A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 118

Volume 2 Chapter 118 118 Ghoul Studies

Potions would have been relatively uneventful if not for the cold war going on between Rowan, Severus and her friends and that of Sirius. Needless to say, it had been rather awkward in particularly for Pettigrew, who suddenly found himself on the other side of the fence with Lupin. And it's quite difficult to brew properly when one is distracted. As a result, Pettigrew caused his cauldron to explode and was sent to the infirmary with dozens of blisters.

After lunch, Charms went by much better as Professor Flitwick had begun teaching them a new charm. With a sigh of relief, the Slytherins gathered their things as Terry said, "Well, that's finally it for the day. I'm going to go and fly for a bit for fun. Coming, Sev?"

"Mm, Grandpa bought me a Silver Comet, I'd like to fly around for some fun too," Severus happily said in agreement. Silvia sighed sadly in envy as she knew she had music next with Bethanie and Tiffany. Keeping a firm grip on Silvia lest she skips the next class, Bethanie dragged the reluctant figure behind her all the while, Tiffany snickered behind them.

"Well, I'll see you both for dinner," Rowan said as she grabbed her things and headed off to Ghoul Studies leaving the two boys excitedly discussing their flying route.

Heading down to Serpentine corridor on the same floor, Rowan pauses as she finds a group of 5th-year girls pointing at her. Frowning she ignored the older girls as the leader a slightly plump girl with a sulky expression loudly says, "Well, I heard that Sirius Black and Rowan Prince had a lover's spat."

Refraining from rolling her eyes, Rowan sighs as the girl's face pops into her mind, Bertha Jorkins, a nosy gossip girl that would one day work at the prophet and ultimately be killed by Riddle. Raising an eyebrow, Rowan says, "Bertha Jorkins, I thought Ravenclaws were all about getting their facts straight. It would seem that you're not very knowledgeable, to say the least."

The 5th year girls behind Bertha burst into laughter as Bertha flushes with furry. "You just wait, Rowan Prince! The Hogwarts News will expose you!" Bertha Jorkins shrieked before marching off with the snickering girls trailing behind her.

Sighing, Rowan curses her luck to almost run into a tiny wispy looking witch, Malfada Hopkirk, a stickler for rules and future Commander-in-Chief of the Improper Use of Magic Office. "Watch were you're going!" Malfada snapped.

Rowan gaped at finding herself taller than the 7th year witch. Too much in shock, Rowan faintly says, "Sorry." Sniffing Malfada marched away with her head held high leaving Rowan still blinking dumbly for a moment. Shaking her head, Rowan snapped out of it and hurried on her way lest she bumps into any other unpleasant individuals.

The classroom is largely empty except for five Ravenclaws and two Gryffindor boys. Rowan takes a seat a bit of a distance away as she pulls out her school supplies and textbook, The Treatise on Ghouls, Ghosts and Poltergeists by Sebastian Strange. Before she is finished, someone takes a seat next to her as she glances up in surprise the smiling blond figure of Pandora Ravine. "I hope you don't mind," Pandora said as she began to pull out her own supplies.

"Not at all," Rowan honestly replied. "It's nice to see at least one familiar face, but you didn't have too."

"It's okay, I don't much like the other Ravenclaws," Pandora impishly said as she turned around and glared at the staring Ravenclaws. Before turning back around and chattering about their shared Goblin class.

"I hope that you are all ready to learn," a cheerful booming voice said causing them all turn to face the figure in the doorway, Professor Kettleburn. As usual, his gray hair is messily stuck up like a bird's nest. His rugged brown eyes are full of his energy with a glistening, pearly white smile quite the contrast against his rugged, rough tanned skin. Slightly limping on his wooden right peg leg, he carries a stack of photographs in his enchanted silver hand.

"Yes, Professor," the nine students chimed.

"Good, good," Professor Kettleburn said as he placed the stack of his photographs on the teacher's desk. Glancing around, Professor Kettleburn seems quite pleased as he says, "Well, it looks like there are more of us this year than last year. Now, then shall we get started?"

They all nod their heads in response as Professor Kettleburn starts. "Now who can tell me what a ghoul is?" Instantly Pandora's hand goes up in the air as the rest don't raise their hands. Ghouls, ghosts, and poltergeists generally were not to be studied at Hogwarts until about their fifth year in the general curriculum.

Professor Kettleburn points at Pandora and she answered, "A ghoul is a magical creature that resembles a slimy, buck-toothed ogre, and generally speaking resides in attics and barns, surviving on spiders and moths. It tends to m.o.a.n and occasional throw objects in haunting it is essentially simple-minded. If it not it can be removed by the Ghoul Task Force."

"Ten points to Ravenclaw!" Professor Kettleburn said in approval. "And though a Ghoul is generally non-violent it can evolve into a murderous form, which is why a Ghoul Task Force still exists. Not only to prevent muggles from inheriting them but to protect an unsuspecting wizard or witch. Now, who can tell me, what a poltergeist is excluding Miss Ravine?"

Pandora wilts a little as a Gryffindor's hand instantly shoots up. "Yes, Mr. Vespucci."

The dark-eyed boy with light-colored hair flashes Professor Kettleburn a pleased smile making his attractive Italian face that much more appealing. "A poltergeist unlike a ghost, who once was a former witch or wizard, a poltergeist is a non-human spiritual apparition that came into existence from a collection of emotions or belief. Sprits of chaos, tend to be rather mischievous much like our own Peeves.

And though strictly speaking, a Poltergeist does not have a corporal body it possesses the capabilities to some extent. They are able to move things, to feel pain, and are even subjected to some spells. Though we still don't know why given the fact that they are not physically in existence."

"Excellent response," Professor Kettleburn said, before asking the last question. "And who can tell me, what a ghost is?"

Instantly the rest of the Ravenclaws hands go up as Professor Kettleburn points to a shaggy-haired witch with large wire-rimmed spectacles. "Yes, Miss Cabot?"

The shaggy-haired witch solemnly answers, "A ghost is an imprint left behind by a once-living witch or wizard. Unlike apparitions, they are not solid nor can move things but do leave an ectoplasm secrete overtime in a frequented area. Their presence is still felt as icy cold by muggles and wizards alike. And though unable to touch, they can create disturbances in the natural elements, such as flames burning brightly blue and so forth.

However, most importantly a ghost still retains all its past memories and knowledge of when he/she still lived. But unlike the living, a ghost can no longer feel joy or the simple pleasures of existence. A ghost is more like that of a living portrait of said witch or wizard. And like a living portrait, a ghost no more knows the secrets of death than we do."

Professor Kettleburn happily beams as he places his hands on his h.i.p.s. "I am glad to see such enthusiasm this year. Now, let us, by viewing some famous examples," Professor Kettleburn turned around to grab a handful of photographs.

In quite interesting terms, Professor Kettleburn begins to show the captured photographed images of famous Ghouls, Poltergeists, and Ghosts. The entire class fiercely jots down notes including Rowan. Having understood that her soul research was lacking in a firm foundation, she had signed up to gain more of the basics. It was like trying to run before even knowing how to walk. But more importantly, it might also give her an entirely new perspective on Horcruxes.