A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 138

Volume 2 Chapter 138 138 Malfoy Betrothal

Reginald was barely keeping his eyebrow from twitching as he listened to the incessant words spouted out of Barty Crouch's mouth. This close to pulling out his wand, Reginald with relief sees his sister coming towards him. Not caring if he was rude, Reginald interrupts, "Crouch, I hate to be rude, but my sister seems to be calling me. It was a pleasure to see you and Mrs. Crouch as well." Nodding once at them, he rushed away to meet his sister halfway.

Grabbing a drink from a passing server, Reginald downs half of the glass as Georgine reaches him with a familiar woman in tow. Squinting his eyes for a moment, Reginald's eyes widen at recognizing the older looking witch. "Dorea Black?"

"It's been, Potter for thirty-two years now, Reginald Prince," Dorea teasingly chided him.

"My apologies, Mrs. Potter," Reginald sincerely said as he bowed his head in an apologetic bow. Turning to his sister, Reginald arched his brow. "And to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure, dear sister of mine?"

"Seeing as we are no longer blushing maidens," Georgine glared at her brother who loudly coughed. "We both request at least one waltz."

"I see, now that I can do," Reginald said as he shoved his glass into Georgine's hands. Turning towards the petite witch, Reginald extends his white-gloved hand. "May I have this dance, Mrs. Potter?"

"It would be my honor," Dorea accepted as she placed her own gloved hand into his.

Georgine grumbles as she places the glass onto a passing waiter's tray and waits for the waltz to be over. Glancing about, Georgine sniffs at spotting the wretched figure of Abraxas Malfoy approaching her. Although older than her by over ten years, Abraxas was in the market for a second wife as his first had passed away some sixteen years ago. And no, Abraxas wasn't in the market for a younger wife as he already had an heir, but rather one who would add to his family name.

With cold eyes, Georgine lips curl as she rather stiffly says, "Malfoy."

"Miss Prince, may I have the honor of this dance?" Abraxas asked as he offered his hand.

Noticing all the pairs of eyes on them, Georgine reluctantly accepts the host's offer. Taking her hand, Abraxas smoothly leads them onto the dance floor as they began to waltz. "You are still light on your feet, Miss Prince."

"As are you, Malfoy," Georgine politely murmured with a stiff smile.

"I denote a lack of a partner for the evening," Abraxas carefully prodded.

"No, I do," Georgine carefully replied as it was no lie. Her brother indeed was her partner for the evening.

"Ah, I must have not seen him," Abraxas frowned as he whirled her around.

"He is here," Georgine tilted her head in the direction that her brother was last seen at.

"Mm, is he one of us?"

"Yes, that he is."

"It would be most unfortunate if another Prince wed rather ill-advised spouse again."

"I shall take that under consideration."

With a final whirl, the orchestra finished playing as the dancers came to a still and clapped in thanks. Politely clapping once, Abraxas took her hand and placed a kiss on the tip of her gloved hand. Georgine hid her distaste and forced herself not to wrench her arm from his tight grasp.

Nodding once, Abraxas turned away as Georgine away to search for her brother. Seeing a flushed Dorea resting by the wall, Georgine apprehensively rushed over. "Are you alright, Dorea?"

"Oh, I've just not danced in many years," Dorea huffed. "I'm just a bit winded. But don't mind me, go and have fun you two." Seeing both of them unwilling to leave, Dorea climbed to her feet.

"Go on now, shoo! I'm going to go over to chat with my cousin, Lucretia." Dorea pointed at her cousin seated only a few seats away with her large-nosed husband.

Glancing over at his sister, Reginald offered his hand as Georgine accepted and the two entered the dancefloor. Whirling Georgine around, Reginald asked, "And how did the dance go with Malfoy?"

Georgine's lips curled as she said, "He's was not very subtle when in inquiring if I had a partner or not for the evening."

Knowing his sister, Reginald chucked. "And I'm certain that you replied that you had a partner, which is not a lie."

"Exactly," Georgine said with her lips twisting up in satisfaction.

The two whirled on the dance floor for a few more dances, before Reginald comments, "What say you, sister, that after this dance, we begin to say our goodbyes to the Black's and Malfoy?"

