A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 136

Volume 2 Chapter 136 136 Malfoy Betrothal

Christmas Eve, the twins were off being distracted by Sir Knight Prince in a valiant effort as Reginald Prince studied his reflection in the clock on the mantelpiece that read, a quarter till eight. "You needn't worry, Reginald, I shall see to it that the children are in bed by ten," Sirsa said from behind her husband.

Reginald whirls around to reveal himself in elegant navy robes lined with silver in the Prince family colors. Nodding in approval at the full outfit, Sirsa reaches over to his chest and says, "Bend down, dear."

"Yes, dear," Reginald automatically replied as he bent down enough for his wife to easily reach his shirt collar.

Carefully adjusting her husband's collar to her satisfaction, Sirsa says, "I want you to behave yourself, Reginald, you hear? I know that there will be plenty of faces whom you no doubt will sneer at, but at least try to keep a civil tongue. I've warned Georgine as well, I want the both of you to be on your best behavior tonight."

"Yes, dear," Reginald obediently said, but not necessarily promising to do as he is told.

Satisfied, Sirsa takes a step back as Reginald rises to his full height. "You look most handsome," Sirsa complimented her husband as Reginald turned to the side proudly. Hiding a smile, Sirsa merely ruefully shakes her head at her husband's antics.

"Good, you're finally ready to go," Georgine's voice can be heard from behind them, where she leans against the wall.

The older Prince couple startles at having failed to hear her approach with heels and all. Sirsa sniffs and says, "I shall expect both of you to return no later than eleven."

"Yes, dear," Georgine and Reginald said in unison as Reginald cast a glare in Georgine's direction at her tease.

Georgine merely raises her slender neck to reveal a gorgeous goblin silver forged jewelry necklace with sapphire gemstones. She was, in fact, wearing the entire jewelry ensemble with the exception of the tiara as she hated wearing the da*n thing. But as if in apology, Georgine did carefully avert her eyes as Sirsa placed a peck on Reginald's lips in goodbye, before elegantly striding away.

"Well, shall we depart?" Reginald asked his younger sister as he offered her the crook of his arm.

"What a gentleman," Georgine mercilessly teased as she took her brother's arm.

With their arms safely entwined, Reginald tossed a spray of floo powder into the fireplace as the flames burst green and he says, "Malfoy Manor." The two of them stepped into the fireplace and effortlessly vanished from view.

A minute later, the two arrived and elegantly stepped out of the fireplace on steady feet. At the side of the mantelpiece, a rather pretty young hostess awaits and says, "Welcome Sir Prince and Miss Prince. May I take your cloak, Miss Prince?"

Georgine removes the clasp from her throat and allows the cloak to float over to the young woman to reveal a matching colored gown in blue and silver. Despite her age, Georgine was still tall and slender with a face nary touched by wrinkles except for faint crowfeet around her eyes. She certainly looked younger and better than most women her age. And though she was no great beauty, there was a wild beauty about her akin to that of a tiger.

Extending her white elbow gloved hand, Reginald raised the crook of his arm, while a pair of great doors before them were opened by the manservants. Sniffing at the lavish dcor, Sirsa says, "The Malfoy's always so extravagant. When will they learn that sometimes less is more?"

"Well, they certainly have the money for it," Reginald said as they passed the Malfoy family portraits. The two of them chattered as they quickly arrived at the end of a line before the ballroom. Patiently the other guests waited to be greeted by the hosts of the evening, the Malfoy's before passing into the ballroom.

Glancing around at the guests, Georgine snorted and said, "Well, it would seem that the cream of the crop is all present."

"Oh, I'm sure there will always be those that remain uninvited," Reginald drily said as he thought of a certain Hogwarts' headmaster.

"Yes, well, I'm sure that might be in good taste," Georgine huffed.

The line quickly moved ahead as Reginald's voice dropped to a soft whisper, "And Georgine, no drinking."

"Really, the same should be said about you, beloved brother of mine," Georgine said with a matching arched brow.

"Fair enough," Reginald sheepishly muttered as there were only two guests before them. The two guests before them greeted Malfoy, before entering the ballroom.

