A Bend In Time Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1 Chapter 9 Exploration

Following their exploration of the hidden tunnels, Rowan and Severus head out onto the grounds to the great relief of Sir Knight Prince lest he spills any of the sworn secrets of the Prince family that he was sworn to keep. Rowan stretches in the warm sunlight as Severus says, "So what should we do today?"

"Well, the creek we found yesterday was pretty nice and it is rather warm," Rowan mused. "Why not go out and play in the cool creek?"

"Sounds good to me," Severus replied in agreement.

A loud peac.o.c.k trill pierces through the air as the gorgeous peac.o.c.k of Aunt Georgine, Fidel, struts arrogantly towards them. Severus marvels at the massive feathers as Rowan wonders, if she can steal a tail feather to make a quill.

Fidel proudly flutters his tail feathers and lets out a shriek, before slamming his glorious tail shut. Smaller, but still gorgeous Fidel haughtily struts past them as Severus stretches his hand to touch Fidel's trailing tail feathers. Fidel instantly pecks Severus hand drawing blood as Severus hisses in pain and pulls back. Fidel is about to shriek in triumph when a very firm hand clamped itself around his neck.

Fidel trembles as a voice whispered into his ear, "What do you think, you're doing to my precious little brother?"

Fidel makes a squawking sound in protest as the hand tightens around his neck. "Now listen carefully, you are going to let Severus touch you as much as he wants and whenever he wants. And should I ever see you try a stunt like this again, I will personally pluck out every single one of your tail feathers one by one. And no, I won't stop there, I will continue upward until all I see is nothing but a giant featherless chicken, is that understood?" Rowan hissed into Fidel's ear.

Fidel tremblingly squawks in fear as a few of his tail feathers actually fall out in fear. "Good, now I'm going to let you go and you are going to act all cute like and rub yourself apologetically against Severus until he feels better, got that!" Rowan growled, before letting Fidel go.

Fidel shakily stumbles at Severus and makes pleading cries at him as if saying, "Please pet me, or I will die!"

Severus warily bends down to gently pet the peac.o.c.k as he suspiciously says, "What is wrong with Fidel?"

"That's how male peac.o.c.ks react to other males intruding into their territory. Now that he's certain that you're no threat to him, he's being friendly," Rowan deadpanned.

"Oh," Severus said, before patting Fidel one last time before getting up.

Seeing Severus let go, Fidel sees Rowan nod at him as Fidel rushes away as fast as his feet can carry him. For that girl is a future bird KILLER! And as a result, Fidel would avoid Rowan like the plague and allow himself to be petted by Severus lest Rowan ever fulfills her horrifying promise.

After this, Rowan and Severus head out to play by the creek, before coming back for dinner. Their fifth day at Prince Manor, Rowan had wanted to do some cooking herself, but Dawn would not hear of it as it was not the young mistresses place to do such a thing. Before Rowan could protest and beg, Rowan was promptly kicked out of the kitchen and forbidden from returning. It wasn't like Rowan was planning to do anything bad, she just wanted to eat what she was craving, pizza.

To be perfectly honest, Rowan and Severus's stay at Prince Manor was quite enjoyable when in comparison to their home at Spinner's End. But on the other hand, that could not be said for Eileen Snape as she had yet to be forgiven by her mother and Aunt Georgine.

Rowan and Severus pop into the grand dining hall with three massive golden chandeliers encrusted with diamonds. And though the silverware has already been set no one is yet seated at the table. "I guess, we're early," Severus muttered.

Rowan shrugs in reply when suddenly, loud angry footsteps can be heard. Out of sheer reflex, Rowan and Severus hide under the covered dining table. Rowan and Severus scramble underneath as they become silent and wary. Their years of instincts of living in a violent home wouldn't just go away in a matter of days or weeks.

"Eileen, stop this instant!" Sirsa Prince roared after the stomping sullen figure of her daughter. Rowan and Severus glance at each other and shrug as this was a normal occurrence of their child. And ever since arriving at Prince Manor anytime Eileen left her room, she would pointedly ignore the twins and get into a sparring match with her mother, before stomping back to her room.

"What do you want, mum!" Eileen snapped as she whirled to face her mother.

With a frosty gaze, Sirsa says, "You are behaving quite irresponsibly, Eileen. Have you seen nor much less spoken to your children since you've come?"

"They are perfectly fine!" Eileen growled. "They have everything they could possibly ever want and more. What more could they possibly need?!"

"They are merely children," Sirsa hissed back. "It does not matter how mature a child is for their age, a child is still a child!"

"My children are quite independent and are perfectly capable of taken care of themselves," Eileen bellowed back. "Enough is enough! This is exactly why I never wished to return in the first place!"

A brief emotion of hurt flickers across Sirsa's face as she manages to keep her face firm as before. "And yet here you are," Sirsa flatly said as Eileen's face distorts with rage as she storms away to her bedroom.

Sirsa shoulders deflate as she tiredly holds her head as Dawn appears with a food cart. "Dawn, I'm not feeling very well tonight, I will be retiring early to my chambers," Sirsa murmured.

"Yes, Lady Sirsa. But would you like a cup of tea and biscuits later?" Dawn asked.

"That would be just lovely, Dawn," Sira sincerely said before stalking away.

Dawn is quiet as she eyes the dining hall and sighs to herself. "Young master and mistress, you can come out now," Dawn said as she flicked her finger as the food platters float off of the cart and neatly onto the dining table without so much as spilling a single drop.

Rowan and Severus emerge quietly from under the table. "You won't tell anyone that we were here, will you, Dawn?" Severus quietly asked.

"No, Dawn shan't even if asked," Dawn said with a toothy, comforting grin.

Rowan and Severus stride over to Dawn and give her a tight hug. Dawn pats the twins on the back and says, "There, there now. Why don't the two of you eat early and Dawn will tell the master, that you were hungry and ate early?"

"Mm," Rowan and Severus hummed, before letting go and sitting down to eat. After all, it would such a waste to not eat Dawn's cooking. And though Rowan desperately desired other types of variety, it was still quite the fine-tasting meal.