of Seth growled.

"Yes, well, no matter," Aeron mused. "We are getting that much closer to finding the Rain Man, pay the situation no mind. Our first priority is to find and destroy the unknown thorn in our side, before destroying those fools at the Ministry of Magic. Isn't that right Lestrange?"

Rodolphus merely nods his head and says, "Yes, the Rain Man is our priority." Without another word and swoosh of his cloak, Lestrange walks away with a distant gaze. Aeron and Seth share unspoken gazes of worry over Lestrange. Ever since Bellatrix's death, Lestrange seemed off more distant so to speak. It wasn't a problem but still, it might be best that Lestrange is not a participant in other missions for the time being.


Winter Break ended all too soon, and it came time for the students to return to Hogwarts after the start of the new year. As usual with weak legs, Rowan and Severus emerged from the car and made their way through King's Cross with grandfather, Reginald. As they walk past the crowds of people, Reginald asks, "Did you remember everything? If not, I can send it via owl, but I need to know what it is!"

"We're fine, Grandfather!" Rowan and Severus said in exasperation.

Reginald sniffs and doesn't reply as with ease the three of them pass through the enchanted wall to appear on platform 9 s. A scarlet engine as usual waits next to the platform that is bursting with people. Smoke from the engine drifts over the crowd and unlike the previous time before due to the cold, students swiftly board the train.

Glancing around Severus fails to spot Lily with some disappointment as Rowan says, "Lily's probably waiting inside."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Severus snapped. "Bye, grandfather!" Before rushing off to the train with his trunk and Owny in tow.

Reginald snorts as Rowan says, "We'll see you come summer again, grandfather. Please take care."

"Are you suggesting I'm old?" Reginald crisply said with a raised brow. Rowan grins wickedly back, before rushing after Severus. Wryly shaking his head with a gentle smile, Reginald says, "No good rotten brats these days." But despite his words, Reginald would stay put in the cold until the Hogwarts Express left the station.

Shoving their trunks on board, Rowan and Severus make their way down the compartments as Rowan says, "How about we save this one for ourselves, while you go and look for Lily?"

"Sounds good!" Severus replied with glee, before bolting down the train.

With a sigh, Rowan rubs her head as she sees a familiar face pop their head inside. "Is this seat taken?" Terry Greenwood asked.

"Nope," Rowan truthfully replied as Terry stuck his trunk under the seat and carefully set a wooden carrier on the floor. "What's that?" Rowan curiously asked.

"My sisters and mum thought it might be a good idea to gift me a kitten for Christmas," Terry drily said. "I'd rather much have preferred an owl, but still, I've grown rather fond of him."

"Oh?" Rowan said hiding a grin. Seeing Rowan's bright eyes, Terry gently opens the case to reveal a long-haired kitten in shades of brown, gray, white, and black. The dozing kitten's ears are cute and tuft with a pink little nose and matching paws. "Aw," Rowan said unable to help herself.

Terry snickers until Rowan narrows her eyes at him. Swiftly closing the basket, Terry says, "I named him, Alchemy."

"That's an excellent name choice," Rowan said causing Terry to beam in pleasure. "He's a Norwegian forest cat, isn't he?"

"Yes, my sisters and my mum thought that it might be a good idea to get me a long-haired cat since the Slytherin common room is in the dungeons," Terry replied. Before Rowan can complement the well thought out choice, the train lets out a warning whistle as the last of the gaggle boards.

"Huh? I wonder what's taking Sev so long?" Rowan thought to herself.

With one final whistle, the train begins to move as Terry glances at the two trunks and says, "So, where's Severus?"

"Looking for Lily Evans," Rowan causally replied.

Terry furrows his brows and says, "I think I saw her sitting with two other Gryffindor girls, I think their names are Mary McDonald and Willa Sands?"

"Sorry, Sev," Rowan lamented privately. "I didn't mean for Lily to separate herself from you so early on." Not that it was a bad thing for Lily to have friends, but it was the 5th year incident, where Severus was getting bullied that changed their friendship. And as long as Severus didn't technically enact out that scene, he still had a fighting chance.

"Rowan, you seem out of it?" Terry loudly said.

"Sorry," Rowan truthfully said. "I was just thinking about what to eat for lunch, I'm starving and didn't' have breakfast."

"Well, I've got a few chocolates covered biscuit's if you don't mind having one?" Terry said.

"I would very much like one," Rowan said as Terry handed over a small packet of chocolate-covered biscuits. While eating a chocolate-covered biscuit, Rowan looks up as the train compartment door opens to reveal the somewhat gloomy figure of Severus.

"What happened to you?" Terry remarked as Severus sullenly took a seat. "You look as though you ate a booger flavored bean."

Rowan almost spits out the mouthful of food as the unpleasant image appears in her mind and mouth. Hastily swallowing, she tries not to gag as Severus says, "Lily said she was going to sit with her friends."

"She's a girl, Sev," Rowan choked. "You honestly can't expect her to always sit with us, do you?"

Severus wisely keeps his sulking reply to himself as he merely huffs and turns to stare at the passing snow scenery. Ignoring the pouting figure of Severus, Rowan and Terry chat over what had happened over the holidays. Just as usual around noon the train attendant popped by with her cart of food as Rowan and Terry ordered as usual before sharing the food between the three of them. As per usual, Rowan had scarfed down the meal down and was now largely eating chocolate frogs with great leisure.