A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 90

Volume 2 Chapter 90 Radio Silence

In the darkness of the night, a cloaked figure rushes across concrete streets as another shadowy figure follows behind. The first cloaked figure rushes around the bend in the street as the second figure turns at the street corner to find absolutely nothing. The second figure remains standing still in dismay at the empty street. Cursing under his breath, the second figure rushes down the empty street and soon disappears further down the street.

Wisps of moonlight can be seen through the clouds as the dark street momentarily lights up. The minutes go by until an invisibility cloak is slipped off and he first cloaked figure with eyes wildly darting about finally leaves his place of hiding. Quickly returning from whence he came, the first cloaked figure disappears with a small audible pop. Not long after, the second figure rushes back down the street backtracking his footsteps. Masculine lips twitch in inaudible swearing before the man vanishes with a small pop.

Not long after the same cloaked figure appears on the outskirts of shabby part of town. Slipping between alleyways, the cloaked man with practiced ease outstretches his hand as his wand slips out of the wand wrist holster into his open hand. Catching the wand in hand, the man rather lively climbs up the steps of the small flat. Casting one final glance about, he raises his wand as the tip of his wand begins to faintly glow.

The cloaked man traced a rune on the door and whispers, "Trentwood." The front door opens with a soft click causing the man to rush inside and slam the door shut. The cloaked figure stiffens as four pairs of wands are suddenly trained upon him. Showing his wand in his open hand, the second figure quickly removes the hood from his face with the other. "It's me!" The handsome redheaded man exclaimed.

A similar redheaded man with a large nose says, "Prove it?"

"Fabian, I need a question," Gideon Prewett grunted at his brother.

Fabian snorts right back as the round-faced man with dusty colored hair and lukewarm blue eyes sighs and lowers his wand. "You do realize that if he is under the Imperious curse, this little check means absolutely nothing right?" Percius Clements said in frustration.

The older woman with short, cropped salt-peppered hair also lowers her wand. Her yellow owl-like eyes roll in exasperation as her face tightens causing the running scar on her face to elongate. "Really? Fabian hurry up and ask the d*m question! We are all tired and have warm beds waiting for us!" Sara Vinovich growled.

"Eh, have someone waiting for you, Vinovich?" Gideon interjected with a twinkle in his eye. Sara glares back at Gideon as her hand tightens around her wand in a deathly grip.

A tired dark-haired man with dark eyeshadows and gaunt cheekbones shakes his head at their antics. "Please, Fabian ask the question," Alphard tiredly begged.

Snickering, Fabian asks, "Gideon, what happened the fifth year that caused you to be slapped by a Hufflepuff?"

Gideon curses, "You evil git!" Fabian merely sneers in reply as they all wait for an answer. With some embarrassment, Gideon grudgingly replies, "I may have accidentally brushed up against her chest. It was an accident, I swear!"

Sara's lips twitch in mirth as she mutters, "Sure it was," as the rest of them lower their wands. Fabian howls with glee as Gideon curses under his breath and vows retribution upon his older brother's head.

Grumbling, Gideon takes a seat as Alphard coughed softly, before asking, "And how did tonight go? Any luck?"

Shaking his head, Gideon sighs, "No, same as before." This causes the silence to deepen until the sound of the front door being opened caused the five of them to all to point their raised wands at the intruder standing in the doorway.

A loud, Scottish burr can be heard, "It's me." Removing his hood, the rugged features of Alastor Moody can quickly be seen in the dim firelight. "I suppose I need to prove myself, aye?" Alastor grunted.

"No, it's you, Moody," Sara confidently declared.

"Eh?" Alastor said.

"Only you would wear those ridiculous trench boots," Sara huffed with a tiny smile on her face.

"I could still be under the Imperious Curse!" Alastor vehemently protested.

"Impossible! You are more likely to be polyjuiced!" Sara countered.

Alastor sputters and huffs as Percius rolls his eyes and says, "We are trained, Auror's, Moody, give us at least some credit."

Muttering under his breath about insubordination, Alastor clears his throat and removes a small rolled-up parchment and carefully places it onto the floor. Pointing his wand at the shrunken map, he says, "Engorgio!" The map quickly grows and returns to its regular size. The map once filled with countless red spots now only shows the odd red mark or two.

Glancing up from the map, Alastor asks, "And how did it go tonight, Prewett? Same as before?"

Shaking his head regretfully, Gideon replies, "The Death Eater's aren't taking any chances. At the single sight of any suspicious shadow, they flee and hide."

"No, it's more than that," Percius observed. "It's as though they have been ordered to lay low."

"Wouldn't that mean they are planning something big?" Fabian naturally concluded.

"Not necessarily," Percius retorted. "Rather, I think that we dwelt them too much of a harsh blow last December, and now, they are waiting to see the snake's tail."

"Yes, but we've kept low as well," Sara interrupted with a frown. "It is no surprise that the Death Eater's movements have lessened with each passing day, but notwithstanding there still is the odd muggle attack or two. However, all serious attacks have ceased. And those random attacks that occur serve more as a reminder of their existent than a purpose."

"Then are the Death Eater's waiting for us to make the first mistake?" Fabian drily pointed out, what was everyone's mind. "Or rather, show our tail?"

"Yes, but not us," Alphard solemnly muttered after a moment. His response caused everyone to turn their heads towards him. Alphard glances up and wryly says, "I am a Black by birth and by nature, I tend to hear things."

"Go on," Alastor said with evident interest in his eyes.

"After last December, I was surprisingly contacted by my brother-in-law, Orion Black. With a rather simple request of warning if you will. That is to keep my eyes and ears close to the ground, but more importantly to dissociate myself from the likes of Tom Marvolo Riddle and his supporters. It would seem that after the revelations of last December, Abraxas Malfoy took it quite to heart at being so thoroughly duped that not only did he entirely pull back from the said venture but pulled more than a few pureblood families along with him."

Alphard paused as if carefully word his next statement. "The families that still remain as supporters of Riddle are less than before. While several families have fully opted out and are now sitting back on the fence as neutral parties."

Seeing the frowning faces at Alphard's words, Gideon furrows his brows. "This is what we wanted, is it not?"

"Yes, but the current situation though not necessarily perilous, it is rather tricky," Percius softly murmured.

Seeing the rest of their grimacing faces, Gideon knows he is missing something, but before he can ask, Percius continues, "If the purebloods have retreated it is not strictly because of their coming to their senses, but rather having a powerful leader to gather around for which to lead them. And thus, creating the birth of a new faction led by Abraxas Malfoy."

"As if that evil whelp needed more power," Sara cursed under her breath.

"It certainly does not help that Abraxas Malfoy is far more likely to become a troublesome obstruction, due to his political power and connections in the social sphere," Percius declared. "But what is simply far more frightening is that should Abraxas change his mind-." The silence grew heavy as the unspoken thought and words were conveyed, war.

"Either way, it is not in our favor," Fabian mused out loud as finally an appropriate amount of fear and worry dawned on Gideon's face.