Wearing elegant matching robes, the elder and young Malfoy, both had their long elegant sleek hair neatly tied back with an elegant hair tie. "Welcome Reginald and Georgine Prince," Abraxas Malfoy said as he kept a tight grip on his opera cane. "It has been many years since a Prince deemed to walk these halls."

"Yes, I'm sure there was nothing to it," Reginald coldly said as he stared at the almost equally tall man.

Seeing the two men glaring so openly at each other, Georgine squeezed her brother's arm in warning, and said, "We thank you for inviting us, Malfoy."

"Please enjoy your stay," Lucius Malfoy quickly said at seeing his father act so unsightly. Remembering his manners, Abraxas Malfoy quickly composes himself and nods as Reginald stiffly nods back and is dragged inside by Georgine.

A meter away, Georgine huffs under her breath. "Really, Reginald? It is the boy's betrothal! At least have a bit of decency!"

"I hated him in school and I still hate him," Reginald huffed under his breath.

"We're Prince's, dear brother," Georgine matter-of-factly said as she guided him to the nearest waiter. "We tend to hate a lot of people, it's in our blood." Taking a sparkling glass for each of them, she handed one over to Reginald.

Downing half of the glass in one gulp, Reginald snorts as he says, "I really do hate coming to these things."

"Well, we were invited, and it would be rude to not attend such a prominent family's soiree," Georgine said as she took a sip of her own drink.

"Well, at least we only have to stay until ten." Reginald downed his glass and grabbed another glass from a passing waiter.

"That's the last one for a good while, Reginald," Georgine warningly reprimanded as Reginald sighed but tilted his head in agreement.

A lavish grandfather clock finally begins to toll as the last of the guests are ushered inside. The guests grow silent as the last of the tolls are rung declaring that is eight and it is time for the ball to begin. Abraxas Malfoy leads the way to the center, where Lucius follows and stands at his side. A short way's a way is Narcissa in a lovely cream-colored gown but wearing a purple sash around her waist in a sign of her still being in mourning. At her side, is an older blonde woman, all in black, who seemed to have drastically aged all of a sudden. Her blue eyes make her face look that much gaunt as though there was a murkiness to them that had not been there before.

Clearing his throat, Abraxas Malfoy says, "It is a pleasure to welcome you all here tonight. And it is with equally great pleasure that I announce the betrothal of my son, Lucius Malfoy and that of Narcissa Black. They will wed late spring or early summer the next upcoming year." The crowd roars with claps as Lucius extends his hand and brings the brimming Narcissa Black into the center at his side.

Whispers fill the crowd in approval of the future Mrs. Malfoy. For she was a beauty that is of no doubt. But of a very good pedigree. The crowd quiets down as servers appear with trays of glasses. The guests quickly take one as Abraxas Malfoy raises a glass and says, "To my son and his lovely future bride, Narcissa Black!"

"To marriage!" The crowd said in reply as they raised their own glasses in a toast as they followed in drinking after Abraxas.

"And now let us enjoy ourselves!" Abraxas declared as the crowd cheered, and the guests once more began to mingle. Not one to lose a valuable opportunity, Abraxas led his son and betrothed around introducing them to various important members in the ministry.

Glancing around, Georgine spots a rather old worn face of a girl that was once only five years younger than her but now looked far older than herself. "I spotted Dorea Potter," Georgine said as she turned to her brother. "If I go and greet her, will you behave yourself?"

"And what manner of trouble could I possibly get into without you at my side?" Reginald indignantly huffed at being questioned like a child.

Arching her eyebrow, Georgine pointedly said, "Because it's you, brother."

"Fine, I'll go and mingle with the eldest grown boy of the Flint's. What was his name again? Stephen, I think?" Reginald furrowed his brow trying to remember.

"And why would you do such a thing?" Georgine suspiciously asked.

"Because I heard he gave the Black brat a good run for his money back in their 3rd year," Reginald said with glee as Georgine merely sighed in exasperation.

"Fine, but if I see one more drink, I'll personally be stuck to you like treacle tart," Georgine forebodingly said, before making her way over to the silver-streaked witch.