A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 82

Volume 1 Chapter 82 Fist Fight

The figure of Lily sits at a shared table in the common room area with the a much less shy, Mary MacDonald as her dark brown hair no longer obscures her face and is even neatly back with a ribbon. Willa, on the other hand, sighs in exasperation as her curly chestnut hair moves as if in frustration. "Why do we have to study again?" Willa grumbled.

"Because exams are coming up," Lily patiently replied as Mary added, "And if you don't want to get embarrassed by staying back another year, you best get studying."

Willa narrows her eyes at Mary and says, "I think I liked you more when you were less outspoken, Mary."

Mary beams and says, "Thank you, I've been practicing with Tiffany and Silvia."

"True," Willa said with a rueful grin. "No wonder, you've grown a thick skin." Mary wrinkles her nose at Willa and impishly sticks out her pink tongue at her. Willa snorts and lays her head to rest on her cappuccino colored arm. However, her brief rest is all too soon interrupted as Pettigrew rushes over to James, Sirius, Lupin, who were sitting a few tables away studying. No doubt having been dragged by Lupin into doing so.

"You're not going to believe this!" Pettigrew said. Maybe bored or tired from studying more than a few Gryffindor's stopped what they were doing and perked up.

"Anything is better than this," Sirius mutinously grumbled.

Lupin merely stares at Sirius down his nose as James sighs and says, "C' mon Lupin, a rest surely can do us good." Turning to Pettigrew, James says, "Go on, Pettigrew, what is so interesting?"

"Avery and Rosier were beaten up!" Pettigrew exclaimed.

"What by who?" Sirius asked wide-eyed as more than one Gryffindor listened in rapt attention.

"Apparently, they got into a big fight with Severus, Terry, and Rowan. No one was too badly hurt but they've all been sentenced to a week worth of detentions," Pettigrew explained.

"But we were supposed to have a duel tonight?" James muttered to himself. Looking up at Pettigrew, James says, "And what was the reason?"

Pettigrew opens his mouth to speak loudly, before glancing around and spotting Lily. Turning red in embarrassment, Pettigrew in a much lower voice says, "The same reason, you almost did."

The sound of a chair scraping is heard as Lily rises to her feet and says, "Is it true?"

All the Gryffindor's stare at Pettigrew, who dumbly nods his head and says, "Everyone is talking about it, how five Slytherin 1st years got into a big row over a Gryffindor muggle-born witch."

Lily whirls away as Willa head jolts up and says, "What where are you going, Lily?!"

"To see if Terry, Severus, and Rowan are fine," Lily huffed. "And to give Rosier and Avery a piece of my mind."

"Huh, looks like not all the Slytherins, this year are a bad batch," mused a dark-skinned 7th year, Kingsley Shacklebolt. His earning glistened in the firelight.

"Yes, it does seem as more than a few houses friendsh.i.p.s have been forged," mused a 6th-year girl with thick dark hair, Marlene Stein as she watched four troublesome boys run after Lily.

"Well, that's not always necessarily a bad thing," Kingsley muttered. "After all, once we leave Hogwarts, it doesn't matter what house we are from as long as we can get the job done."

"True," Marlene muttered, before ducking her head back down to work.

Down in the infirmary, Lily is the first to arrive as she breathlessly says, "Madam Pomfrey, I'm looking for the Princes and Greenwood!"

Madam Pomfrey glances at the time and says, "Visiting hours will soon be over, please make sure to leave promptly on time."

"Yes, Madam Pomfrey," Lily gasped as she rushed over in the direction Madam Pomfrey was pointing to. But not long after, another gaggle of out of breath students arrive and speak rather incoherently.

With a sigh, Madam Pomfrey says, "Princes and Greenwood?" They all breathlessly nod their heads as she points them in the right direction as they rush away. "No running!" Madam Pomfrey called out, hiding a pleased expression at seeing such devoted friends.

By the time, Lily pulls the curtains, she sees the still bruised figures of Severus and Terry on the linen beds with Rowan reading a book and chewing on a sweet, and Alchemy happily curled up on a pillow napping. "Lily?!" Severus exclaimed with joy.

