A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 87

Volume 1 Chapter 87 The Feast

The last week of Hogwarts found Rowan rather subdued and quiet often lost in her own thoughts. No one seemed to really notice other than Severus, who recognized a sort of unease in his twin sister's eyes. His worry only grew as the day of the Feast finally came and the Great Hall was all decked out in Slytherin colors of green and silver to celebrate their winning the house cup. A huge banner showing the Slytherin serpent cover the wall behind the High Table.

Rowan didn't even notice as she took a seat next to Severus, who glanced worriedly at her while Terry gleefully chatted about the Great Hall being decked in their house colors. "Are you alright, Rowan?" Severus finally said.

Startled out of her reverie, Rowan turned to study the worried expression of Severus. Something about those black eyes triggered a memory of a thin, shallow man saying, "Save-!" As if recalling her promise, she reaches over and gently cradles his cheek with her palm. "I'll save you too this time, Sev."

"What?" Severus frowned in bewilderment.

Smiling faintly to herself, Rowan pleasantly commented, "I heard that the feast this year will have a new variety of cuisine, I am looking forward to it."

Severus shakes his head in puzzlement and confusion at the abrupt mood swing of his twin sister. Shaking his head in frustration and annoyance, Severus grumbles, "Girls."

"Amen to that," Terry interjected having overhead the conversation. Before Severus can speak Dumbledore arrives causing the babble to die away.

"Another year gone!" Dumbledore said cheerfully. "And we have learned much that I'm sure shall nicely fade away before the next year starts. Now, as I understand it, the house cup here needs awarding and the points stand thus: In fourth place, Hufflepuff, with three hundred and seventy-two; Ravenclaw has four hundred and six, Gryffindor, with four hundred and thirty-two; and Slytherin, four hundred and seventy-one.

A storm of cheering and stamping breaks out from the Slytherin table as the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs politely clap, while most of the Gryffindors remain sullenly silent. After the cheering everyone promptly began to dig in as Dumbledore took a seat at the head table. Even Rowan was full of cheer as she spotted exquisite sweets such as Mont Blanc. Even Narcissa had a tiny smile on her face as she next to Malfoy as he beamed in pride and overlooked the table. Catching Rowan's eye, Lucius nods his head at her as Rowan nods her head back at him.

The rest of the feast passes in a blur as do the rest of the last day as exam results come in. To no one's surprise, Rowan got top marks in every subject except potions which had a passing mark. Of course, Severus did well and even one-upped Rowan given that he got the highest marks in their grade for potions. They weren't the only ones who fared well as even the marauders passed their exams.

All too soon, their wardrobes were empty, their trunks were packed; notes were handed out to all students, warning them not to use magic over the holidays. Naturally, Bethanie, Silvia, and Tiffany, all promised to write to Rowan over the summer. To which Rowan solemnly responded, "If I get a letter, I'll at least reply back."

On that last day with great excitement and joy, the 1st years all followed Hagrid back onto the lake. Naturally, as usual, Rowan ominously muttered under her breath causing Severus to almost hex his twin in exasperation. Luckily, Lily calmed Severus down before he committed such a rash act. Because knowing Rowan, she'd happily push her twin out of the boat in retaliation.

The small fleet of boats landed on the shore as they all excitedly climb out under the warm sun. The sound of talking and laughter fills the air as they all board the Hogwarts Express. Even Rowan was manipulated into playing Exploding Snap with Severus, Lily, and Terry. Every now and they would glance up and study the green countryside and study the muggle towns passing by. All too soon, it came time to pull off their wizard robes and put on their jackets and coats as the train pulled into platform nine and three-quarters at King's Cross Station.

With care, they all got off the platform as a wizened old guard by the ticket barrier allowed them to pass through in two's and threes.

Waving goodbye to Terry, Lily and Severus promised each other to write to each over the summer, before Lily ran off towards the smiling figures of her parents. Not too far in the distance stood the impeccable dressed Reginald Prince. A twinkle of warm could be seen in his eyes as he opened his arms for them to hug. With glee, the twins hugged their grandfather as Reginald said, "I swear the two of you get bigger and bigger each time I see you."

Severus sniffed and said, "I'm not fat, just taller!"

"That's what I said," Rowan said with a smirk causing Severus to sniff sullenly in reply.

With one last hug, Reginald says, "Well, we best be off of then." All too quickly the twin's face's turned pale as they reluctantly follow their grandfather back to the car. All too soon they were regretting having had lunch on the Hogwarts's Express, but alas, that is a tale for another day.