A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 130

Volume 2 Chapter 130 130 Hogwarts: A History

The following day at on breakfast the Gryffindor's tried to thank her and apologize profusely. Rowan had merely ignored them and grunted about them owing her one. All in all, even detention wasn't quite so bad as Filch was remarkably silent as he allowed her to polish the Hogwarts trophies and plaques. Filch was even as kind as to allow her a fifteen-minute break to rest when he saw her looking a bit fatigued. And at least she'd had plenty of time to think to herself.

The first time back in the library since her detention, Rowan found Pettigrew measuring his history of Magic homework. Professor Binns had asked for a three-foot-long composition on the Medieval Assembly of European Wizards. "I don't believe it I'm m still two inches short!" Pettigrew complained, and letting go of his parchment, which sprang back into a roll.

"I'm still off by five inches," Sirius desperately said as he turned to glance over at Lupin, who was diligently taking notes.

"Lupin let me read your composition," Sirius desperately begged as Pettigrew nodded his head in an agreement.

"I won't, you've both had ten days to finish it," Lupin stubbornly said as he didn't even raise his head to respond.

"I only need two more inches, please," Sirius pleaded again. Seeing Lupin coldly ignoring him, he turned towards Rowan to only see her raise her eyebrow at him.

"I've already turned mine in," Rowan truthfully said as Slytherin had already had History of Magic the day before. Sirius wilted as Pettigrew sighed again and returned to their frantic scrambling to finish their homework before the next day.

The four of them were immersed in their own things that they didn't even notice James arriving. Furrowing his brows, James said, "Hello, I'm here!"

"Hello James," Lupin briefly said as he glanced up from his work, before ducking his head back down. Pettigrew and Sirius merely waved their hands, before scrambling back to write. While Rowan didn't even attempt to raise her head and merely continued to work.

"It's like I'm not even here," James grumbled as he took his regular seat next to Rowan.

Glancing over at Rowan, James says, "So, are you going to call in that favor yet?"

"No," Rowan mumbled as she crossed out another name. "But I will eventually."

"I'll be waiting," James promised, before starting on his own work.

They were all soundly working when they heard the raised voice of Madame Pince say, "Professor Adric, exactly what is that you would like for me to do?"

"As I have already explained myself, I am looking for relics and I would appreciate it if I could borrow a copy of Hogwarts: A History," Professor Adric coldly stated.

"And as I've already told you, Professor, all copies have been checked out and at present, there's a two-week waiting list," Madame Pince said with some satisfaction.

"Very well, Madame," Professor Adric snapped. "Put me on your list, I expect to be placed at the very top of the list, Professor's privilege!"

"Yes, Professor," Madam Pince said through thin pressed lips. Professor Adric proudly with some satisfaction turned away and left the library.

Safely out of earshot, Madam Pince is heard saying, "That ill-mannered man! I shouldn't allow him near my books at all!" Still muttering, Madam Pince stomps past them as the boys are left open-mouthed at seeing the librarian flouncing away.

"I wonder what Professor Adric wants with a copy of Hogwarts: A History?" Lupin mused out loud once it was safe.

"Something dark and evil," Pettigrew instantly replied.

"But Hogwarts: A History is merely a biography of Hogwarts," Lupin explained as he chewed on the tip of his quill in concentration.

"Well, whatever it is it can't be good!" James said. "We've got get a copy in our hands and see for ourselves!"

"That's the spirit!" Sirius exclaimed as their homework was quickly forgotten and they began to plan.

Rowan, on the other hand, resisted the urge to slam her forehead against the desk. In all perfect honesty, she'd been avoiding the incident from before. It wasn't that she was a coward, she just had enough on her plate as it was!

Rubbing her suddenly aching head, Rowan sighs as she knew exactly what Professor Adric was searching for, the Chamber of Secrets. And unlike him, she knew exactly where it was and how to get inside of it. However, there was one very large problem, the Basilisk.