A bit peeved, Lily says, "Severus Prince and Terry Greenwood, I don't need any boys defending my honor!"

Severus and Terry wilt as Terry cryptically mutters under his breath, "I noticed you didn't mention Rowan."

Taking a breath, Lily sighs and says, "And thank you, but please don't make me worry again."

Severus sagely nods his head in promise as Terry shrugs, "Can't make any promises." Despite Lily's glare Terry loftily looks away and says, "A man's got to do, what a man's got to do."

"Really, you certainly didn't complain when I saved you?" Rowan drily explained earning her a harsh glare from Terry as Severus is unable to hide a loud snicker.

Lily turns to eye, Rowan and says, "You didn't get hurt?"

"I have more than ample experience to avoid being hurt in a one on one fighting instance," Rowan causally replied as she turned the next page of the book. Who knew that a biography about living with hags would be so interesting?

Before Lily has a chance to speak, a torrent of visitor's rush in. "Are you guys alright?" They all exclaimed.

Snapping her book shut, Rowan says, "Well, it certainly looks like neither of you are in need of my company, I'll see you, both on the morrow." Placing the book, back onto the counter, Rowan moves to walk past them as Pettigrew exclaims, "Why aren't you hurt?"

"I'm so sorry to disappoint, you, Pettigrew," Rowan flatly said as she brushed past them.

"I'll be right back," Lily said as she rushed after Rowan.

Sirius eyes the fading figure of Rowan and says, "For merlin's sake, how does she always seem to come out unscathed?"

"Luck?" Lupin muttered.

"It's cuz, she's pure evil," Pettigrew grumbled under his breath.

"I think it's more like she's rather talented and clever," James honestly remarked.

Turning to stare at the bruised face of Severus, Sirius leers, "Heh, looks like you were beaten in good, Sev."

"But you should have seen the other guy," Severus sneered back.

The six boys all shared a grin as James says, "Well, I guess that saves me the trouble of dueling, Avery."

"A miracle, I'm sure," Lupin drily muttered under his breath.

The four boys take a seat as James says, "I'll admit it, I'm curious how in Merlin's name was Rowan even involved?"

Terry and Severus exchanged glances as Terry winces and says, "All I'm going to say is that you never want to get her mad..."

"We already knew that," muttered Pettigrew under his breath.

"And that she has a very, vicious streak," Terry winced again and whispers, "Without any hesitation, she crushed Rosier's family jewels."

All six boys' wince as Sirius pointedly mutters, "Memo to self."

"More like Pettigrew is the one that should be worrying," James teasingly said causing Pettigrew to pale.

"Merlin, I don't hate her that much!" Pettigrew protested.

"Mm, so you say," Lupin sagely said. "You know there is a thin line between love and hate?"

"Oh, you like her, Pettigrew?" Sirius said with an evil grin as a cold icy aura sprouted around Severus as James seemed a bit startled by that fact and frankly, he wasn't the only one.

"She's not my type! I like them cute!" Pettigrew protested.

"Oh, are you implying my sister is not cute?" Severus coldly asked.

"She's plenty attractive I'm sure, I just don't date tall girls!"

"Are you saying that my sister isn't attractive merely because she's tall?"

"No, that's not what I'm saying!"

"Then just what are you trying to say, Pettigrew?"

"I think I need to go to the bathroom," Pettigrew hastily said as he excused himself and rushed away.

"Stopping teasing the poor guy," Sirius said with a cheeky grin.

"I notice you didn't come to his aid," Severus loftily said.

"No can do," Sirius said with a shrug. "There's protecting a friend and there's getting between someone's sister."

"Wise words," Terry knowingly said as Severus a bit cheerfully leaned back into his pillows. Lupin and James shrug at the comment as they were only sole children, what did they know?

The conversation quickly turns away as the Marauders ask for details as Terry embellishes the story with sound effects. In fact, this continued until Madam Pomfrey in a loud voice told them that visiting hours were over. Severus was slightly disappointed that Lily didn't return, but still, it had been nice to bask in glory and attention for a while. And though it was shared with Terry, it still had been rather nice.