A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 128

Volume 2 Chapter 128 128 Deathday Party

"Bloody Baron, sir, I am in desperate need of your assistance," Rowan breathlessly said.

The Bloody Baron raised his infinite gaze causing the hairs on the back of Rowan's neck to stick up. "What is wanted, child?" The Bloody Baron spoke in a voice that filled her with utter dread.

"Can you please vouch for my being here?" Rowan asked.

"Yes, that is not a lie," the Bloody Baron icily declared.

They were not able to speak anymore as Professor Adric burst onto the scene with his wand held high. The ghosts paid him no mind as they continued their dancing and conversations. Sharp eyes scanning about they quickly come to rest on the single living occupant in the room, Rowan Prince. A cold sneer appears on his face as he approaches but still stops a short way's a way of giving the Bloody Baron a wide berth.

"Miss Prince, just why are you not in the Great Hall?" Professor Adric deliberately said waiting to catch her in a lie.

"I was invited, Professor," Rowan firmly replied. As it was true, Severus had invited her.

"To this mockery?" Professor Adric said not noticing that the ghosts had quieted down and were listening in.

The air suddenly becomes freezing as their very breaths could be seen. Trying not to shiver, Rowan says, "It's Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington's Deathday, Professor Adric. It is an honor for the living to be invited and allowed to participate in such an event."

Professor Adric presses his lips together in irritation, but he is not an utter fool. Even he knows better than to anger a ghost. "I see, well, I must confirm for myself that is the case," Professor Adric said, before turning towards the Bloody Baron.

"Bloody Baron is it true that Miss Prince was the only invitee? I find it highly unlikely as her twin brother and friend were missing as well as a number of Gryffindor's."

"I cannot vouch for any others only Miss Prince," the Bloody Baron icily answered.

Professor Adric's lips curl in displeasure as he says, "Well, no matter, Miss Prince. You are still not in attendance of where you should be, minus 15 points from Slytherin and a week's worth of detention with the caretaker."

"Yes, Professor," Rowan thinly said silently giving him the bird behind her back.

"Now off to the Slytherin quarters, now!" Professor Adric barked.

"Yes, Professor," Rowan mumbled as she turned to leave to only flinch at finding the Bloody Baron floating at her side.

"I will see to it that the child arrives safely," the Bloody Baron matter-of-factly stated leaving no room for argument. Professor Adric is unable to protest as the Bloody Baron menacingly turns his gaze towards him. Unable to even speak, Professor Adric is the first to turn away as the Bloody Baron leads the way.

Some distance away well out of earshot, Rowan says, "Thank you, sir."

"For cunning little snakes, I do not mind at all," the Bloody Baron hoarsely said.

Rowan wryly nodded her head and said, "Either way, I'm most grateful, sir." The Bloody Baron doesn't answer as he leads her the rest of the way in silence to the Slytherin quarters. The Bloody Baron hovered next other until she went inside, before vanishing through a wall.

Sighing, Rowan suddenly finds five impatient faces waiting for her. "What were you thinking?! "Are you alright?!" "Did you get in trouble?" "What happened to Lily?!" "Was it any fun?"

"Enough, one question at a time!" Rowan said as they all quieted down. "First off, I'm fine except I lost the house fifteen points, which I consider acceptable given the fact what would have happened if Severus and Terry had been caught. Secondly, I also have a week's worth of detentions with Filch. And thirdly, I'm hungry where are my snacks?"

"Only you would think of your snacks at this time," Silvia drily said as pushed a pumpkin lantern stuffed with sweets to the brim across the table.

"But what about Lily?" Severus asked again earning him a dark glare from the girls and an exasperated sigh from Terry.

"Lily and the rest of the idiots are fine. I led Professor Adric away, so they got off scot-free," Rowan mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate.

Severus sighs as Bethanie smacks him on the head. "Severus Prince, you should be more grateful that Rowan went and got you! But instead, the first thing you do is ask about Lily. What is wrong with you!" Bethanie shrieked as Severus wilts slightly as he rubs the aching back of his head.

