A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 158

Volume 2 Chapter 158 Stress

Detention with Professor Adric made time quickly pass by as soon the final quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin occurred. And just as predicted, Gryffindor defeated Slytherin and won the Quidditch cup to the dismay of Slytherin. Rowan didn't really care either way as she wasn't much of a fan of the wizarding sport. But still, she did congratulate James who was unbearable, beaming with pride and joy. Yet that joy and fervor didn't last very long as a vast pile of homework was given out as the final exams were quickly approaching again.

As finals exams drew closer the Slytherin 5th and 7th years went into overdrive again. The rest of the years wisely left them alone as the sixth year's though fatigued wisely congratulated themselves on having survived the year before knowing full well that the same fate awaited them again in the following year. Still, Alchemy's worship was raised to a whole new level as cat beds and cat pillows had sprouted all over the Slytherin common room like mushrooms to keep Alchemy happy.

Snacks were given galore as Alchemy was rubbed and praised nearly to death. At times like these his owner, Terry just gave up and threw his hands in the air. He sadly had to face the fact that Alchemy was the entire Slytherin's pet rather than just his own.

With exams that much closer Rowan didn't have any time to look into the tidbit of information, Hagrid had given her as she was studying quite hard for the gobbledegook exam with Professor Flitwick. Not that the other classes weren't hard, but none of them were given her as much difficulty as gobbledegook. But not one to give up halfway, she stubbornly pressed forward in her study to master or at least become fluent in the language.

Unlike last year the Marauders actually had picked up on how to properly study for the final exams. Surprisingly, they actually came to Rowan for help as she tutored or answered questions in the study hall. Even James had buckled down which came as a surprise to everyone. It wasn't until they remembered that Quidditch team members had to receive passing marks in order to keep playing on the team for the following year.

It was a warm day outside as light streamed inside the windows down the hallways and in the study hall. "I give up!" Sirius groaned as his head dropped onto the desk.

"Shh!" Pettigrew hissed as he furrowed his brow and tried to find his spot again as James growled, "Shut up, Siri! We're trying to study!"

"Mm," was all that Rowan murmured as she reviewed her notes on the International Warlock Convention of 1289 that involved the wizards of Sardinia that would for sure be on the final exam for History of Magic. On the other hand, Lupin bit his lip as he silently mouthed charms and spells under his breath.

"Please! I need a break!" Sirius pleaded as Pettigrew finally grabbed a book and smacked Sirius across the back of the head. Sirius let out a loud yelp and promptly shielded away as Pettigrew had a wild gleam in his eye.

Merely pointing his book at Sirius, Pettigrew quivered with a mix of emotions. "We already took a break, Sirius! Now be quiet or go!"

Sirius flinched as Pettigrew sternly added, "I need to do better on this year's exams or I'm going to be grounded this entire summer by my mother! I would very much like to enjoy my summer break!"

Sirius wilts much like a beaten puppy and sadly pokes at his book with his finger. Suddenly, everyone flinches as a loud thud is heard. They glance at the source to see Rowan having slammed her textbook onto the table. "Spider,' Rowan muttered under her breath as she lifted her book to reveal the crumbled-up form underneath.

"Well that a bit excessive, don't you think?" Lupin idly commented at the brutal force used. Rowan doesn't reply as she merely wipes the desk and her book clean. No one followed up as everyone went straight back to work except for Sirius who continued to mop in silence. For the exams were drawing closer and all too soon they would themselves mere days away.

The 2nd years having learned their lesson from last year wisely avoided the common room areas filled with 5th and 7th years. The 1st years foolishly didn't pick up on the subtle warning signs and found themselves at the fearsome hands of 5th and 7th years about to snap. Needless to say, they quickly learned the timeless lesson and fled the area. Really, it was a passing of age ceremony, a solemn rite for every 1st-year generation to experience the true horror of what their future held.

On the day of the first exam with great relief, Rowan awoke to a dry bed. Thankfully, THAT had occurred a week before allowing her to be less stressed this time around during the exams. Full of fighting energy they all headed to breakfast, before heading over to take the first of the written exams.

Up in the classroom the heat was sweltering as they were all given new quills bewitched with Anti-Cheating spells. Despite the heat, Rowan found herself able to pay attention. Unlike last time there weren't any cramps to worry about. Taking her time to answer every single question properly, Rowan certainly didn't finish first nor last just right in the middle.

Walking out of the classroom, Rowan spotted the hunched-over figure of Lily emerging from the Gryffindor exam classroom. Glancing about, Rowan slowly approached her. "Is something wrong, Lily?"

Lily was bright red as she slowly nodded her head with tears of embarrassment in her eyes. Suddenly, it clicked into her mind as she recalled their conversation during the summer. "Is it THAT?" Rowan whispered as Lily nodded her head tearfully in response.

"Right," Rowan awkwardly scratched at her face. "Well, let's get you to the infirmary and we'll take it from there." Helping Lily to her feet, Rowan aided her down the stairs and all the way to the infirmary.

Madam Pomfrey's skirts billow as she quickly approaches them. Seeing Lily's pale, red face, Madam Pomfrey instantly said, "Poor dear. Not to worry, I'll have you well in just a jiff. Now just have a seat over by the bed and I'll bring everything right over. Miss Prince please be a dear and draw the curtain please."

"Yes, Madam," Rowan replied as she aided Lily to the nearest bed to have a seat.

Lily was bright as a tomato that steam could have easily been shooting out of her ears. Clearing her throat with embarrassment, Lily says, "Thank you, Rowan."

"It's fine, really," Rowan admitted as she took a seat on the bed. "The same thing happened to me last year on the first day of the exams. The only biggest difference is that mine started during the night and my cramps were awfully bad. But worst of all, I wasn't able to get a potion for the pain until after the first exam."

Feeling a bit better at that, Lily leans against the bed as Madam Pomfrey pops in with some clothes, potions, and other feminine products. "All right, Miss Evans, we'll start by having you taking some of the potions that'll have you right as rain in no time," Madam Pomfrey hummed. "Now, Miss Prince if you could leave, I'll have Miss Evans change in the privacy behind the curtains."

Lily turned bright once again as Rowan waved goodbye and left. It was nice for once for something like this not to befall her, but instead someone else. And with a tiny skip in her step, Rowan headed over to lunch for a quick bite to eat before the next written exam later that afternoon.