A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 120

Volume 2 Chapter 120 120 Try Outs

The following week went by rather quickly if not for the fact that Quidditch try-outs were that weekend. Scheduled first up on Saturday morning was Gryffindor, while the afternoon was for the Hufflepuff's. And on Sunday morning, first up was Ravenclaw, while the Slytherin's was later that afternoon.

The Quidditch try-outs were all that the boys seemed to be talking about along with that of the girls. Boys and girls were excited to try out, while friends and house members were excited to go and watch the tryouts to cheer friends on. Either way, Rowan didn't much care except for being annoyed by all the hullaballoo.

However, it was to no avail, early Saturday Morning, Rowan was dragged out of bed by Silvia, Tiffany, and even the traitor, Bethanie. "Wait, where are we going at his hour?" Rowan sleepily said as she dressed and stumbled out of the Slytherin quarters. "It's not even time for breakfast!"

"Gryffindor try-outs are being held at this hour," Silvia said with glee.

"But we're not even in Gryffindor!" Rowan protested to no avail.

"But we have to check out the competition," Silvia solemnly responded causing Rowan to turn around and try to head back. The three girls, however, grabbed Rowan by the arms and dragged her onto the grassy lawns. The lawn was covered in dew as there was a faint mist hanging over the Forbidden forest in the distance.

The stands were filled with friends and house members present to cheer. Rowan instantly paled at spotting the already seated figures of Terry, Severus, and Regulus. Groaning, Rowan is dragged up the stands where they're sitting. "You're late," Severus grumbled.

"Why are we even here?" Rowan said in exasperation as she was forced to take a seat by Tiffany and Silvia.

"We're here to cheer for James of course," a familiar red-headed girl's voice said from behind her.

Craning her neck, Rowan turned around to see the rest of the marauders and Lily sitting down behind them. "I don't suppose there is any chance I can skip this friendship bonding experience?" Rowan pleaded.

"NO!" Everyone said as Rowan sullenly slumped into her seat.

Leaning over Lupin sympathetically says, "If it's any consolation, I did try to talk them out of this."

"Well, at least you tried," Rowan sadly said as Sirius reached for a basket from under his seat.

"I stopped by the kitchens this morning," Sirius quickly said he handed out muffins to Rowan and the rest of them. Rowan slightly cheered up at the prospect of food, but not by very much.

"Oh, look they're coming out!" Lily excitedly said as she pointed to the far end of the field, where the Gryffindor team in scarlet robes was being led by this year's Prefect and Quidditch captain, Frank Longbottom. More than a few girls giggle and squeal at spotting the newly appointed handsome, quidditch captain. However, their squeals are drowned out by the cheers of the rest of the fans.

The Quidditch team is followed by a line of about ten individuals seeking to try out. At the back of the line was the smallest figure, a second-year boy with a wild mop of hair, James Potter. James waves up at them having spotted them as everyone waves back except for Rowan.

Waving his wand to gain their attention, Prefect and Quidditch Captain Frank Longbottom stands imposingly before them. Flashing an attractive grin more than a few girls seem to slump down with their hearts aflutter. Even Silvia is heard appreciatively saying, "Not bad."

With the stands now quiet, Frank Longbottom can be heard saying, "Thank you all for coming, we appreciate all of your support." Cheers fill the stands anew as Rowan stifles the urge to plug her fingers into her ears.

Gesturing for the crowd to quiet down, the crowd quickly does so as Frank Longbottom says, "We've lost a chaser and a keeper. If you're here seeking any other position, I'm afraid that's out of the question until next year." More than a few laughed at that as they sit back to watch.

Frank turns back towards those trying out and says, "Those trying out for chaser, please step out." An older boy and girl step out including James Potter. "Well, it looks like the rest are trying out for Keeper, that's good because we need all the help we can get."

Turning to gaze at his prospective recruits, Frank says, "We'll have each of you fly and attempt to score with our chasers on the team. If you can successfully pass and score within a five-minute timeframe without being knocked out by our beaters, the position is yours." Though it sounded relatively easy it wasn't. Much like any other sport, it takes time to successfully coordinate with another team member. But ignoring the beaters and other factors, it was much more nerve-wracking to by trying out before friends and housemates.

Rowan yawns as the 3rd year boy fly's up, and is immediately passed the quaffle as the beaters swing their bats sending the bludgers straight at him. The 3rd year boy panics and tries to fly away with the quaffle and is immediately knocked out of the air flat out onto his back. The crowd winces as Rowan immediately feels much more cheerful than before.

