A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 102

Volume 2 Chapter 102 Wedding Invitation

Reginald waited by the main fireplace as he glanced at the antique clock on the mantel to tell the time. A quarter till four, the wedding would start soon. Footsteps cause him to glance up to see the twins in matching dark trousers, gray silk sweaters, and fitted silk robes. Severus's hair had neatly been retrimmed, while Rowan's was neatly pulled back into a bun.

Nodding Reginald says, "Now, I know neither of you has traveled by floo before. So, let me give a brief description. Taking a pinch of glitter power from a silver case on the stand, Reginald says, "You'll want to throw the pinch into the fireplace and clearly shout out the destination, before stepping through the emerald green flames. We'll be going to the Filch family home, so please clearly say, Filch Hall. Is that clear?"

Both twins nod as each of them reach into the silver case and grab a pinch of glittering powder. "Ladies first," Severus said with a speck of humor.

Rowan snorts and tosses the pinch of powder into the flames. With a roar, the fire turned emerald green and rose higher than her. The green fire felt like a warm breeze as she stepped into the flames and shouted, "Filch Hall!" It felt as though she was being sucked down a giant green drain as everything seemed to be spinning very fast, while the roaring in her ears grew deafening, causing her to close her eyes lest she spews her lunch.

With a loud pop in her ears, Rowan's eyes blinked open as she somehow stepped through into a carpeted hallway. Almost tripping over her own feet, she stumbled to the side knowing that Severus was coming. "I'm going to throw up," Severus gurgled as he slumped weakly to the ground. Not even a second later, Reginald calmly appears and coolly steps out of the fireplace.

"Gather yourselves together, children," Reginald rather good-natured said as he hid his smile of amus.e.m.e.nt at their green faces. "You'll get used to it soon enough."

"Never," Severus burbled as Rowan privately nodded in agreement. Wizards and witches must have stomachs made of steel to be able to take that wild ride each time. Then again, maybe, they grew numb and accustomed to effects after a period of time. The mind and bodywork in mysterious ways for self-preservation.

"May I have the invitation, sir?" A polite voice said causing the twins to glance at the female hostess, a pretty, young witch with freckles sprinkled across her nose. Reginald held out the now non-crinkled wedding invitation for the hostess to take. The young woman nods as she reviews the name on the invitation and says, "Right this way, please." The three of them follow the hostess as she says, "You've made it just in time sir, the wedding is about to start."

The hostess leads them out to the decorated grounds in a large white tent where elegant chairs are filled with guests. Pointing to the empty back row, the hostess says, "We were forced to move a few of the guests around and as a result, we were forced to move your seats, sir, as you had yet to arrive."

"No matter," Reginald said as he waved the hostess away and took their seats. The twins crane around to study the supporting poles of the tent wrapped around with violet and blue ribbons. Severus tugs slightly at his collar and says, "It's a bit hot with these robes on."

"It's a wizard wedding, Sev. There isn't much of a choice," Rowan grumbled.

"Still, if they can enchant floating flowers and ribbons across a tent, why can't they cast a cooling charm to keep the tent cool?" Severus argued.

"Excellent point," Rowan acknowledged. "Lack of common sense I guess."

"Shh, now children," Reginald said as the crowd grew quiet. Despite the fascinating wizard crowd of guests that included a witch with spiky moving hair, the twins turned their gaze towards the aisle.

With a quiet flourish, the groom walks down the violet carpeted aisle. A bit taller than Argus, Roderic Filch though slender had broad shoulders. A fair complexation with a slightly crooked nose, but overall, much better looking than his brother with a head full of salt-peppered hair.

Behind him marched his best man and groomsmen with trailing at the very end, Argus Filch. Looking much better than usual, Argus Filch wore sleek robes and collar. The men quietly lined up as they waited for the bride.

A soft melody begins to play as Severus and Rowan's eyes widen at seeing their mother in silvery robes. Her raven hair was cleverly woven with flowers that it appeared as though she was wearing a crown of flowers. But most surprising of all, there was a happy smile on her face causing her to appear much younger than her years. It was probably the happiest the twins had ever seen their mother.

