A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 79

Volume 1 Chapter 79 It Was You Wasnt It?

As the days turned warmer piles of homework were being dropped by the professors. Even Rowan was forced to postpone her research to one or two hours at most a day in order to handle all the influx of homework. Thankfully, Rowan was almost thorough most of the archive for her researching period. If all went well, she would be done by the time it came for school to be out.

The sound of pages can be heard as Rowan searches for Dittany in One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi. And though she was fairly certain what the herb was a restorative healing component used in potions or be consumed raw to stop bleeding. She'd forgotten if the raw consumption of Dittany completely healed the wound or merely made fresh skin grow over the wound making the wound scab over rather than appear fresh?

"Found it!" Rowan thought to herself as her eyes fell upon the answer. Frowning a bit, she chides herself for having forgotten that in a potion Dittany did in completely heal over the wound, but as a raw ingredient caused the wound to scab over leaving an almost non-existent scar. With Herbology being one of her favorite subjects, she did have to admit that it was a bit of a disappointment to have forgotten such a crucial detail.

Out of habit, Rowan glanced up to see her research area quieter than usual and rather empty. Even the Marauders were studying but mostly in the Gryffindor common room area as they had to prepare for the exams. But still, maybe, because she had gotten use to their quiet noise, the silence felt a bit off-putting.

Shaking her head, Rowan returns back to her notes as her mind drifts away for a bit. Ever since the encounter in the library with Lily back in February things had been a bit awkward between them. But still, she was a bit worried that perhaps if things remained this way it would go on to adversely affect Severus. Even he had noticed that during Potions class that the two of them, Lily and Rowan did not exactly converse anymore. That didn't mean to say they didn't speak to each other, it just meant that even the thick-headed Severus could sense the unspoken tension.

Rowan lets out a sigh and almost falls out of her seat as a voice from her right side says, "Just what are you sighing on about, Rowan. I've heard you sigh several times in the last few minutes."

With shock and surprise at not having felt anything, Rowan whirls around to see James Potter sitting next to her as usual on her right side. "When did you get here?!" Rowan gawked unable to truly believe that James actually snuck up on her.

"Been here for a while," James cheerfully huffed. "Not that you've noticed of course as you seemed a tad bit occupied."

A bit embarrassed, Rowan turns away and snorts. "I was just worried about not being able to find the answer to my question, that's all."

"Right," James drily said as he flashed her a cheeky smile.

Pursing her lips rather sullenly, Rowan says, "So where's the rest of the gang?"

"Lupin's properly studying but Sirius and Pettigrew said they were going mad and went for a walk," James ruefully replied. "And as for me, I thought a change of ambiance wouldn't be such a terrible thing."

"Mm," Rowan casually said as she returned to her notes.

"By the way, Hagrid's dragon egg successfully hatched not too long ago," James carefully said as he watched Rowan. And though nothing showed on her face, he didn't miss the slight stiffness in her limbs.

"Well, I'm surprised he wasn't caught and taken away to Azkaban," Rowan grunted as she took notes. "Dragon breeding was banned in 1709 and most especially dragon eggs are considered a Class A trading violation."

"Yes, well, it fairly turned out well," James ruefully replied. "Professor Kettleburn helped to care for the hatchling until it was large enough to travel. He arranged for Norbert to be taken away and placed in the wilds of Norway.

"How exciting," Rowan drily said as she attempted to ignore James.

"Yes, well, if it hadn't been for a certain student, who informed Professor Kettleburn, it might have all ended very badly," James further probed.

"A no-good rotten snitch, no doubt," Rowan grumbled.

Unable to hide a wide Cheshire grin, James leans on his elbow and says, "And it wouldn't have been a rather concerned Slytherin now would it?"

"Of course not," Rowan snapped as she closed her book shut and put her things away into her bag.

"And where are you going?" James smirked.

"A change of ambiance, it's rather stuffy in here," Rowan grumbled as she hefted her schoolbag onto her shoulder.

Snickering rather loudly James says, "Well, I think I'll accompany you them, it is a tad warm today."

Almost stomping away, Rowan ignores the smirk on James's face as he walks behind her. Madam Pince must have noticed Rowan's expression as she marched out of the library because Madam Pince gave James the stink eye. Causing James too hastily pick up his pace and run after Rowan.

"I don't know why you're denying it," James called out after they were a safe distance from the library. "It wasn't as though you did a bad thing."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Rowan flatly lied.

"Rowan Prince, I don't know why you pretend to be such a cold-hearted person when you're a remarkably a nice gal at that," James ruefully remarked.

Rowan comes to an abrupt halt under the warm streaming sunlight windows. Whirling around Rowan says, "Fine, so what if I did tell Professor Kettleburn, what of it?"

"Well, so you could be properly thanked," James warily said at seeing the frosty expression on her face.

"Not everyone wants to be the hero, James Potter," Rowan snapped.

"It's almost as if you don't want to be thanked," James voiced out loud as Rowan's hand unconsciously gripped her bag's strap that much tighter.

Looking away and out onto the green grass grounds, Rowan says, "Will my admitting that I was responsible change anything or be of great accomplishment? All it proves is that I reacted wisely and prudently by reporting the situation to said proper authority, Professor Kettleburn. My actions most certainly do not merit thanks nor a great show."

"But it was something great," James interjected. "It was important to Hagrid, the nestling, Professor Kettleburn, and to all of us."

Rowan is still for a moment, before turning away and saying over her shoulders, "If that's all, James, I'll be going."

James is unable to hide the grin on his face and says, "See you later, Rowan." A snort was all the response he got as James ruefully shook his head and made his way back to the Gryffindor common room.

Sirius and Pettigrew had yet to return from their walk, but Lupin was hard at work. "What took you so long?" Lupin huffed as he glanced up from his notes.

"Well, I just ran into a friend and said, hello," James said with an innocent smile.

"Mm, if you say so," Lupin mused. "It wouldn't have been a girl, would it?"

"Maybe it was," James truthfully said as Lupin shook his head and muttered something about, flirts under his breath. With a light smile on his face, James gets to work to his own utter dismay. These days he just seemed to be studying all the time. At this rate, he was going to turn into Severus or worse, Rowan!