A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 126

Volume 2 Chapter 126 126 Cousin

Professor Adric furrows his brow as he tries to ignore the missive in his pocket from his cousin that seemed to be burning a hole through his pants. "Potter! Ten points from Gryffindor!" Professor Adric tiredly snapped at the Gryffindor's antics. The dark-haired boy in typical fashion sullenly turns away as his pesky group of friends whispers in hushed voices.

"Now, I understand you are all excited in regard to the upcoming festivities, but that is no excuse!" Professor Adric hissed as his sharp eyes glanced at the clock at the wall that still had twenty minutes remaining. "I want all of you to finish up your reports on your partner's spell work!"

The Gryffindors quickly rush over to the desks that neatly arrange themselves back into rows and take a seat. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Professor Adric took a seat at his desk as he recalled his cousin requesting his presence later that evening. Lips twitching in disdain, Professor Adric rose to his feet and walked over to observe the now stiff Gryffindor's hard at work.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Professor Adric sees a note on Potter's parchment that reads, "So yes to the Deathday?"

Rushing over Professor Adric says, "Your parchment, Mr. Potter!" Holding out his hand, the dark-haired boy presses his lips together and unhappily hands over the parchment. Professor Adric finds that there is nothing writing on the parchment but the requested notes.

"Here Mr. Potter!" Shoved the note back into the boy's hand. "A most terrible chicken scratch, write it again!" Professor Adric snarled at having failed to find proof of the boy's plans.

Glancing up at the time Professor Adric finds with dismay that the time is up. "Pick up your things and get out. Class is over!" Professor Adric snapped as he stormed out of the classroom leaving some rather relived Gryffindor's behind.

Rushing to his chambers, Professor Adric ignores the startled glances as he only pauses to grab his cloak, before storming off the grounds. Finally, long past the gates, he reaches the boundary lines and apparated away.

The skies were gray as Adric apparated in the shadows of London. Quickly making his way through the crowd, he slips into an empty alleyway that led to a hidden door. Taping on the door thrice in a circle, the door unlocked as he slipped into a tunnel that led out to the edge of town. There in the distance were grim colored magical shops as well as that of a pub by the name of Monarch.

With his hood pulled on high to cover his face, Professor Adric stepped into the seedy pub as he gestured to the bartender with one hand holding up his cousin's letter with the broken seal at the back. The lean bartender motions at him to head into the back as Professor Adric curls his lips and makes his way to the back of the pub. It does not go unnoticed that two rather butch wizards follow him into the back.

At the back, an old weathered man with neatly cut white hair shuffles a pack of enchanted poker cards. "You play cousin?" Sanderson asked without glancing up.

"No, I don't believe in betting on any unknown odds," Professor Adric said as he took a seat and slightly pushed his hood back to reveal his sharp-featured face.

"I thought so," Sanderson apologetically said as he slid the cards into a neat stack.

Glancing up with his wolf-like eyes, Sanderson's lips twitch into a wolfish smile. "And how goes the teaching cousin? Are the children still dunderheads or have they gone onto a higher path?"

Professor Adric snorts in derision at his cousin's futile attempt to bait him. "I read your letter," Professor Adric said as he threw the letter onto the table. "And it says, nothing, but the meeting time. My time is precious as you said cousin, let us cease with the flattery, and talk."

"I have a riddle so to speak," Sanderson carefully said. "I was told to follow the snakes and you are the only snake that I know."

"Haha, very funny cousin," Professor Adric said through gritted teeth. "If anyone is a snake, it would be yourself."

"I meant no offense, cousin," Sanderson somewhat sincerely said.

"I was told to follow the snakes-." Leaning forward, Sanderson rested his elbows on the edge of the table. "Exactly, what are the purebloods up to dear cousin?"

"Nothing," Professor Adric honestly replied. "There was something in motion before but that quickly fell apart. As of right now, things are silent on all fronts."

Sanderson slowly nodded his head in thought, before saying, "And what of at the school?"

"The school?" Professor Adric scoffed. "There is nothing wrong with the school."

"Ah, but there once was," Sanderson said as he held out his hand to hush his cousin's protest. "I remember the half-giant boy, a third-year boy thrown out for raising a creature that killed a girl."

"Yes, I've heard the unfounded rumors as well," Professor Adric interrupted. "But it must have been nonsense as that large brute is the present groundkeeper."

"No, you and I both know what that sounds like, my dear cousin," Sanderson said with a dark gleam in his eye. "It was a cunning trap set to cover the crime of the true culprit."

Leaning back into his seat, Sanderson said, "Cousin, I believe there is more to the tale than that is being told. And since I was asked to follow the snakes, where better than to the home of Salazar Slytherin?"

Rubbing his chin in thought, Professor Adric mutters, "Yes, there does seem to be something more to the story."

Glancing up Professor Adric narrows his eyes at his cousin. "If I do as you request and look into this little curiosity of yours, I will be left alone cousin? I won't be dragged around by the tail again!"

"Consider all favors owed forgiven," Sanderson claimed as he held up his hands up to show his sincerity.

"Very well, I shall send word, cousin, once I've found out more," Professor Adric snapped, before turning to rush out of the pub.

But before he could the voice of Sanderson said from behind him, "And cousin, take care. When following snakes, one tends to get bitten."

Professor Adric snorted as he departed from the pub as Sanderson watched him go. "Boss, ye want us to have a word with him?" Threatened, the large foreheaded wizard that is known as Hyde. At his side, Floyd also flexes his muscles as his beady eyes narrow into dangerous squints.

"He's family," Sanderson dismissively said with a wave of his wand. The two wizards reluctantly grunt and returned to their guarding of the pub as before. And so, just like that Sanderson returned to shuffling his cards as before. But his time, there was a certain energy that hadn't been there before.