Reginald closed his eyes as if unable to bear the sight of his daughter as the bride continued up the aisle without noticing the three of them. Keeping his eyes closed, Reginald felt two hands gently reach for his causing him to glance at the worried faces of his grandchildren. Gently squeezing them, Reginald returns his gaze to the front.

A small, rather young tufty-haired wizard clears his voice to gather their attention. "Ladies and gentlemen," the wizard said in a slightly singsong voice. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two faithful souls."

"She looks so happy," Severus softly whispered.

"That's because she is," Rowan sadly murmured.

"I suppose this really means goodbye, doesn't it?" Severus whimpered.

"It doesn't have to be, if you don't want it to be," Rowan gently observed.

Severus slowly shakes his head as his eyes drink in the sight of their happy, smiling mother. "No, we'll always only be a constant reminder of our father," Severus croaked. "It's better this way, she'll be happy and we-. And we will be as well."

"Do you, Roderic Filch take Eileen Snape to be your lawful wedded wife?" The wizard official asked.

"I do," Roderic said with a warm smile.

"And do you Eileen Snape take Roderic Filch to be your lawful wedded husband?"

"I do," Eileen said with tears in her eyes.

"Then by the power invested in me, I declare you bonded for life." The tuft-haired wizard official pointed his wand high over the couple's heads as a shower of silver stars fell upon them, spiraling around their intertwined figures. The guests cheered as they rose to their feet to congratulate the couple as they shyly kissed before them.

The guests and family members surge forward to congratulate the newly married couple as the three Prince family members still remained seated. "She'll be happy won't she, grandfather?" Severus quietly asked.

"This time, I think so too," Reginald admitted as he drank in the sight of his smiling daughter as his heart nearly broke in two. "Well, we best be going now, we wouldn't want to outstay our welcome."

Rowan hesitated as she pulled on her grandfather's hand. "I still think we need to at least properly say our goodbyes," Rowan pleaded with her eyes. "Severus didn't get to say goodbye last time, please grandfather."

"Alright then," Reginald half-heartedly agreed after a long moment as the twins squeezed his hands in gratitude. Still holding hands, the three of them lined up at the end of the line to congratulate the bride and groom. It was more than half an hour before the guests were dispersed and the wedded couple reached the end of the line.

Now, Eileen Filch blinked in surprise and utter shock at seeing the three figures before her. Instantly her eyes flicker to the twin's pale faces as they held her father's hands. Eileen opens her mouth to speak, but she is unable to at seeing the cold, disappointed face of her father. "Congratulations, Eileen, may you truly be happy," Reginald quietly said as he released the twin's hands and reached into his pocket. Holding out a golden key in his hand, Reginald says, "Your dowry."

Eileen with trembling hands takes the key as Roderic stares with puzzlement at the two of them. Reginald nods at the groom and says, "Congratulations Mr. Filch, may you live long and well."

"Thank you, sir," Roderic said as he furrowed his brows while trying to recognize the invited guest.

Behind him, his older brother, Argus Filch's pale eyes bulge in recognition as his eyes flicker from the Reginald Prince to the twin Prince's and back to his brother's newly wedded wife. Argus Filch wisely decides to remain silent on the subject and tactfully looks away. This wasn't Hogwarts and Reginald Prince was never one to be trifled with.

Rowan unconsciously reaches for Severus's hand as she takes a step forward pulling her brother forward. For a moment, she studies the face of her anxious mother, before letting out a heartfelt sigh. "Mrs. Filch, please live well," Rowan said causing Eileen's face to twist with pain. Squeezing Severus's hand for comfort, Rowan lets go and takes a step back.

The air is heavy as Severus's ebony glistening eyes are filled with so many emotions. Finally, Severus croaks, "Please be happy," before stepping back to his grandfather's side.

"We shall take our leave now," Reginald said, before gently leading the twins away.

Eileen Filch's eyes are glued to the three figures until they are out of sight. From her side, her husband asks, "Did you know them?"

"Once upon a time," Eileen cowardly said, unable to speak the truth. She'd had already made her choice and it was much too late to change her mind now.

Leaning over, Roderic placed a gentle kiss on his wife's cheek. "Well, that was the last of them, let us go and join the party," Roderic warmly said.

"Mm," Eileen shyly answered as the two of them turned around and headed towards the other end of the tent. It was the start of a new beginning for the Filch couple. And only time would tell how their story would end.