A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 121

Volume 2 Chapter 121 121 Notetaking

It took about another two weeks for Rowan to finally adapt to her schedule and find time to continue her research. As of right now, she meditated for at least half of the night and woke early to fit in another hour, all the while creating her mindscape. During any free time in the day, she'd actually be studying goblin or the ghoul course. In the afternoons, she'd catch up on homework and in Professor Binns's class, she'd take a quick nap and finish any homework that she needed to.

Until the following summer, Rowan had postponed any actual soul research excluding her ghoul class. It wouldn't do well for a professor or Dumbledore to come across any of those rare and somewhat questionable volumes. No, she'd be returning to the library for an hour or so every other day to continue her previous research on the Slug Club.

The stern librarian Madam Pince greets Rowan in pleasure at seeing one of her favorite patrons. Rowan nods her head back and wanders over to her corner in the library. To her surprise, she actually finds Lupin, Sirius, and Pettigrew all taking notes in continuation of their own research. Feeling somewhat impressed, Rowan mutters, "Well, this is a surprise," before taking a seat in her usual chair.

Sirius glances up and blinks with surprise and joy, before faltering. "I thought you were still a bit mad after all."

"Hardly," Rowan said with a roll of her eyes as she took her things out of her bag. "I've just had a bit of a hard time adjusting with my two added school courses."

Lupin winces and whispers, "Lily is quite hoarse all the time as are all those taking the goblin course. Apparently, it's killer on the vocal cords."

"Yes, it's quite difficult," Rowan honestly said as she pulled out her thick research journal. "But Severus seems to have quite the knack for it."

"Weird," Pettigrew muttered and then flushed at noticing he'd spoken his thoughts out loud.

Seeing Rowan's hard gaze, Pettigrew reluctantly adds, "I mean, you're really good at academics Rowan."

"I'm far from being perfect nor am I a genius," Rowan bluntly stated. "I merely have excellent memorization and study skills." Seeing the amused faces of Sirius and Lupin, Pettigrew merely snorts and returns to his current notetaking.

Glancing about Rowan pauses to make sure Madame Pince isn't approaching as they had been a bit loud. In a much more hushed voice, Rowan says, "And where's James?"

"Quidditch practice," the three boys said in unison, before wincing as they listened for sharp booted footsteps. They'd been reprimanded one too many times by Madame Pince.

"Well hopefully that will keep James out of trouble," Rowan thought to herself. "But I doubt it, he and the rest of the marauders have got double the energy of that of a rabbit." Failing to reply, the three boys took their cues from her and returned to their own notes.

Glancing at the names on the list, Rowan carefully removes the copied sheets filled with the numbers from the found notebook. Looking over at names and dates, she starts from the top and goes one by one trying to find some sort of common factor. By the end of two hours, she still hadn't made much progress, but she'd at least counterchecked twenty names on the list with no success.

"It looks like it's time for dinner," Sirius happily said as she glanced over at Rowan. "Coming?"

"Yes," Rowan said as she gathered her things.

"Excellent!" Sirius beamed as he and the other two boys did the same.

Having gathered everything, the four of them set out of the library as Rowan nods her head at Madame Pince, who merely sniffs at their departing backs. Out of earshot in the corridor, Pettigrew huffs and says, "Ug! We're never going to find anything useful."

"Oh, are you still studying werewolves? Why the fascination?" Rowan innocently inquired despite already knowing the answer.

Sirius elbows Pettigrew in the back, who winces as Lupin steps in. "It's a fascinating study, but there aren't many writers on the subject. So, we're trying to see if maybe we could write one in the future."

Rowan merely arches her eyebrow but does not call Lupin out on his lie. "Anywho, how have your classes been with Professor Adric?"

The three boys share glances as Pettigrew shivers and said, "He gives me the creeps."

"Same," Sirius said with a sneer. "He's a pureblood creep."

"I'd think for sure you all would be excited as he allows us to duel in class," Rowan commented as they descended down the stairs.

"We would be if he wasn't such a pureblood manic," Sirius snarled. "He mostly picks on the muggleborn or takes off points for some action he deems inappropriate."

Sirius paused and glanced over at Rowan. "Reggie says, that neither do any of you. Apparently, he's taken quite the liking to you and Severus."

Rowan presses her lips together in a thin line. "Rather he is taking too much of an unhealthy interest in the two of us. And is that seriously, Regulus's nickname?"

"Yes, that's his nickname," Sirius solemnly said as Lupin and Pettigrew try to hide their laughter. Rowan rolls her eyes and doesn't call him out on his own sweet nickname.

The four of them emerge in the entrance hall right across from the Great Hall when Pettigrew stumbled into someone. "Hey watch-," Pettigrew feebly dies down as he sees the lean figure standing before him.

"Sorry Professor!" Pettigrew stammered in apology.

Professor Adric lips curl back to a barely held back sneer. "Ten points from Gryffindors!" Before turning his sharp gaze onto the rest of them, before coming to a stop on Rowan. "I would suggest that you be more selective about your acquaintances, Miss Prince."

"I shall take that under consideration, Professor," Rowan deliberately in a monotone voice replied.

"See that you do, Miss Prince," Professor Adric eyes narrowed dangerously. "I'd hate for the Prince's to further sully themselves with such inferiority." Not waiting for a response, Professor Adric darts down the hall and vanishes from view.

Safely waiting until he's utter earshot, Sirius hisses, "Who does he think he is that, bully?!"

"Our Professor," Rowan drily said as she headed into the Great Hall to eat. Still murmuring under his breath, Lupin and Pettigrew followed as they dragged Sirius over to the Gryffindor table.

Taking a seat, Rowan blinks in surprise at seeing the girls missing. Glancing about Terry says, "They said they had something to talk about or whatnot. It's probably to talk about boys."

"Not everything revolves around a silly old crush," Severus sniffed as he took a bite of his vegetable quiche.

"Like you're one to talk," Terry mumbled back with a mouthful of food. Severus flushes as Rowan merely rolls her eyes and sits down to eat.

Ignoring the bickering of Terry and Severus, Rowan eats as she wonders just what the girls are up too. By the time she was done, Terry and Severus were still arguing as Regulus arrived, while Rowan stood up to leave. She merely patted Regulus on the shoulder and whispered, "Good luck," before abandoning Regulus to his sad fate.