A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 89

Volume 2 Chapter 89 Prayers

Gittins almost faints again at suddenly seeing a large emerald snake with even brighter emerald eyes emerge from underneath the table. A whimper escapes his mouth as the snake's tongue seem to flicker with amus.e.m.e.nt and wraps itself around the Rain Man. Gittins is unable to help himself as he hides behind the two burly wizards at seeing the snake's slit emerald eyes never leave him.

"A token of Sanderson, if you will," the Rain Man coldly said as he outstretched his arm from between the snake coils.

Hyde reaches into his coat and carefully removes the tiny prepared vial filled with a red like substance. With care, Hyde places the vial in the outstretched palm to only have it wrenched out of his grasp and disappear within the coils. Hyde lets out a growl and unconsciously his muscles begin to bulge as Floyd lays a hand on the thick pole sized arm in warning.

Drum beating sounds can suddenly be heard as the Rain Man chants and seems to move to the beating of the drumbeats. Gittins begins to froth at the mouth all the while standing as the tiny dolls through the room began to whisper and hiss. But just as quickly as the sounds began, it is cut off as a deathly silence reigns throughout the room at the presence felt behind a dark door that had not been there before.

A cold breeze sweeps throughout the shop causing the candles to go out one by one until only four are left. Gittins's teeth begin to clatter as he slaps his hands over his mouth to keep his mouth from rattling out loud. Trying to think of a prayer, his mind scrambles for any, but all he can remember is a long-forgotten scripture from his childhood, "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

An almost masculine presence can be felt from behind the doorway as the Rain-Man pours the vial of blood onto the floor. The blood seemingly moves all on its own and slithers across the flat floor towards the door to vanish beneath the dark door. The Rain Man whispers to the doorway as if asking a question as the only understood woods are that of Papa Legba, the gatekeeper.

Suddenly, a loud scream is heard as the emerald snake is dragged through the doorway in fury. The Rain Man almost falls over at the sheer unexpected rage as blood begins to pour out of his nose. The dolls in the room begin shriek as the skeletons and mask clatter loudly onto the floor. The two burly wizards take a step back as Gittins practically clings to their cloaks in an attempt to further hide.

A dark figure shadowy rapidly formed in the doorway. The speaker in a strangely African accented voice from beyond the doorway roars, "Foolish, impertinent, children of the wand carriers! Death is not to be trifled with!" A blast of cold wind causes them to stumble back almost on to their backs.

Trying to brave the wind, Floyd tries to speak over the roar. "We seek not power nor domain over death, Priest of Magics of Old. We children of the wand carriers only seek to destroy a possible enemy, an intruder in our lands."

The wind is suddenly gone as the shadowy male figure in the doorway hisses, "Most evil, perversion! That which goes against Death and all that is foreordained! The abomination must be destroyed!"

"We understand, Priest of Old," Floyd somewhat lied. "But we cannot do as requested if we are not told the true identity of whom that which we seek."

Papa Legba is still for what seems an eternity, before finally whispering, "I cannot see, I cannot touch, but follow the snakes and ye shall find that which was sought." And with a slam, the door slammed shut and vanished.

The Rain Man weakly slumps onto the floor holding his still bleeding nose. Reaching for a silk red handkerchief in a muffled voice, he hisses, "Get out!"

"What!" Hyde bellowed. "Our question still hasn't been answered, Sorcerer!"

"I SAID, GET OUT!" The Rain Man thundered as all the dolls in the room stood up and took a single threatening step in the direction of the three men.

Gittins didn't need to be told twice as he all but scrambled out the door. The burly men shared a glance as Hyde threateningly said, "Sanderson will hear about this," before stomping out of the door. The red door literally slammed shut an inch behind them as the shop instantly vanished behind them as if through fleeing.

Gulping with wild eyes, Gittins says, "Well, I'll be going now."

"Ye are coming with us," Hyde said not leaving Gittins much of a choice as they apparated away to the pub by the name of Monarch. Gittins let out a small oof, before being dragged inside the smoke-filled pub past the patrons and into the back booth. Without even a need to say anything, there is a scramble of patrons getting to their feet and clearing out. Within a minute, the pub was as empty as a cemetery. The bartender locked the doors with a loud click, before returning to polishing the mugs clean.

An old weathered man with neat cut white hair and a knit wool jumper glances up from his novella. Seeing the two dark faces of his men and the pale face of Gittins, he assumes the worst. "Were you not able to find the Rain Man?"

"No, we found him alright," Hyde growled in fury. "But the sorcerer cheated us!"

"Oh?" Sanderson said as his wolfish eyes dangerously narrowed down to thin slits. "Explain."

Seeing Hyde in a snit, Floyd answers in his stead. "Aye, Boss, Gittins did find the Rain Man, but the transaction did not go as expected. Papa-."

"Do not speak his name!" Sanderson roared as his eyes flashed dangerously.

Floyd flinched at being reprimanded and much more quietly said, "The Spirit was rather furious at our request. It said that it was an abomination that went against nature and must be destroyed. It didn't even answer the question but rather answered, I cannot see, I cannot touch, but follow the snakes and ye shall find that which was sought."

Sanderson's eyes remain in slits as though lost in thought. The gray-haired bartender glances up from his polishing and says, "That sounds rather as though the Spirit is unable to answer rather than attempting to avoid the question. But what could possibly force the hand of such an ancient spirit?"

"Something, no, an object that he cannot find nor much less reveal," Sanderson mused out loud. "Bertram, what does that sound like to you?"

"A powerful dark artifact," the bartender instantly responded.

"Yes, I thought so too," Sanderson concluded as his eyes flicker over to spot the still listening figure of Gittins. Gittins stiffens much like a rat suddenly having been spotted by a snake. "Gittins, you did well tonight. Consider your previous debt cleared as of this moment."

"Oh, thank you, sir," Gittins said with relief as a drop of sweat trickles down his brow from nerves.

"You may leave," Sanderson dismissed him, causing Gittins to almost leap for joy as he fled.

"And Gittins," Gittins freezes at the door as the icy voice from behind says, "Remember I do not give second chances."

Turning around, Gittins gulps and bows his head forward. "Yes, sir! I will remember," Gittins promised as he unlocked the door and fled from the pub.

Having fled as far away as stubby legs could, Gittins removed his bowler and reached into his pocket for a dirty hanky to wipe his brow. With a sigh, he placed the bowler onto his shining bald head and happily headed over to the Leaky Cauldron for a pint. He'd survived and that was very much a happy cause to celebrate!