A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 129

Volume 2 Chapter 129 129 Aurors Office

There was something about an all Hallows Eve and a combined full moon that left the entire Auror's office ill at easy. But an old wizened Auror had once put it best. "It's not just werewolves that go wild under the moonlight, but the dark creature existing within every living thing. There's something about it that causes even the most of passive of wizards turn into a wild beast."

It had been an exhausting night as all manner of drunken wizards and witches were brought into holding cells. To make matters worse there were actual crimes performed either involving a muggle or fellow wizard/witch. The department was literally running itself ragged as other departments were suddenly be pulled in to obliviate a muggle and put things to right before morning.

Ill tempers were running at an all-time high, but most especially that of the recent and rather infamous departmental duo, Moody and Scrimgeour. Every encounter was like that of cobra and a mongoose about to tear at each other throats. The entire Auror's department had wisely begun to hide away potential fragile items such as a simple mug lest it becomes airborne or simply explodes.

Their shouting in the distance had become the warning signal for the entire department.

Suddenly, the entire department sprang into action scrambling to put away picture frames and other such items, while others cast protection spells on their breakable objects. "I said, I have him, Auror Moody!" Scrimgeour growled as he tugged on the offending wizard's arm.

"There is no need Auror Scrimgeour, I have him well in hand," Alastor Moody snapped as he pulled the wizard towards him. The sorry-looking wizard between them looked rather ill at ease and in suffering pain. If anything else, his eyes pleaded to be taken away by anyone else, but those two.

Unable to stand the commotion anymore an older salt-peppered witch with owl-like eyes rises to her feet, Auror Sara Vinovich. Glancing over at her partner, Percius Clements, the round-faced Auror rolled his eyes and despite being a little on the heavy on the side he lightly leaped to his feet. "Auror Moody, why not allow Auror Scrimgeour to take the wizard down to the holding cell with Auror Clements," Sara Vinovich firmly said leaving no room for argument.

Alastor releases the poor wizard with a sudden the force that the sorry looking wizard all but falls into Auror Scrimgeour's arms. Scrimgeour's nostrils flare at the intended slight, but he merely raises his head and victoriously stares down at the shorter Auror. The entire office pales as a few more wary Auror's slowly begin to bend their knees ready to dive and take cover under their desks and behind their cubicles the moment things begin to fly.

Seeing another explosion about to occur, Percius Clements wisely trots over and says, "Shall we be going, Auror Scrimgeour?" Taking the poor wizard's free arm, he gently tugs at Auror Scrimgeour, who proudly stomps away turning his back on his partner, Auror Moody. The entire office sighs in relief as they straighten up and others retake out their put away items. The office quickly fills with chatter and movement as the Auror's return to their previous busy actions.

With the pair safely out of earshot, Alastor growls, "That arrogant terror! I'm at my wit's end, Vinovich. I'm either going to kill him or he will me! He simply won't take orders or even listen when I want to take a more cautious approach!"

Sara Vinovich raises an eyebrow as she drily says, "If I recall, you're no treat either, Moody. Always pig-headed stubborn about doing things your own way and not to mention, you're more distrustful than a three-headed runespoor!" Alastor snorts rather indignantly at being so blatantly accused.

"Come walk with me," Sara added as she gently led the younger Auror middle-aged Auror away.

Out in the corridor, Sara says, "Alastor, I've seen you work with far worse Auror's and still maintain some degree of civility towards them. Why does this young man offend your tender sensibilities so much?"

Alastor opens his mouth to speak, but Sara does not let him. "Even if the young man is still a bit rash that is why he has wisely been partnered with a much older partner. So, what about this young man has got your gander all ruffed up, Moody?"

"He's a menace!" Moody argued. "I can't disagree that he's talented, clever, and powerful to boot. But the way he does things, he's going to get someone killed!"

"The boy is Gryffindor for heaven's sake, Moody," Sara rolled her eyes. "Being brave, courageous, and daring are all Gryffindor traits. And if so, I correctly recall much like that of yourself."

"I know that!" Alastor snapped. "I'm not so foolish as to believe myself infallible. But the brat insists on doing everything on his own! I'm here to teach him, but more importantly, keep him alive for merlin's sake! I can't if the brat keeps running off on his own without even a say so!"

Sara Vinovich sighs and leans against the wall. "I've trained many Auror's, Moody. And I recall training a young man myself like that," Sara said causing Alastor Moody to squirm uncomfortably. "I never regretted doing it as he turned out to be one of the Auror's out there. But damm*t if you didn't cause my hair to turn that much grayer that much sooner, Moody."

Alastor at least has the decency to flush with mild embarrassment at her words. "I know, I know," Alastor gruffly said thoroughly chastised.

"I'm not asking you to be any more patient, Moody. But I'm asking you to try a different approach. If you keep rushing in ahead just like a lion, you're never going to get anywhere," Sara wisely advised.

"I'll try," Alastor sighed as he ran a hand through his thick messy brown hair.

"On a worse note, there's been a Fenrir Greyback sighting recently," Sara remarked.

"That beast?!" Alastor thundered in anger.

"Aye," Sara said as she crossed her arms to look away. "There was a child that was taken, and no doubt was bitten."

"I thought he was in hiding!"

"As we all hoped, but I suppose it was wishful thinking. We all knew that he'd return sooner or later."

"I bet the council wished to know they'd listened to Lyall Lupin at that time."

"I sure that hardly keeps the council up at night," Sara drily commented. "But I fear that a lot more children will be infected by that twisted wolf."

"Then we better catch him this time," Alastor boldly declared as Sara sighed.

"Moody, what have I said about saying things that you can't promise to keep?" Sara firmly rebuked.

Alastor rolled his eyes at her scolding. "I'm not, but we have too," Alastor firmly said. "The monster will only keep on terrorizing the wizarding and muggle population because he can. And mark my words, he will. But I suppose after this most recent attack, he'll disappear again until he comes back."

"Yes, that is how he always been," Sara admitted, before glancing at the time at a clock in the hallway. "Well, we best be getting back," Sara said as she stood up. "And Moody, promise me that you will at least try with Scrimgeour?"

"Yes, Vinovich, I will," Alastor unhappily answered as he followed her back to the Auror office. Of course, what she didn't know couldn't possibly hurt her.