A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1 Chapter 76 Papa Legba

A dark figure shadowy begins to form in the doorway as the blood on the floor seemingly seems to evaporate. In a strange, possibly, African accent, a male voice from the doorway says, "Why have the children of the wand carriers come to see a priest of magics of old?"

The three Death Eater's share a look as Aeron steps forward and says, "We seek answers and our kind knows them not."

Papa Legba is silent for a moment, before laughing loudly causing the three men to stiffen. "In that case, ask your questions, but be forewarned the price for an answer can be quite costly."

"We understand the terms," Aeron said as he cleared his throat. "We seek the enemy of our Dark Lord. Precisely the ones who foiled our plans."

Papa Legba is silent for a moment, before softly whispering as though speaking with another spirit. After a moment, Papa Legba unhappily says, "Aye, we know who it is that you seek, however, they cannot be touched."

"Excuse me?" Aeron said in surprise as even the Rain Man was in disbelief.

"The price for the said answer cannot be paid for even at the cost of all of your souls combined," Papa Legba flatly answered. "Our apologies as such this answer is free with no strings attached nor requires further nor future payment."

Aeron bites his lips and carefully rephrases the answers, "If you cannot give us the identity of our Dark Lord's enemy, then can we can confirm, who the third party is?"

"Yes," Papa Legba drawled in pleasure. "However, that will only cost the item which is in your pocket."

"My pocket?" Aeron furrowed his brow as he reached inside to grasp a jeweled pendant. "Is that all?" Aeron carefully asked.

"Yes, all we will require as payment is the pendant in your left pocket," Papa Legba truthfully stated.

Aeron carefully holds out the pendant for the Rain Man to take, who then tosses into the doorway as a dark shadow easily catches it. "It is the Auror's of your Ministry of Magic," Papa Legba laughingly said.

"What impossible!" Seth growled. "How?"

"Ah, ah, ah, one question, one answer, one price," Papa Legba snickered.

"And what do we need to pay for such an answer?" Aeron hissed in fury.

"The time is up," Papa Legba said as the last blood drop faded away and with a loudly, solemn creek the door slammed shut with a chilly breeze. The dark doorway suddenly faded away as the room brightens up as the candles begin to brightly glow again and the room returns to previous presence.

"Bring him back," Seth growled as he took a step forward to only find the emerald snake pulling its self-up to match him in height. The emerald snake snaps it's jaws at him causing Seth to step back lest he be bitten by its venomous fangs.

"That cannot be done," The Rain Man replied as he tiredly took a seat. "Papa Legba can only open the doorway, and he will not hear my call if the one seeking answers does not come in person after the first time."

"Our Dark Lord will never do so!" Seth snapped in anger.

"Then you need worry not," The Rain Man curtly replied. "Only those willing to pay the price may call upon him again."

"Thank you for your aid," Aeron stiffly said as Seth barely resists the urge to spit on the floor. However, Lestrange remains in place as Aeron says, "Lestrange?"

"I wish for a simple card reading, both of you may go on ahead," Rodolphus replied causing the two Death Eaters to glance at each other, before Aeron stiffly said, "We will see you later then."

The door shuts behind them as the Rain Man says, "Please have a seat," as he gestured for Lestrange to take a seat across from him. Lestrange takes a seat at the table as the cards seemingly begin to shuffle themselves, before neatly piling up before spreading back out in the form of a crescent moon. "Select the cards that speak to you, but no more than six," The Rain Man warningly said.

Lestrange having selected four cards, the rest of the deck neatly forms a pile as the Rain Man turns the first card representing the past, but it is upside down, the Marassa, the lover's card. "Lovers not meant to be, your wife?" The Rain Man commented causing Rodolphus's face to darken.

A knowing look appears in the Rain Man's eyes, but he does not voice his inner thoughts. Turning the next card representing the present, his hand stills at seeing Courir Le Mardi Gras, the devil. "Wizard, what manner of fiend have you intertwined yourself with?"

Lestrange's face darkens as if in confirmation as the Rain Man continues, "The next two cards will represent your future, are you certain that that you wish for me to reveal the future?"

