A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 98

Volume 2 Chapter 98 Flourish And Blotts

Reginald patiently waits for the children to finish eating and cleaning themselves up before heading to their last stop on the list, Flourish and Blotts book shop. With the ease of a practiced book shopper, Reginald managed to not only easily find all their books but pay for them in a matter of mere minutes.

The three children's faces were full of pleading glances as they waited for Reginald to allow them to explore the book shop as they had completed their school shopping. Seeing the impatient look on their faces, Reginald hides a smile. "I suppose all of three of you are eager to explore and you shall. However, I shall be taking Severus next door to Quality Quidditch Supplies to purchase his new broom. As for you two young ladies as long as both of you remain inside the shop, you may explore to your heart's content."

"Yes, Mr. Prince!" Lily eagerly replied before rushing off towards a book that had caught her attention.

Rowan merely smirks at Severus, who somewhat reluctantly is dragged away their grandfather to purchase a broom. Browsing, as usual, Rowan finds a simple selection of poems in Gobbledegook. Frowning in distaste, she still takes the collection of poems with her as she would need some beginner-level reading material. To her delight, among her search, she spotted a rare manuscript on the topic of learning to become an Occlumens. Hasting over, she reaches for the book at the same time a much shorter hand does the same.

Nevertheless, thanks to her height, Rowan easily reached the volume first, before glancing at the much smaller boy than her. Her eyes widen in shock at seeing a boy with sleek dark hair, and a slightly haughty look that resembled that of Sirius. Narrowing her eyes at him, Rowan eyes the smaller, thinner, and less charming version of Sirius, Regulus Black.

"I saw it first!" The dark hair boy protested.

"Prove it," Rowan countered with a raise of her eyebrow.

Regulus Black glared at the tall slender girl standing before him. "I can't, but neither can you!"

"True, but I'm the one holding it first, so, therefore, it is mine," Rowan smirked back.

Sulking Regulus grits his teeth and says, "May I please have it? I've been searching for it for a while."

Looking down her nose, Rowan says, "Oh, and what is a first-year wanting with such a rare book?"

"It shouldn't be any of your business, but if you must know it is a gift," Regulus snapped, before eyeing her with suspicion. "And how do you know I'm a first-year?"

"I've never seen you at Hogwarts and you're a dead ringer for Sirius Black's younger brother," Rowan deadpanned.

"Wait, you know Sirius?" Regulus said with wide eyes.

"Unfortunately," Rowan murmured. "He and my younger twin brother are good friends, to say the least."

Regulus instantly is filled with disdain. "A Gryffindor, no doubt."

"No, my brother and I are very much in Slytherin," Rowan calmly stated.

Eyeing Rowan with still some suspicion, Regulus says, "And just who are you?"

"Rowan Prince at your service," Rowan mockingly said with a small nod.

Regulus does not appear to be convinced, but he can't be certain that it is a lie either. Sniffing loudly, he says, "Either way, your attempt at changing the subject failed. I would very much like that book, please."

"Since you asked so nicely," Rowan held out the book to Regulus, who gaped at her in utter shock.

Still rather suspicious, Regulus quickly grasps the rare book from her hands. "You're not a very good Slytherin, are you?"

"Oh, I am," Rowan lied. "Grandfather already has this copy at home, but I saw you looking at it from over there. I thought it might be fun to tease you." Regulus turns red with indignation and sputters quite loudly.

Smirking Rowan teasingly adds, "So, am I still a terrible Slytherin?"

Regulus chokes and does not deem to answer her question as Lily calls out from behind, "I found what I wanted, Rowan, have you?"

"I did," Rowan replied somewhat truthfully.

"Oh, and wait, who is this?" Lily exclaimed at seeing the startling similarity of the boy with that of Sirius Black. "Wait, you must be Regulus! Sirius bem.o.a.ns an awful lot about you in the common room."

"Common room?" Regulus said with a sneer. "A Gryffindor, no doubt."

Without any warning, Rowan smacks Regulus on the back of his head causing him to yelp. Both Lily and he gawk at Rowan as Regulus rubs the back of his head. "That is most rude to say to a young lady," Rowan chided. "I know you are a pureblood and you most certainly have been taught proper manners. Apologize now."

Flushing with embarrassment and a bit of guilt, Regulus nods his head at Lily. "Miss-, I apologize for my hasty comportment. Please accept my sincere apology," Regulus politely said.

Rowan glances at Lily, who quickly understands her intentions. "Apology accepted," Lily said causing Regulus to flush even more.

Glancing over at Rowan after a moment, Regulus holds out the rare book and says, "My actions were quite rude to you as well, Miss Prince. Please accept the book as a token of my admission of guilt."

"I won't mind if I do," Rowan said with a small grin of triumph as she took the book back.

"You lied, didn't you?" Regulus said through narrow eyes. "I'm impressed, you had me fooled."

"I do try my best," Rowan modestly declared causing Regulus and Lily to snort.

Regulus opens his mouth to speak when a loud, stern voice cries out. "Regulus Black, where are you?!"

Bright red now with humiliation, Regulus softly says, "My mother." Rushing away, Regulus hastily pauses almost tripping. "It was a pleasure to meet you both, before rushing away."

"Huh, he's kind of cute in a weird alley cat way," Lily mused.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Rowan choked.

"Well, you can't help but want to pet him because he's a kitten. However, he's an alley cat, he'll try to scratch you if you get to close," Lily cheerfully replied.

"Right..." Rowan drily commented.

"Shall we go and pay for our books?"

"I suppose so. Though I can't possibly know what's taking them so long. They're only buying a single broom not outfitting an entire Quidditch team!"

Lily shrugs in reply. "I think that's what boys think about girls when we go shopping."

"Mm," Rowan hummed in neither agreement nor disagreement. The two of them quickly line up at the counter and wait in line until it is there turn at the counter. The woman at the counter quickly tacks away at the old-fashioned change tile before, calculating the price.

Mostly to Rowan's surprise, her purchase was on the lower end, which was a surprise as the book was quite rare. But then again, perhaps, not many were interested in purchasing the volume.

Finished paying, Lily glances about and says, "Well, shall we wait outside, or should we go look for them? I mean, your grandfather did ask us to wait here but it's been a bit long since then."

"Let's go and get them," Rowan said with resignation. "I'm fairly certain that they've forgotten all about us at this point." And with that in mind, the two girls set off for the Quidditch shop.