A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 78

Volume 1 Chapter 78 You Have A What?

With that a destination in mind, Rowan made her way to the infirmary. Inside there are various curtain pulled around white linen bedsheets for the privacy of the currently indisposed. A kind, but stern woman in her mid-thirties rushed about as her red dress, white apron, and white matron cap flutter about as she checks on patients and strictly fills the sweet boxes in neat rows next to each bedside.

Rowan pauses as she eyes the much younger figure of Madam Pomfrey, but still, she found it hard to believe that the matron's uniform seemed more like that of the early 1900s. However, before Rowan can speak Madam Pomfrey rushes past Rowan to attend as two boys appeared with their hair and skin turned blue. The two boys begin to regale Madam Pomfrey with tall tales, but much reassigned at this point Madam Pomfrey merely motions for them to take a seat as she begins to attend them.

Seeing that Madam Pomfrey become a bit distracted, Rowan wanders past the drawn curtains and peeks at each occupant. Some of the students seem to be over exhausted 5th years sound asleep while other less fortunate patients have a face full of boils. Finally, Rowan peeks inside to spot a gray-haired man with hair that messily stuck up like a bird's nest. His brown rugged eyes are full of energy as his skin is a rugged, rough tan. He quietly wheezes as though sound asleep as she quickly steps inside.

Taking a step closer, Rowan spots a wooden right peg leg and one bitten off arm that now has an enchanted silver hand in exchange. As if sensing another presence or maybe from years from having dwelt with magical creatures, Professor Kettleburn snorts awake. "By Merlin's Beard, what a ride!" As he sat straight up and looked around. "Goodness child, where am I?"

"The infirmary, sir," Rowan quickly replied.

"Good, good, thought I was a bit of a goner there," Professor Kettleburn ruefully said. "But what can you do in the face of mother nature, eh?"

Rowan tactfully doesn't reply and instead says, "Sir, I was wondering if I could have a bit of your time."

Professor Kettleburn narrows his eyes and says, "You're not one of mine. Mm, much too young, I'd say a first year by the looks of you."

"Yes, sir," Rowan replied. "However, I was wondering if I could have a word with you about Hagrid."

"He hasn't done anything has he?" Professor Kettleburn quickly asked.

"No, he's been very kind and most polite, sir," Rowan hastily said. "It's just I was wondering if you could keep a secret on my behalf and his."

"Well, I'm not usually in the habit of keeping secrets for students," Professor Kettleburn said. "But Hagrid's one of mine, so I'll do it."

"Thank you, sir," Rowan gratefully said as she lowered her voice to continue, "You see sir, Hagrid was given a dragon's egg and given that he loves magical creatures as much as you sir, he's hatching it. However, sir, if you could help hide the fact that he has a dragon's egg in his cabin. And once the egg hatches if you could arrange for a group of like-minded friends such a certain friend by the name of Newt Scamander could transport said dragonling that would greatly be appreciated."

"Newt will retire next year," Professor Kettleburn mused. "But wait a moment, how did Hagrid get an egg in the first place?!"

"Err, he won it in a poker game," Rowan tactfully replied. "So, is that a yes, sir?"

"Hagrid should have come to me first," Professor Kettleburn grumpily said.

"And he would have," Rowan persuasively said. "It's just that he wanted to make you proud since you mean so much to him."

"Really?" Professor Kettleburn asked with pride.

"Most definitely," Rowan lied.

"Well, I guess it can't hurt to help a fellow like-minded student," Professor Kettleburn proudly said. "Although, just what kind of dragon's egg, did Hagrid get?"

"A Norwegian Ridgeback," Rowan drily muttered.

"Why didn't you say so in the first place!" Professor Kettleburn excitedly said. "They're incredibly rare, I must see to it myself!" Jumping to his feet, Professor Kettleburn eagerly runs out past the protesting figure of Madame Pomfrey who shouts, "But you haven't been given leave yet, Professor Kettleburn!"

"I'd say he's fine given how he jumped to his feet," one of the blue boys remarked.

Madam Pomfrey narrows her eyes and strictly says, "The both of you are not to leave or you'll be getting an extra bitter draught!"

"No, Ma'am," the two boys hastily said as they all failed to notice a 1st-year girl so nonchalantly walked past them and back to the Slytherin common room.

Professor Kettleburn excitedly makes his way across the ground and without a word of warning bursts into the rather warm cottage of Hagrid, startling the six members in the cabin, Hagrid and five 1st years. "Professor Kettleburn!" Hagrid stammered as Professor Kettleburn eagerly kneels on the log cabin floor and croons, "Oh, what a beauty you are."

Seeing Professor Kettleburn so intrigued, Hagrid sighs a bit in relief and hastily says, "Sir, I was going to tell you, but I wanted to make sure the egg properly hatched."

"Not to worry," Professor Kettleburn said. "I was informed by a kind 1st year and asked to aid in the hatching and later transporting to a proper sanctuary."

"Really, Sir?" Hagrid said with relief and joy.

"Oh, yes, Hagrid," Professor Kettleburn said. "As for you five, please do not speak a word of this to anyone."

"No, sir!" The marauders and Lily exclaimed.

"Good, now off you go," Professor Kettleburn said as he dismissed them with his hand. They hurry out as his last words heard is, "Now I will be setting a spell of concealment, Hagrid."

The five of them walk back across the ground as Sirius says, "Well, that was terribly boring."

"Hagrid could have gotten in a lot of trouble if he'd been caught!" Lily snapped. "It's a good thing that Professor Kettleburn is so kindly agreeing to help."

Sirius sheepishly shrugs as Pettigrew chimes in agreement, "Yes, it's a great thing!"

Lupin warily shakes his head and drily says, "Shall we head back for a game of wizarding chess?"

"Sounds good," Sirius roguishly said as Lily sniffed and Pettigrew nodded his head in agreement.

James had been a bit quiet until now and says, "Did any of you notice that someone must have informed Professor Kettleburn?"

"Well, no one snitched if that's what you're implying," Sirius loftily said.

"No, I was just wondering, who else other than us could know about it?" James mused.

After a pause, Lupin thoughtfully answered, "Well, I could name a number of people, but I think the most likely conclusion would be a kind student or professor even. Either way, it worked out well for everyone."

"I suppose I'm thinking too much into it," James said with a rueful shrug. Either way, the five of them made their way back inside for a match of wizarding chess. And to their surprise, Sirius trounced them all. Despite his lazy appearance, Sirius was quite the talented wizarding chess player.