"Yes," Rodolphus Lestrange growled with absolute certainty.

"Very well, but you have been duly warned," the Rain Man wisely said. Turning the two cards at the same time to reveal The Zombi and The Market.

"What do they mean?" Lestrange asked as he saw a marketplace and a woman with blue like spirit flowing in and out of her.

"The Market represents the wheel of fortune life so to speak and as for the Zombi, it is the hanged man," the Rain Man lamely said.

"Very well," Rodolphus said as a resolute gleam appears in his eyes. It was though the last of his doubts had been dispelled and he was at last ready to step onto the path he had in mind. "What is the payment?" Lestrange asked as he rose to his feet.

"Consider it on the house, wizard," The Rain Man honestly replied.

Rodolphus nods to the Rain Man in thanks, before leaving. The door softly closes behind as a soft leaf rustling sound is heard behind him. Pausing to glance back, Rodolphus find that the two flats are once more together and the tiny shop with the crimson door is gone. Warily shaking his head, Lestrange pulls up his hood and apparated away.

Rodolphus reappears on the outskirts of a small abandoned manor and trudges up snow path inside. The doors open at seeing him as the two guards on duty nod to him as Rodolphus makes his way inside. Striding into the great hallway, Rodolphus pauses at seeing all the Death Eater's sitting at a long rectangle table with the Dark Lord sitting at the head.

"So good to have you arrive, Rodolphus, we were just discussing what the Rain Man told the three of you," Voldemort leisurely said. "Please take a seat, we saved you a seat."

"Thank you, Milord," Rodolphus said, before taking a seat next to Aeron.

"Please continue," Voldemort coolly instructed.

"Thank you, Milord," Aeron said. "As I was saying, we learned that Rockwood was killed by Auror's from the Ministry of Magic."

"But my contacts within the Department of Magical Enforcement have clearly stated that Auror's are actively pursuing leads on the disappearance of Rockwood," interrupted, a haughty wizard with hard, blunt features. Tall and haughty, Corban's Yaxley's neat pale blond hair hangs in a neat braid down to his lower back.

"Perhaps, they've lied," snapped Seth. "Or have been misguided, it wouldn't be the first time."

"I can assure you my sources only come from the highest levels of the Ministry of Magic," Corban retorted back.

"Enough!" Voldemort said as the two men hastily say, "Sorry, Milord."

"But I can assure you, Milord," Corban restated. "If it was an Auror, it could have been an Auror or a group of Auror's having gone rogue."

"That may very well be the case," Voldemort mused. "However, it could also be that they are receiving instructions from elsewhere. Find out, what you can, Yaxley. If need be offer bait in order to entrap them. I want them dead."

"Of course, Milord!" The Death Eaters replied. They continue to discuss a few more topics, before being gestured away. However, as they leave to rise, Voldemort says, "Please stay Lestrange."

Rodolphus halfway out of his seat sits back down as the rest of the Death Eaters scurry away. The dining halls door solemnly close behind them as Voldemort intertwines his long, pale fingers together and says, "It has come to my attention that you requested for a private card reading with the heretic."

"Indeed, Milord, I am guilty of such sacrilege," Rodolphus admitted.

"And pray and tell what for?" Voldemort coldly inquired.

Rodolphus hesitates and slowly says, "Because of Bellatrix, Milord."

"Oh?" Voldemort furrowed his brows.

"I feared for a future without her at my side," Rodolphus semi-truthfully replied. "But now I am at ease knowing that I will remain in the company of my brothers and sisters to support thee in the cause until the task is completed."

"Excellent," Voldemort coolly replied. "Though it was highly unorthodox, Lestrange, but I suppose, man is weak in the flesh."

"That is correct, Milord," Rodolphus answered as his dark eyes glittered from underneath his eyelashes. Without waiting for a reply, Voldemort rises to his feet and storms out like a dark wraith leaving Lestrange alone in the dining hall. When Rodolphus finally raised his gaze up, the dark eyes were filled with Dante's inferno. Rising to his feet, he strode away with a grave purpose in mind.