A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 7

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Clean and bathed, Rowan detangled her raven hair until it shone. Though her sleek straight hair now descended neatly down her back. She was given a closet filled with clothing in her size. Frankly, how they knew her exact size was an utter mystery, but it was quite convenient and a nice touch.

After having looked through the closet, Rowan picks a pair of trousers with a matching shirt and sweater to wear. Fully dressed, she studies her reflection with satisfaction as her reflection in the full-length mirror preens itself. Rowan rolls her eyes and turns to study the bedroom given to her.

The grand bed has a luxurious soft grayish blue cover and soft pillows that are simply to die for. There is glimmering wood bed stands on either side with a golden tree-like shaped lamp. Directly across from the bed on the other side of the room is a grand window looking out to the lawn with tastefully dark violet curtains to be pulled shut or open with a golden tassel.

Between the bed and the window on the left beige wall is an expensive red oak study desk with a comfortable looking chair. On the right side of the room is a grand bookcase filled with very few books for now. Behind her next to the clothes closet is a dresser filled with all sorts of clothing and undergarments. With another inner door leading to a white marble tiled bathroom with all sort of toiletry under the grand marble sink with an overhanging golden mirror. There are soft white bathroom rugs across the ground, a grand golden clawed bathtub and even a porcelain toilet, which Rowan is certain had a diamond engraved flushing handle.

Just wearing soft socks, Rowan crosses the luxurious red carpet under her feet over to the large window. She climbs onto the windowsill that has soft padding and pillows made for resting against. From the window, she can see the grand front lawns glistening before her. The warm morning sunlight gently rains down onto her as she studies the grounds.

Rowan's eyes gleam as she sees a beautiful, brightly colored peac.o.c.k strut across the grounds as if it was lord of the palace. The peac.o.c.k opens its mouth to let out an arrogant cry, which cannot be heard from inside the manor. She stays put until the feathered peac.o.c.k struts around the house and into the back.

Rowan curiously gets up and opens the door as she peeks on both sides of the elegant hallway to see that it is clear. She almost steps out until she forgets she has no shoes on. She hurries back and slips on a pair of slippers, before skipping out across the hallway and opening Severus's room.

Severus is still putting on a sweater when Rowan skips inside and flops onto the bed. "I feel that we look like pompous country gents," Rowan scoffed as she stared up at the star-patterned ceiling enchanted to move with the stars.

"Huh, why didn't I think to check out the ceiling?" Rowan thought to herself. "I wonder if my room has that feature too?"

Severus hides a grin at Rowan's comment and instead says, "Well, the manor is rather big." Big was an understatement it was HUGE.

"Yup, but it looks like they don't like us very much," Rowan murmured.

Severus pauses in buttoning his collar and mutters, "Maybe, but at least they'll only give us a cold shoulder." And that was something they were both used to. There was a reason the other school children picked on them. Their parents did not appreciate the twins being there.

"True," Rowan muttered as rolled onto her stomach.

The bedroom window is slightly ajar as the faint sound of birds can be heard from outside as they sing their little hearts out. "Do you think, he'll come after us?" Severus interjected ruining the gentle atmosphere.

"Even if he does, I doubt he can do anything to us given that this is the home of at least one wizard and two witches'," Rowan mused out loud.

Severus nods with a faint smile and pauses as he eyes Rowan with a raised eyebrow. "Didn't they give you a dress to wear?" Severus pointedly inquired.

"There were dress options in the closet, but I can't ever recall having worn a dress before," Rowan solemnly replied.

Severus eyes bulge in shock as he paused and rather disgruntled murmurs, "You're right, now that I think of it." Squinting his eyes at Rowan, Severus tries to imagine the image and utterly fails. "Now that I think of it you might not look good in one."

Rowan proudly gazes back and shamelessly replies, "Nope."

Severus' eyes gleam with mischief, but before he can tease Rowan, Dawn, the house-elf appears in the doorway and squeakily says, "The master is requesting the youngling's presence in his study."

Rowan and Severus glance at each other in dubious silence, before being led to the study room. The two of them enter to find open books with a fascinating assortment of potions and such strewn across various worktables. Rowan studies the books on the wall in fascination, while Severus' eyes gleam as he eyes the potions on the table. "I presume that Rowan is on the left and Severus on the right, am I correct?" Reginald Prince remarked from his seat at his desk.

The twins turn to gaze at Reginald Prince, who looks up from his open manuscript on his desk. "That is correct, sir," Rowan and Severus replied in unison.

Reginald Prince nods his head slowly and says, "Hmm, the two of you are a fine pair of twins." He reaches to a side drawer and pulls out an engraved can that pops open. "Care for a sweet?" Reginald politely asked as he offers honey-colored toffees to the twins.

Rowan politely takes one for herself and Severus, before handing the can back to Reginald. "Thank you, sir," the twins politely chimed back.

Reginald gestures that it is fine as he puts the canned sweets away. Clearing his throat, Reginald bluntly says, "Please excuse my wife and my younger sister, Georgine, but it was an utterly devastating blow to both of them when Eileen ran off with that man."

"It's a wonder to me too," Rowan mused out loud. "He's not even a tad bit charming or good looking. What do you think, Sev?"

Severus shrugs and sarcastically says, "I'm only a child, what do I know of the affairs of the heart?" Rowan snickers causing Severus to fiercely glare back.

"Yes, well, no matter," Reginald murmured. "The three of you are here now and will stay where you belong." Rowan and Severus blink with shock at being so warmly received. They hadn't thought their grandfather would be so open, but apparently, that was the case. Maybe, their stay wouldn't be so bad, after all.

"The two of you may freely enter the study and read any the books you like, I only ask that you promise to not enact any of the magic contents found within," Reginald carefully instructed.

"Of course! Because if that were not the case, I would already be dead given how many curses and hexes, Sev knows," Rowan wryly stated as Severus had often snuck into their parent's room to read the hidden spell books of their mother hidden under their parent's bed.

Severus glares at Rowan and stiffly says, "Well some of us like to be prepared!"

Rowan rolls her eyes in reply causing Reginald to hide a twinkling gleam of warmth. "Well, one can never be too prepared. But if I may, I would like to make a couple of recommendations," Reginald suggested as he moves over to the bookshelf and begins to pull out several books.

By the time breakfast is to be served, Rowan and Severus quietly read in some rather luxurious, comfortable leather chairs. All the while, Reginald in the background tinkers around with his various ongoing experiments. Strangely enough, the three of them are left alone to their own devices and are not interrupted. Dawn, the house-elf kindly leaves a cart of warm food charmed to stay warm at the door for whenever they get hungry.

On the other hand, the three Prince women were left alone at the seated table in the dining hall for brunch, which only served to augment the already chilly, awkward air between them. To be perfectly honest, it was a most terrible meal.