A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 144

Volume 2 Chapter 144 Guest Speaker

Freezing, cold, and wet, January had passed by rather swiftly as classes once more kicked into gear. The 5th and 7th years were once more seen at work throughout the study halls and in their own common rooms. Professors seemed to have been rather energized by the winter break as piles of homework were given out even causing Rowan a fair bit of trouble due to the sheer overwhelming volume. Even Professor Flitwick who was typically rather jolly gave them a run for their money in their goblin language course. Not only would they emerge from the class utterly hoarse, but with a budding hatred for the language. More than one student fervently wished to quit, but alas it was much too late!

In such a fashion, the twins' thirteenth birthday came and went. Their birthday didn't go completely unnoticed as Terry and the girls each gave the twins a box of chocolates or sweets. Which they were most grateful for and promptly returned the favor later that week by sharing them.

Although, Rowan did receive a rather surprising gift from the house elves, a plate full of Daifuku. A soft, sweet mochi pastry from japan stuffed with red bean paste. It was most delicious, and a bit of a surprise really. But at least it proved, that the house elves were not only talented chefs but rather component ones given that they'd never been to Japan. Or at least, that's what she assumed.

With the start of February, the sun began to shine weakly on Hogwarts again. The mood inside the castle immediately grew a bit more hopeful and brighter. Walking into Ghoul studies, Rowan took her usual seat as she waited for Pandora Ravine to arrive. Glancing through her notes, Rowan doesn't even notice, when Pandora took her seat.

"So, any exciting boy in your life yet, Rowan?" The smiling blond asked as she teasingly glanced over at the distracted Rowan."

"Y-, wait, what?" Rowan asked as she glanced up from her notes.

"I asked if you were planning to give any boy something for Valentine's later this month?" Pandora winked with a grin.

"No," Rowan flatly stated as she leaned back in her seat. "And you?"

"Mm, I'll be giving Xeno, friendship chocolate," Pandora shyly said as Rowan snorted.

"Yes, friendship, so you say," Rowan guffawed.

"Well, we're just friends," Pandora protested as she began to turn red.

"For now," Rowan muttered earning her a swift punch to the arm. Wincing, Rowan glares back at Pandora as she rubs her stinging arm. Not feeling the least bit of guilt, Pandora playfully sticks her tongue out at Rowan.

"I hope you're all just as excited as I am," said the cheerful booming voice of Professor Kettleburn. As usual, his gray hair is like a bird's nest. Rugged and tan, his bright smile was quite the contrast. Most especially given that it was winter, and it shouldn't be possible to tan quite that much. Slightly limping on his wooden right peg leg, he waves excitedly at them with his enchanted silver hand.

"Yes, Professor," the nine students instantly chimed.

"Wonderful!" Professor Kettleburn said. "We've got a surprise guest today." Rowan and everyone else looked just as intrigued. It was rather for there to be guest lecturers at Hogwarts. But most especially in an optional class like this.

"Please welcome the foremost world-renowned expert on Non-Human Spirituous Apparitions and ministry officer of the Department for Regulations and Control of Magical Creatures, Lyall Lupin!" Professor Kettleburn clapped as did the rest of the class as a wizard stepped in through the open door.

Largely resembling the older looking Remus Lupin with russet hair and gleaming tired, clever eyes. The largest difference was that though there was an air of his being mild-mannered, there was a spark of defiance in the depths of his eyes suggesting a hidden fierce temper when push came to shove.

"Thank you, there is no need," Lyall Lupin said as he nodded at the nine students. "Professor Kettleburn and I are old friends and I am delighted to be here." Glancing over at Kettleburn, Lyall sees Kettleburn gesture for him to start.

Turning back to face the class, Lyall asks, "Now, I know that by now, you've studied all manner of creatures including rarities such as Chameleon ghouls. But today, we will discuss how some of these creatures come into existence. Any ideas?"

Instantly Pandora's hand flies into the air as Lyall points to the blond-haired student. "Yes, Miss-?"

"Pandora Ravine, sir," Pandora promptly answered as Lyall quickly memorized her name. "It is the idea that the subconscious thoughts of wizards can affect the natural world. Therefore, as emotions and ideas of wizards carry a tinge of magic, they naturally gather together and eventually form a creature born out of magical belief such as a poltergeist. But the same is thought to be true if a collection of wizards come together to form such a creature with that intended purpose."

"Thank you, Miss Ravine," Lyall said. "Now can anyone tell me why the second statement of Miss Ravine is improbable?" Pandora purses her lips but doesn't make her displeasure known.