"Well, I for one am very grateful and as such, Rowan will be getting a nice gift for Yule," Terry truthfully said as Bethanie nodded in approval.

Seeing Bethanie's fierce gaze, Severus rather sheepishly says, "Thanks for coming to get me, Rowan."

Rowan merely reaches over and gently tousles his hair, before saying, "Idiot, you're supposed to be cunning, not stupid."

Severus flushes as Terry proudly says, "Well, I was cunning as I got something out of this deal."

Pausing Terry ominously added, "And I mean it, Severus, not one peep on the subject for the rest of the school year."

"Fine," Severus grudgingly promised.

"Good, now that's over how about telling some scary stories?" Tiffany brightly suggested as everyone perked up except for Severus who paled rather dreadfully. With everyone taking a seat on couches in a circle. The empty room suddenly felt a little larger and darker as the flickering flames cast shadows all over the common room.

"Sorry, I've been curious for a while, but exactly what are scary stories for witches and wizards? I mean for muggles its always ghosts stories...But in this case are muggles, the terrifying ghosts?" Rowan carefully asked.

"Mm, partially, but the rest are about strange unexplainable things," Tiffany proudly said as the rest nodded.

"Well, how about I go first?" Tiffany offered as the rest curled up to listen as she began to tell the tale about a witch who fell in love with a muggle man.

"All was well until the day the man discovered she was a witch. But rather than becoming angry as most muggles the husband was thrilled. The witch was thrilled as they were happy for a time until strange things begin to occur," Tiffany dramatically paused as they all leaned forward to listen.

"Strange crop circles would be found in the fields as though burned by fire, but the fire did not spread. The witch put the incident out of mind as she thought it was another witch or wizard playing tricks. This continued even when hoofmarks were found on the ground leading to the barn. These strange little occurrences kept adding up as the chickens began to vanish one by one until none were left. Unable to take it anymore, the witch finally took her wand and laid wide awake one night to watch and wait for the source of the mischief-maker. To her utter shock, she saw her husband shed his skin under the moonlight only to reveal that he was a demon along!"

Terry and the other two girls shrieked as Rowan and Severus only blinked in confusion at the ending. "Well, that was lame," Rowan privately thought to herself as Severus merely sniffed.

"Why weren't you scared?" Tiffany said in confusion at seeing the bored expressions on the twin's faces.

"It's not very scary," Rowan and Severus replied in unison.

"Of course, it's scary!" Silvia said with a shiver. "Demons are absolutely terrifying!"

"Oh? You mean demons really do exist?" Rowan asked with some interest.

"Of course not," Terry snorted in derision. "They're only fantasy."

Rowan merely arched her eyebrow. This was coming from a wizard studying magic in a magical castle. Shaking her head, she privately wonders if such wizarding tales are based on some sort of truth. For all myths and legends have a single grain of truth to them. Perhaps, an unknown or rare form of an apparition.

"Well, who wants to go next?" Tiffany asked as she leaned back into her seat.

"I will," Rowan said as she stood up. "I don't know any wizarding scary stories, but I know a few muggles ones. I hope that you won't mind." They all shake their heads as they quiet down to listen.

"There once was a little girl who heard her mom yelling her name from downstairs," Rowan paused as they blinked with curiosity. "The little girl got up from playing and started to head down. But just as she got to the top of the stairs, her mom pulled her into her bedroom and said, "I heard that, too."

"Wait, who was downstairs?" Tiffany said in bewilderment as the rest of them went pale. Silvia merely patted Tiffany on the head as Tiffany's eyes grew wide in realization. "Wait, that's really scary!"

The rest of the evening passed in this way until the rest of the Slytherins began to trickle in and they retired for bed. Either way, Severus suddenly found himself with an extra bedmate that night, but not like he was going to complain given that he was bloody well terrified too.