The 3rd year boy had the wind knocked out of him. And ignoring the bruises he was mostly alright. The 3rd year boy was led off limping off the lawn as the 4th year girl went up. The 4th year girl did much better as she successfully passed the quaffle along but failed to score within the five-minute time frame.

The last one up was the shortest out of them all, James Potter. Flashing a confident grin, James climbed onto his broom as they all said, "You can do it, James!" Rowan wasn't one to cheer James on as she knew for a fact, he'd get the spot.

Severus gently nudged her with his elbow and said, "You can at least wish him luck, Rowan."

"I'm not going too," Rowan flatly said. "He's going to get the position."

"Huh, you sure have a funny way of showing your faith, Rowan," Terry commented having overhead Rowan's response. Rowan doesn't reply as she tries not to wince at the shouts of the marauders and others cheering out loud for James.

Much to everyone's delight, not only was James quick and light on his broom. But clever as he managed to make the winning score past the keeper for the tryout. Everyone cheers wildly as James glides to a stop on the lawn and subconsciously runs his fingers through his hair. Rowan snorts at the trademark action as the crowd chants James's name.

Beaming Frank says, "You're certainly talented, Potter. You've got the position; we'll see you for training on Monday."

"Yes, sir!" James shouted thrilled at having gotten on the team on his first try while being a second year." James quickly takes a seat on the bench as Frank moves to explain to the keepers, what their job is.

Sirius sighs and says, "That could have been me."

"If not for your big fat mouth," Tiffany cryptically said earning her a swift glare. Tiffany merely sticks out her tongue and returns to watching the field as Bethanie sighs at her antics.

Lupin and Pettigrew pat Sirius on the back as Lupin says, "There's always next year, Sirius."

"We all can try out next year," Pettigrew consoled and then paused. "Except for Remy, I guess."

Lupin shrugs as he knew he couldn't very well try out due to his condition. "It's alright, Pete. You and Sirius can try out to be beaters or a chaser."

"But what if I want to be a seeker?" Pettigrew protested amid snickers.

"Well, Longbottom's the seeker," Lupin calmly pointed out. "He'll only be a sixth-year next year, so he's still got two more years after this." Pettigrew sighed but didn't make another comment on the subject.

"What about all of you?" Sirius asked as Lily motioned at him to shush.

Terry shudders and says, "Though I like to fly, I heard that the training is grueling. No thanks."


Severus also shook his head. "I'll be taking goblin next year plus we'll have two more required courses. I don't think I'll be able to handle the coursework otherwise."

Sirius turns with hopeful eyes to Silvia, who regretfully says, "Mother said that if I even attempted to try out, I'll be stuck all summer taking lady courses such as flower arranging."

Sirius didn't even try to ask Rowan or the other two girls as he already knew their responses were a firm, no. However, to his delight, he hears an unexpected reply, "Well, Terry lent me his broom yesterday and Professor Slughorn saw me flying. I thought for sure I'd get in trouble, but he said I've got a natural talent. He said, if that I try out next year, I'm sure to get the seeker position."

Sirius gawks at the beaming proud figure of his younger brother, Regulus. "But that means we'll be on opposite teams," Sirius faltered.

"Good, now you can't complain that I cheat," Regulus arrogantly said.

"Slytherins always cheat," Sirius growled back earning him a dark look from his friends.

"Maybe, but that's only if we get caught," Regulus smirked with a flashing wolfish grin.

Sirius chokes as Regulus turns back to watch the game. Severus merely sighs and says, "Siblings, I tell you." The rest of those with siblings nod their heads as those without any only blink unable to respond.

Unable to take it anymore, Rowan rises to her feet and says, "Well, I'm hungry, I'm going!"

"Wait, aren't you going to watch the rest of the tryouts?" Sirius called out.

"NO!" Rowan said over her shoulder as she made her way past them and stomped down the stands.

"Girls, what can I say," Terry said with a shrug, earning himself a handful of glares and a sharp jab to his ribcage from Silvia.

"When will you learn to keep your mouth shut, Terry Greengrass?" Tiffany huffed. "It's such a shame to given that you're cute. You'd be a lot more popular otherwise."

"I am popular!" Terry protested earning skeptical looks from the girls.

Even Bethanie adds fuel to the flames. "Terry, you're only popular as long as you don't open your fat mouth. The moment you speak any feelings of charm or natural affection utterly vanish."

Terry seems utterly in shock as Sirius and the rest of the marauders pat his back in comfort. Severus merely snorts and stealthily peeks at Lily, before returning to watch the field. As long as Lily was around, he much didn't care as long as they left them alone.