A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 104

Volume 2 Chapter 104 Closure

Rodolphus traversed through the stark grounds until he emerged on the outskirts of the grounds at the edge of a nearby forest, before safely apparating away. With a small pop, he arrived at an old manor in the depths of a thickly forested area. Safe and under ancient protections, there are no sentries patrolling the grounds as he enters the manor without any disturbance.

Approaching the great hall, a loud wheezy giggle can be heard as two figures step out purposefully in his path. Newly graduated from Hogwarts, a pair of brother and sister stand before him. The stocky young woman with a wheezy giggle and sloping shoulders waved her stubby fingers at Rodolphus Lestrange. "Tsk, tsk, you've been a most naughty boy, Lestrange," Alecto Carrow taunted.

"I had a business matter to attend too," Rodolphus coldly responded.

The squat young man lets out a wheezy giggle much to like that of his sister. Already slightly hunched over with a pallid, doughy face, and tiny eyes, Amycus Carrow had too much of a pig-like face to ever be considered attractive to even be considered by a witch with the lowest of standards. "Well, this is our manor, and we ought to know everything that goes on. And that includes you, Lestrange!" Amycus sneered rather lopsidedly.

Rodolphus merely snorts at their feeble attempts to threaten him. "How utterly charming that a pair of squealing pigs have come to greet me. I find myself most honored by this most quaint display."

"PIGS!" They both squealed in indignation resembling too much that of a pig.

"You, you!" Alecto sputtered in outrage as she pointed at him with her stubby fingers.

Amycus pulls out his wand and says, "I shan't have you insult us in our own home, Lestrange!" Before Amycus can even utter a hex, Lestrange already has his wand out. "Mimble Wimble!" Rodolphus shouts, before pressing his wand under Alecto's neck.

Amycus tries to speak, but his tongue has been tied in a knot preventing him from speaking. Alecto trembles as Lestrange digs his wand into her throat and says, "The only reason I have not exacerbated either of you is that the Dark Lord finds you mildly useful. But do not presume to think that makes me tolerant of either of you."

Rodolphus removes his wand from Alecto's neck and turns to walk past them. "The Dark Lord only needs one of you alive to make use of this manor," Rodolphus pointedly added causing the pair of siblings to pale and tremble with outrage. Rodolphus leaves the foolish, bumbling pair of brother and sister in the hallway before carefully knocking and entering the great hall.

Alone and seated on a throne-like seat, the figure of a man with deathly pale skin and sharp cheekbones can be seen. His pale skin as even paler than before as his face had begun to blur even from his dark arts. His once shoulder-length dark hair was now to his chin much thinner than before. While the pupil of his eyes seemed more oval than round as if they began to elongate.

His crimson eyes stare at Lestrange as Lord Voldemort says, "I hope you come bearing good news, Lestrange. I have not heard good news as of late nor has the bait been taken. I grow weary of waiting for the trap to be sprung."

Lestrange kneels before him and says, "Indeed Milord. I have avenged myself upon Cygnus Black. He is now dead."

"Excellent," Lord Voldemort said as he rose to his feet. "You have always been one of my most loyal followers, Lestrange. You shall be rewarded for your efforts."

"Thank you, Dark Lord, I am honored beyond belief," Rodolphus replied as Lord Voldemort approached him.

"Arise," Lord Voldemort graciously said.

"Thank you, Milord," Rodolphus murmured as he rose to his feet.

"I have a task for you, Lestrange," Lord Voldemort said as he strides to stand before a grand window overlooking the dark forest.

"Anything, Milord," Rodolphus obediently answered.

"You have always been my eyes and ears, Lestrange. And the faith of many has been tested and found lacking, they are foolish sheep that have begun to be pulled away by an errant dog."

"There will always be the ignorant masses that are led astray, Dark Lord."

"Yes, indeed, but there is a need to have them pulled into line."

"Perhaps a demonstration, Milord?"

"One that will not be easily forgotten. The ignorant need to be taught the error of their ways."

Rodolphus tactfully asks, "And who is to be made an example?"

"Abraxas Malfoy," Lord Voldemort icily ordered.

Rodolphus almost chokes and stiffly says, "Abraxas Malfoy holds great power-. He shan't be easy to attack much less approach."

Lord Voldemort instantly turns his ruby eyes onto Lestrange. Rodolphus bows his head in apology, "But it shall be done."

"Of that, I do not doubt," Lord Voldemort ominously promised.

"Thank you for the honor, Dark Lord. May I take my leave?" Rodolphus asked.

Lord Voldemort dismisses him with a wave of his hand as Rodolphus bows out, before leaving through the grand doors. The doors slam shut behind him as Rodolphus makes his way through the manor to his younger brother's room. Only a few years younger than Bellatrix, the same age as the disowned, former Andromeda Black.

Before Rodolphus can arrive, he sees his younger brother being slammed into the wall. Rodolphus pulls out his wand and steps before his brother. Thin and agitated as usual, Rabastan Lestrange hides his face in his brother's robes. Rodolphus growls, "Antonin Dolohov, I should have known."

"I was merely playing around, Lestrange," smirked, the dark-haired, broad-shouldered man. "But it appears your younger brother is much too fragile to be of much entertainment."

Rodolphus narrows his eyes and sneers. "I thought that's what muggles and mudblood's were for."

"Yes, but I do hate to be a dull boy," Antonin lazily rolled his wand his palm. "And we have been strictly ordered to lie low by our glorious Dark Lord. But it would be such a waste for my skills to grow wane and dull. We can't have that, now can we?"

"No, I suppose not," Rodolphus said in agreement as he slowly lowered his wand. "But there are more than other ample choices such as the Carrow's. They are quite vexing, to say the least."

Antonin threw his dark head back in laughter. "I thought for sure you would try to discourage me, Lestrange, not goad me on."

Rodolphus smiles thinly back. "As long as it is an appropriate target I certainly do not mind."

Antonin eyes the tall, thickset man before him. Dark-haired, somewhat attractive, Rodolphus Lestrange was not a wizard to be trifled since the death of his wife. It was as though the soft edges that had existed before had been scr.a.p.ed off and all that was left were razor jagged edges.

"I shall consider taking your words under advice," Antonin finally concluded without making any promises. Smirking Antonin nods his head at Rabastan Lestrange, before striding out of the hallway.

Making sure, Antonin is out of sight, Rodolphus finally reaches down to aide his younger brother to his feet. "What were you thinking?" Rodolphus softly hissed. "Did I not warn you to stay in your room as Dolohov was to be about?"

Rabastan's sleek dark hair covers part of his face as Rabastan apologetically says, "I'm sorry, but I just wanted to walk around for a bit. I'm sick and tired of being cooped up in my room. There's nothing for me to do and you've been busy doing the Dark Lord's work."

Rodolphus frowns and hides his reservations. "Rabastan, your time will come. Just be patient."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Rabastan says, "I'm tired of waiting! I want to be of use, brother."

"This is neither the time nor the place for this conversation," Rodolphus hissed. "Now keep your voice down!"

"Please brother!" Rabastan protested. "I know the Dark Lord gave you a mission. Please let me aid you."

Rodolphus's hardens his heart against his brother's plea. "Rabastan Lestrange, you are of no use to me."

Rabastan's face twists with emotions as he angrily says, "I understand!" Before dashing into his bedroom and slamming the door behind him.

Rodolphus stills the urge to knock on his brother's door and instead turns away. He had enough on his plate right now than to pacify his younger brother. Striding away, Rodolphus is lost in his own thoughts that he fails to see the shadow in the corridor slip away.