A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 159

Volume 2 Chapter 159 Practical Exams

After the written exams were over up next were the practical exams as well. The first exam was in Herbology carefully harvesting the now mature mandrakes. It was quite the hassle as the once ugly like baby plants were quite fearsome and just as ugly now mature. They all emerged rather dirty and victorious at having beaten the blasted plants.

Professor McGonagall had them transform a pair of rabbits into slippers and gave points on how lovely they were and took off points if they moved or hopped about.

Interestingly enough for at least Rowan and Severus they had two practical exams with Professor Flitwick, one for charms and one for Gobbledegook. For charms, Professor Flitwick had them come up to the front of the classroom one by one to perform an Incendiary charm on a piece of paper, perfectly burning it and not allowing the flame to get out of control.

Afterward, a special exam was given after dinner as multiple class years from 1st years to 4th years were to present. Professor Flitwick along with a goblin liaison to be present for the exam and grading them on their bargaining skill in Gobbledegook. It was both a test of cleverness and that of language skills. The better one negotiated the more points one received and vice-a-versa.

Professor Slughorn had a bit of fun with his exam. They were all tested on brewing a Hairy-Raising potion and then were to drink it. The more one's hair stuck up the better the potion. Needless to say, most of the girls were not pleased, Rowan included, while the boys found it rather fun for a change.

On the other hand, Professor Adric's exam was quite different. Professor Adric randomly assigned them a partner which to duel. Points were based on how long the duel lasted, spells used, and how fast the opponent was taken out. Rowan was lucky in getting Rosier and had the blond thug like Slytherin flat on his back in no time. Needless to say, Rosier was not pleased, but he still whimpered and paled as soon as she pointedly glanced down at his crotch. After that, Rosier kept his eyes glued to the floor and inched as far away as possible from her.

Professor Sinistra's exam was not much different than the year before only this year it was plotting the course of the planets. Either way, it was a nice task to enjoy the cool night air, while gazing at the night sky. Why there was even some mild flirting bloomed during the exam, which may have caused said individuals to have points docked from their exams and houses.

The last two exams were History of Magic and Ghoul Studies. Luckily, Rowan studied up on the International Warlock Convention of 1289 that involved the wizards of Sardinia and the events that took place that year. She was largely confident that she would pass.

While most of the second years scrambled outside those that had extra-curricular classes in their second year trotted off to their final exam. Professor Kettleburn actually brought in a ghoul and they were to defeat the ghoul on their own, before the next student. Points were given out based on how fast the ghoul was defeated or captured. Overall, it was rather interesting as they were able to see different techniques and spells into practice to gain the same effect.

Tired but happy the nine students watched Professor Kettleburn put the ghoul away back in a trunk. Wiping the sweat off his face, Professor Kettleburn straightened up. "Well, class, it's been a real pleasure. I hope to see most of you next year, but if not, like I said before it's been wonderful to meet you all."

"To you as well, Professor Kettleburn!" The nine students said as Professor Kettleburn glanced over at the time.

"Now be off all of you. It's all most time for dinner and I'm sure you all would like a minute to yourselves to rest out on the lawn or elsewhere." The nine of them chuckle as even Rowan's lips twitch into the semblance of a smile. They all wave goodbye to Professor Kettleburn as they go off to find friends.

Chattering on their way down, Rowan asks, "So what are you taking next year?"

"Divination and Care of Magical Creatures," Pandora instantly replied.

"I should have known," Rowan chuckled at the response.

"What about you?"

"Ancient Runes and Arithmancy."

"That does seem like something you would be taking, Rowan."

"Yes, well, at least we still have Gobbledegook and Astronomy next year."

"Mm, well, that's true enough. Still, I think I'll miss our debates in class."

"Same, but I'd rather be as far as away as possible from Care of Magical Creatures with the Gryffindor's and Slytherins. And anything that includes my brother with Sirius has me running in the opposite direction."

"I forgot, the troublesome foursome will be in that class as well," Pandora said with a shudder. "Thank goodness, we'll be with the Hufflepuffs."

Rowan shrugs as they both split up, Pandora heading over to the Ravenclaw tower, while Rowan heads down to the dungeons. Walking into the common room area, Rowan found either exhausted passed out 5th and 7th years on the furniture or those already celebrating having smuggled butterbeer and other food from the kitchens.

Heading into the girl dorms, Rowan only paused to pick up the purring Alchemy around her legs. Petting the adorable cat, she happily heads into the shared dorm to find the girls eating snacks on the bed. Tiffany instantly squealed and held out her arms as Rowan passed the attention-seeking whore of Alchemy over to her. Tiffany coos to the purring Alchemy as Silvia and Bethanie coo back as well.

Rolling her eyes, Rowan grabs a pastry and lays on her side on Tiffany's bed. "So, how do you all think you did on the final exams?"

Silvia snorts and says, "We all know how you did. Top marks all across except for potions."

"Actually, Rowan's potion was perfect this year. And she's been doing a lot better this year," Bethanie argued. "She'll get top marks all across the board, you'll see."

"Really?" Silvia said in disbelief as she glanced at Rowan who innocently shrugs. "You didn't cheat, did you?"

"I'm normally not good with living specimens," Rowan replied. "But the curriculum for potions is moving away from the basics and as such most of the potions don't require living ingredients but rather rare ingredients."

"Of course," Silvia muttered.

"Well, I don't know about luck, but I did the best that I've ever done," Tiffany happily said causing her sleek bobbed hair to move. "And papa promised that if I well on my exams he'd take me shopping in France!" Alchemy purred in agreement rolling over onto his back to have his tummy rubbed.

"And you two?" Rowan asked as she toyed with Alchemy's tail.

"Father's been busy up at the Ministry ever since the Malfoy attacks," Silvia said with a shrug. "I doubt we'll go anywhere this year except to visit my aunts or uncles."

Rowan stopped playing with Alchemy's tail to look up. "And you, Bethanie?"

A faint smile appears on Bethanie's face as she says, "I'm not sure, mother has arranged for me to take flower arrangement lessons and music as I seem to have a talent for it."

"Well, I bet that will be more fun than what's awaiting me," Rowan said with a shudder as the girls glanced over at her. "I'm sure grandfather and grandmother will have a stern word with me after my night walk. And no doubt some sort of punishment that will have me begging for detention any day."

"Pfft, well you do deserve it," Bethanie sputtered. "You really did have us worried that night. We thought something terrible might have befallen you!"

Rowan innocently shrugged and slid off the bed to her feet. "Well, it looks like it's dinner time, we best be going."

"Coward," Silvia teasingly mocked her.

"I'm a Slytherin not a Gryffindor!" Rowan proudly said as she slipped out the door as the girls chortled at the statement. Because she was very much a Slytherin. Although not a very good one at times.