A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 96

Volume 2 Chapter 96 Clubs?

In an unusually rare instance, the entire Prince Family found itself present for breakfast. Not known for being morning people, brunch tended to be a silent affair except for the occasional rustle of the Daily Prophet being turned, the clink of a spoon, or the occasional yawn. They'd only gotten half-way through their porridge when the doors burst open as Dawn excitedly held two Hogwarts letters in hand. "They just came in," Dawn exclaimed as she held out the letters for the twins to take.

"Thank you, Dawn," Severus happily replied as Rowan nodded her thanks as she currently had a mouthful of porridge. While the twins open their letters, Sirsa nods her head at Dawn in dismissal and quickly bows out. Aunt Georgine merely sniffs, while her brother, Reginald continues to read the tabloid without looking away.

"The only new book we need to purchase is The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2) by Miranda Goshawk. But I suppose, that is to be expected," Severus mused out loud, before glancing over at Rowan's letter. "Why do you have The Treatise on Ghouls, Ghosts, and Poltergeists by Sebastian Strange on your booklist?"

"I signed up to take Ghoul Studies this year," Rowan mumbled with a mouthful of porridge.

"I thought we didn't have the course electives until next year?" Severus furrowed his brow in confusion.

"That is for required electives, however, during our second year, we are permitted to take one or two extra-curricular subjects: Art, Ghoul Studies, Magical Theory, Muggle Art, Muggle Music, and Xylomancy. Personally, I wouldn't have minded a language course, but I suppose the curriculum is still under the assumption that all students must have studied French and Latin," Rowan mused.

"But we do know French and Latin, mother, taught us. Besides, that's what translation spells are for."

"True, but I would hate to rely on a Translation spell all the time. It can be quite tiring or so I've heard. And if used for prolonged time periods common side effects are severe migraines, I would like to very much avoid that."

Hearing the conversation beginning to quickly degrade between his grandchildren, Reginald finally glances up from his paper and intervenes. "Are either of you planning to join any clubs?"

Severus furrows his brows and says, "Clubs?"

"What grandfather means to say, that as second years we are allowed to join school clubs," Rowan said with a roll of her eyes in exasperation. "The clubs are listed in your letter."

Severus flushes in embarrassment. "I haven't read that part yet!"

"Mm," Rowan said with a raised eyebrow. "Let's see the clubs are as follow the Astronomy Club, Charms Club, Frog Choir, Hogwarts Orchestra, Magical Creatures Club, Potions Club, Rat Race Club, Slug and Bugs Club, Gobstones Club, Quidditch Club, Hogwarts News, Wizarding Chess Club, and the Wizards Cards Collectors Club."

Frowning Rowan paused and says, "Well, it would seem that the Art Club is only for Gryffindors, that's not very inclusive at all. And lastly, the reinstated Dueling Club."

"What!" Sirsa exclaimed in apparent horror.

"Good times," Georgine fondly countered with a small grin on her face.

Sirsa glares at Georgine and sternly turns to study the twins. "There is a very good reason why the Dueling club was disbanded! I do not want either of you to be joining such a dangerous endeavor!" Sirsa harshly declared.

"Now, now, Sirsa," Reginald said. "It is completely harmless and will be under the supervision of Professor Flitwick, a former dueling champion and the new Defense Against the Dark Art's Professor. I doubt any real harm can come to them." Sirsa shoots Reginald a cold look that promises that he will be sleeping in the guest room tonight.

"Wait, what happened to Professor Stricken?" Rowan curious asked.

Georgina is unable to muffle her snicker as she replies, "The old man by all accounts fell asleep in the bathtub and drowned. As a result, the Headmaster was forced to find a new professor on very short notice. Strange though, this is the fourth teacher that has been hired for the position to only serve a year due to some incident or another."

Rowan privately thinks to herself, "And so, the curse strikes again."

Seeing Sirsa's dark face, Reginald hastily beats a retreat and changes the subject. "Will either of you being planning to try out for the Quidditch team?"

Severus happily says, "I'd like to try out for Seeker or Keeper. But I doubt I'm good enough to get either position. But still, I think I will enjoy watching the try-outs at least."

"And you, Rowan?" Reginald asked.

"I'd rather die in a ditch," Rowan grumbled.

"I take that as a solemn, no," Georgine snickered quite loudly.

"In that case, how would both of you feel about getting a broom?" Reginald asked. "A Silver Comet should do nicely."

"Really grandfather?" Severus exclaimed in utter excitement.

"Of course, the both of you had most excellent marks and behaved yourselves quite nicely throughout the school year," Reginald explained. "And given that both of you are now second years, you are allowed to bring your brooms to Hogwarts to fly around during your free time."

"Thank you, grandfather!" Severus beamed in gratitude and joy.

Chuckling Reginald turns to look for Rowan to only see a very dark expression on her face. "I'd rather not," Rowan stiffly rejected.

Reginald blinks quite taken back as Georgine tries to hide her snickers to no avail. "I believe that is two out of three, Reginald. You've undoubtedly lost," Georgine chortled.

Reginald gives his sister a dirty look, before turning to study his granddaughter. "In that case, is there something that you want, Rowan?" Reginald asked.

"Not at the moment," Rowan truthfully replied. "But I'll keep that in mind."

"No doubt," Georgine muttered under her breath with some dark measure of pleasure at her brother's expense.

"I better go write to Lily!" Severus suddenly interrupted, before rushing off to his bedroom. Rowan merely shakes her head and returns to eating her porridge as Georgine mutters something about the male hormones under her breath. Still, quite cross with her husband, Sirsa, solemnly excuses herself and flounces out of the dining room.

Rowan stares with pity at her grandfather as Georgine slyly says, "So, will it be the couch or the guest room tonight? "Reginald glares darkly at his sister and only the presence of his granddaughter keeps him from wringing his sister a new one.

Glowering, Reginald seeks refuge behind his paper and promptly ignores his sister. It was just his dumb luck. But why did he have' to have a younger sister? A younger brother would have been much better.