A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 68

Volume 1 Chapter 68 Return To Hogwarts

The sliding of the compartment door causes them to look to see the elegant figure of Sirius Black leaning against the open door. "Can a roguish scoundrel get a bite to eat?" Sirius ruefully asked.

Terry and Rowan quickly tuck their sweets behind them as Severus says, "Hurry up and come in. Those two wouldn't share their sweets if their lives depended on it."

"I knew I could count on you, Sev," Sirius said with a grin as he stepped inside and took the seat next to Severus. Rowan merely snorts and raises a pointed eyebrow at Severus for allowing Sirius to call him, Sev. Severus doesn't meet her gaze as he shares his own food.

"And pray tell, why aren't you meeting with the rest of your pack?" Terry drily interjected.

"Well, aren't you nosy?" Sirius countered.

"At least I'm smart enough to feed myself."

"Touch, but I'm not a Slytherin."

"Oh? Well, the friend that you just received food just so happens to be a Slytherin."

"Severus doesn't count."

"Enough," Severus tried to intervene between his best friends to no avail as the two spoke over his voice. Severus sends a pleading look to Rowan, who doesn't meet his gaze.

"Then what about Rowan?" Terry sharply said.

"Neither does she," Sirius snapped.

Terry snorts in derision and says, "I think you're just jealous."

"Oh, arrogant, dark witches and wizards, who think, they're better than everyone else?" Sirius barked. "Well, I want no part of it!"

The air is awkward as Rowan breaks the silence by unwrapping a chocolate frog. "I understand that your holidays must have been less than pleasant, Sirius. But don't take it out on us nor on Terry," Rowan coldly said. "Don't be a hypocrite and judge us for being Slytherin's just as it is not your fault that you have been dwelt, such parents."

Sirius sighs and apologetically says, "Sorry, I didn't mean to say that."

"I'm sure you did," Terry crisply replied. "But nevertheless, apology accepted."

Sirius warily grins and extends his hands out. "Please let me introduce myself, Sirius Black."

"Terry Greenwood," Terry said as he extended his delicate, feminine hand.

The two boys shake hands firmly, before Sirius says, "You're not a bad chap."

"And you're not bad for being a dull headed, Gryffindor," Terry smirked.

Sirius chokes and says, "I think, I'm starting to like you. Does that mean, I'll be on friendly terms with three Slytherins now?"

"So, it would seem, what an utter shame?" Terry impishly replied as Severus finally sighed with relief, while Sirius pointedly took a bite of his food.

Seeing a chance to change the subject, Severus says, "Where's James Potter and the rest of your gang, Sirius?"

"Lupin and James are playing wizarding chess," Sirius replied with a mouthful of food. "And Pettigrew is cheering them on. I was feeling a bit bored and thought I might stretch my legs for a bit."

"How fortunate for us," Rowan sarcastically said.

"I knew you liked me," Sirius said which earned him, a look of disdain from Rowan. Terry on the other hand snorts loudly in reply as Sirius says, "And how would you know?"

"I do have four older married sisters," Terry said, which caused Rowan to choke.

"But your mum looks so young!" Rowan protested recalling the golden-haired, fair featured woman that seemed to be in her early thirties.

Terry sheepishly smiles and says, "That's how all the women are in my family."

"You got any unmarried cousins?" Sirius happily interrupted.

"Yeah, but the men and women in my family have a bit of temper at times," Terry sheepishly said. Rowan's eyes widen as a slow understanding dawns in her eyes as Terry continues, "My great-grandmama was a Veela."

Severus whistles as Sirius frowns until he says, "You mean those gorgeous women, who when angry can turn into harpies and throw fire?"

"Yup," Terry said without any flinching. "My great-granddad was almost disowned, but since there were so few members of the Greenwood family to start with that didn't occur. In fact, thanks to great-granddad marrying great-grandmama, our side of the family is the largest Greenwood branch. Great-Grandmama had six daughters and one son, while all my various aunts have all had three or more daughters and only son in each generation."

"I take it, you're not only the youngest but the sole male heir of your family," Sirius drily concluded.

"Indeed," Terry said with glee.

"The same thing for Severus," Rowan said with a wicked grin. "It's all up to poor Sev to continue the Prince family line."

"Oh, I would think you would have a hand in it as well," Severus snapped.

"No can do," Rowan said with a shrug. "If I ever got married and have kids, they'll have my husband's surname remember?"

"IF you get married!" Severus growled.

"That's why I said if I ever get married," Rowan said with a shrug. "Of course, I could always do something scandalous and have a child out of wedlock."

Severus chokes as Terry grins and says, "Now that is a sight I would enjoy seeing."

"Right? I'd give the gossip mill a run for their money," Rowan chortled wickedly.

Severus shakes his head in dismay at the decaying morals of his twin sister and Terry to only be left appalled by Sirius, who said, "Not a bad idea. I think I'll just leave a trail of bastards left and right to continue the Black surname. That ought to choke my parents right up about continuing the family name."

"That's positively indecent!" Severus protested as the three of them shared mischievous glances.

"I don't know, I feel that I'm a rather loose woman already," Rowan drawled. "What do you, guys think?"

"What can I say, I'm a lover of all flowers," Sirius poetically said causing Severus to huff indignantly.

Terry pats the sputtering red-eared figure of Severus and says, "What is love if not l.u.s.tful desire?"

"You!" Severus chocked unable to speak as the three of them roared with laughter until it a small meow caused to stop.

"What is that?" Sirius warily asked.

"My kitten, why?" Terry asked as he gently opened the small crate.

Sirius instantly presses himself against his seat and hastily says, "I'm not very good with cats!"

"Are you allergic or something?" Rowan asked in disbelief.

"No, err, I'm just not good with them and their creepy stares," Sirius lamely said.

Seeking revenge, Severus's eyes glint ominously as he says, "You aren't afraid of cats, are you?"

"Of course not!" Sirius stammered back as his face turned further pale.

Grinning evilly Terry holds out the adorable kitten with large greenish, yellow eyes that cutely licks its white little paws to clean its face. "Stay back!" Sirius squeaked in panic as he jumped onto the seat and pressed himself against the window.

The three of them are unable to contain their laughter as they roar with laughter as Terry carefully cradles the purring kitten in his hands. Embarrassed and red faced, Sirius unhappily says, "I'm leaving now." Staying firmly away from the kitten, Sirius sneaks past Terry as Terry stops himself from pushing his kitten onto Sirius lest the kitten is hurt.

Loud snickers can be heard as Sirius closes their train compartment door and a burst of laughter can be heard again. "I never imagined he was afraid of cats," Rowan gaspingly said. Although it also did occur to her at the same time that Sirius must later get over his fear of cats as he did seem to like Crookshanks.

"Well, if he's ever bad again, I now have a weapon," Terry happily said as he rubbed his face against the purring kitten.

"An adorable weapon," Severus cackled darkly.

"You really aren't going to let it go, are you?" Rowan remarked.

"No, I'm not going to let it go for a good while," Severus truthfully replied.

Carefully eyeing them both, Terry says, "At times like these I can clearly see the similarity between you two." The twin's instantly smirk at Terry, who sighs and depressingly says, "But we still have to go back across the icy lake.

All three of them shudder as Rowan says, "It's our 1st year hazing, and next year it will be our turn to snicker loudly as the 1st years suffer our same fate."

"Amen to that," Terry said as he gently put his kitten away. The three of them continue their chatter until it gets dark and they change into their robes. Because sooner or later, they would arrive at Hogwarts and have to brave the icy, night chill to cross the frozen ink, black lake.