"Yes, it'll take us some time and we must as well get started now," Georgine murmured as they gently came to a stop.

Not waiting for the clapping to finish for the dance set, Reginald extends the crook of his arm as Georgine accepts and the two of them make their way to where the more prominent Blacks have gathered. The glowing figure of Narcissa basks in the limelight as Lucius proudly stands at her side.

"We've come to officially congratulate the newly betrothed couple," Reginald calmly said as Georgine tilted her head in agreement. "May you wed well and live for many years."

"Thank you, Sir Prince and Madam Prince," Narcissa beautifully said as she curtsied in acceptance of the customary well wishes. Lucius slightly bows forward, before replying, "We thank the Prince's for attending our soiree."

Standing behind the betrothed couple, Orion Black wrinkles his nose at his wife, while Walburga lips curl into a sneer. These two weren't the only ones as an elder wizard of Reginald's age coldly glares back at Reginald, Arcturus Black, the 3rd. Sniffing loudly, the shorter, somewhat plump wizard says, "My, my, if the lofty Prince has finally deemed to reside with us mere mortals."

Narcissa blinked in mortification and dropped her voice to a hushed whisper. "Cousin, please!"

Arcturus Black pays the silly chit no mind. "What no quick response, Prince? My have the years have befallen you, old friend."

"Likewise, can be said," Reginald smirked as his eyes flickered to the almost bald crown of Arcturus. Georgine stifles a snort at the reddening face of the eldest Black member.

"It would seem that we are all acquainted now," Lucius Malfoy firmly interjected as his eyes warningly declared for them all not to further try him.

Arcturus huffs and grabs a drink from a passing waiter. "Fools," Arcturus said with contempt not hiding his voice at all.

Lucius nods at the Prince's in an apology as Narcissa somewhat shamefaced does the same. The two Prince's accept with a nod back as Georgine says, "And our deepest belated condolences on your tragic losses."

"Thank you," Narcissa somewhat stiffly said.

"Well, good evening, young Malfoy and Miss Black," Reginald said, before leading Georgine away.

Out of earshot, Georgine sighs, "That man is still an utter arrogant wretch." Glancing up at her brother with a sly look, Georgine says, "But I'm sure you settled the score, dear brother."

"Oh yes, I certainly settled the scores with Arcturus on more than one occasion," Reginald smirked.

Lightly chuckling the duo heads over to the mass in the distance gathered around the host of the ball, Abraxas Malfoy. As they approach, Reginald furrows his brows and says, "Do you feel that, Georgine?"

Georgine stretches her senses as her eyes widen. "The wards have fallen!" Without even glancing at each other, the two reach for their wands as they rush forward towards Abraxas Malfoy.

Reaching the edge of the crowd, Reginald bellows, "WANDS!" Most of the guests startle in bewilderment, but those like Abraxas or members of the ministry of magic suddenly reach for their wands as popping like sounds can be heard.

"Protego Maxima!" Shouted a member of the ministry as magical shields began to suddenly appear all over the ballroom.

The crowd begins to scream as hooded figures in gleaming white masks appear with their wands raised high. Not one to wait for the other side to attack, Reginald shouts, "Impedimenta!" Effectively slowing some of the opponents for a few precious seconds as he blasted some off them off their feet.

The curses begin to fly as the guests begin to scream and the wiser ones apparate away, while others try to flee in a stampede. Whirling around with their backs to each other, Georgine casts Expulso as blue sparks follow out and blast any hooded figure in the vicinity off the floor and into each other.

Blood can suddenly be smelt in the air as a purple streak of flames hits innocent fleeing guests. Seeing Georgine narrowing her eyes, Reginald shouts, "On one."

Without needing to be told twice, Georgine grabs her skirt and sprints forward to engage the bloodthirsty attacker. "Reducto!" Georgine hissed blasting the entire floor beneath the attacker's feet into smithereens.

But despite the attacker falling down below, the hooded figure makes a slashing motion as purple flames blast out. "You bastard!" Georgine roared as she dodged to the side and screamed, "Confringo!"

Blasting the hooded figure firmly into the floor below and cracking the floor underneath. Not one to be petty, Georgine still paused to cast Ebulgio on the stunned target below effectively trapping him in a bubble.