Yes, an enormous magical ancient snake that happened to have killed Myrtle Elizabeth Warren also known as M.o.a.ning Myrtle. And though she indeed was a parselmouth and was Salazar's descendant there was no guarantee the bloody ruddy snake would listen to her! From what she gathered the snake only listened to one master at a time and dear old Riddle was very much still alive! So, forgive her if she was bloody well avoiding being eaten alive by a giant magical snake!

Taking a deep breath Rowan still her messy thoughts and tries to order them. Either way, she needed to get down there before Professor Adric did. Using a rough estimate, she knew that he wouldn't find that which he needed until at least after winter break. That at least gave her until after January to get into the chamber first.

Feeling a bit better with an estimated goal in mind, Rowan returns her mind to the most urgent problem on hand, the Basilisk. In all honesty, the croak of a living rooster was her best shot, but still, the basilisk was still a snake and was bound to smell the bird if she carried it in with her. And as a basilisk was a magical creature it probably wouldn't be so foolish as to approach her then and there.

That left her with very little options. Either attempt to transfigure the chicken into an object to be transfigured back or find a spell capable of hurting a basilisk. But there was no guarantee that the basilisk's senses would be fooled by the transfiguration spell. And as for a spell capable of hurting or killing a basilisk, there wasn't one mentioned. Basilisks were always killed in groups of wizards and witches, not by one sole individual. And the most important fact of them all that she had yet to consider on how to go about seeing the bloody snake without being petrified by it!

Refusing to fall into hysterics, Rowan stills her own train of thoughts. If only she was a tad more creative...Freezing, suddenly, the image of the yet to be born infamous red-headed duo popped into her mind. If she couldn't solve this problem vertically, why not try horizontally?

Rowan's eyes are naturally drawn to the marauders before her. Just as clever or even more so as the wild foursome managed to create a magical map of Hogwarts by their fifth year as well as become animagi by that same year.

Brilliant? No doubt.

Insane? Probably.

This could go so very wrong in so many possible ways-? More than likely.

Gently clearing her throat, Rowan already regrets her unspoken words as they turn to gaze at her in surprise. "Actually, I know how all of you could repay me," causing the boys to blink in surprise. "I'd like your help in finding a couple of spells for pranks."

"Is this a dream? Pinch me!" Sirius whispered in disbelief causing Pettigrew to reach over and pinch Sirius on his forearm. Sirius yelps and glares at Pettigrew who innocently sits back down as Sirius rubs his tender flesh.

"Are you truly serious, Rowan?" James said rather flabbergasted. "You aren't playing a joke on us?"

"No, I am serious," Rowan bluntly repeated again. "But I do have a few requirements."

"Now that sounds more like the Rowan I know," James said with a shared glance of relief. "And just what is that you're wanting from us?"

"I'm sure there is already in existence a spell that turns an object into a chicken or one that lets out the squawks of a chicken. As for the other two, I am not sure. But one needs to be a way to see without seeing and the other a rather large sticky tar-like pit that can slow or trap another."

Sirius throws up his hands in the air and rubs his hands gleefully as Pettigrew and Lupin seem to be the only ones that seem to be wary of the sudden request. "This isn't revenge, is it?" Lupin circ.u.mspectly asked.

"No, it's not," Rowan most innocently replied back. "Besides if I really wanted to get even all I had to do was let an innocent little comment slip by Professor Adric and then you'd all find yourselves in hot water."

"Fair enough," Lupin said as Pettigrew mumbled on his breath, "We're so going to end up regretting this."

"Well, is that a, yes?" Rowan asked in confirmation.

The four boys glance at each other as James happily turns to her and says, "We're in. We'll not fail you, oh, Queen of Mischief." As the boys quickly huddled together and began to excitedly whisper.

"Queen, huh? Well, I suppose that is better than being a princess," Rowan privately thought to herself as she returned to her own work. Call her petty, but she'd get even in the end. Their grades were going to look most interesting by the end of the first term.