A Bend In Time Book 2 Chapter 99

Volume 2 Chapter 99 Quality Quidditch Supplies

The two girls approach the shop where brooms and Quidditch team uniforms are hung in the front glass window. Stopping a few feet away, the girls study the boys with their noses pressed against the window in awe. Causing Rowan to once more grimace at the lack of hygiene in the wizarding world.

"Well, we're here," Lily lamely said.

"I know," Rowan grumbled.

"Well, you first."

"Me? Does it look like I want to step into that testosterone infested shop?! Besides you're Severus's best friend."

"And you're his twin!"


"Either way someone has to go and get them."

"Yes, but grandfather explicitly told us to stick together."

"You're just stalling, Rowan."

"Maybe, but I do notice that your Gryffindor tendencies have suddenly gone awry."

"Is that supposed to be an insult, because it's not. I'm much more than just a dumb old Gryffindor!"

A loud snicker is heard in reply as Lily glares and crosses her arms at Rowan. "Fine, we'll go together," Rowan said with a roll of her eyes. And so, with clear and utter reluctance the two girls stepped into the foreign domain.

It didn't even take them a minute to spot the tallboy and even taller man discussing the finer things in life. Controlling herself, Rowan approaches from behind and says, "You do know what time it is, don't you, grandfather?"

"A quarter till five," Reginald automatically replied without thinking. Suddenly, he pales as he turns around to find his granddaughter wearing a smile that eerily resembled that of his wife when she was most vexed.

"We've finished our foraging some time ago, I presume that both of you have as well?" Rowan steely asked.

Reginald holds back the instinct to flinch. "I admit we got a bit carried away," Reginald admitted with some trepidation.

"Yes, most definitely," Severus said in agreement at seeing the look on his twin's face.

"Good, then hurry up and pay for them," Rowan said through near gritted teeth. The two males hastily grabbed the broom and various other Quidditch items as they beat a hasty retreat towards the counter.

Observing with a smile, Lily says, "My dad does the same thing when he comes home late from a football match."

"Males," Rowan grunted under her breath as Lily says, "You know there are female fans too, right? That's just being stereotypical."

"Yes, yes," Rowan dismissively said as they heard the door open behind them.

"I'm getting the best broom there is!" A familiar voice said from behind them.

"Not, if I get there first!" Another familiar boy's voice said.

Rowan's back stiffens with dread as Lily comments, "Oh, it's James and Sirius."

Forcing herself to turn around, Rowan gloomily spots the troublesome duo standing before the most expensive brooms in the place. It would figure that with her luck, she would run into the dynamic duo. Holding her breath, she purposefully turns to face her grandfather. Maybe if she ignored them, they'd be too dazed to notice her....

Sirius turns and instantly spot the two girls and elbows James in the ribs. "What!" James snapped as Sirius gestured over with his eyes. James glances in the direction and instantly meets Lily's eyes, who smiles back. James grins back and hurries over leaving Sirius trailing behind.

"Evans, what a plea-zure to see you," James joked.

"Potter!" Lily rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"I'm just joking," James said as Rowan continued to ignore them.

"C'mon don't be so stiff, Rowan," Sirius said as he slapped Rowan playfully across her back.

Rowan winces from the brutal slap, before glancing over at the two of them. "Yes, it is so nice to see the both of you," Rowan drawled.

"I knew you'd miss us," Sirius proudly proclaimed with a knowing grin.

Barely avoiding rolling her eyes, Rowan asks, "And just where are both of your parents that they left the two of you wild beasts on the loose?"

"Same can be asked about you," James smirked.

Rowan huffs but doesn't reply as Lily explains, "We're here with Rowan's grandfather."

Frowning James with some concern asks, "Is there something wrong with your parents, Lily?"

"No, they're fine. But since I'll be staying the last two weeks of summer with the twins, my parents thought it be best I shop with them," Lily replied.

"That's good," James said with a warm smile causing Lily to grin back.

Failing to see the mood, Sirius whines, "So, how come you didn't invite us?"

"Lily's a childhood friend, the both of you are not," Rowan brutally answered.

"Ouch," Sirius winced. "But Severus and I are friends too!"

"Next year then," Rowan briskly replied.

"Fine, but that's a promise!" Sirius boldly declared.

"I didn't promise anything," Rowan grumbled back to no avail as Sirius chanted, "Next year! Next year!"

Before Rowan can shut Sirius up, the door slamming open causes them all to turn to see a scowling dark-haired woman with sharp attractive features and the black family gray eyes. "There you are, we've been looking everywhere," Walburga Black snapped as her husband from behind her frowns at his eldest son, whilst the small blank-faced figure of Regulus can be seen peeking from behind them.

Sirius wilts right before their eyes as he says, "Sorry, but I best be going, my mother's calling me."

Walburga Black is about to bark again, when her husband, Orion steps out from behind her. "Sirius introduce us," Orion steely said as his gray eyes icily scanned them over.

"Yes, father," Sirius said through gritted teeth. "James Potter, a Gryffindor," Sirius added as if to rub it in.

"Yes, a pureblood," Orion remarked before his eyes swept over to Lily.

"Lily Evans, a Gryffindor too," Sirius reluctantly said.

"I do not recognize the name," Orion remarked. "A muggleborn, no doubt?"

Barely keeping himself from yelling, Sirius growls, "Yes."

Walburga sniffs with disgust as Orion's lips with derision as Regulus frowns with mixed feelings at the response. "Yes, her character denotes it." Orion's eyes come to rest onto Rowan as his eyes narrow at feeling a familiarity. "And this one?"

"Rowan Prince, a Slytherin," Rowan interjected, not waiting for Sirius to reply.

"Prince?" Orion said with a frown. "There are no more Prince's. Eileen Prince was the last of the Prince children." Orion paused as his eyes look Rowan over once more in evaluation. "But I did hear rumors that she had been disowned for running off with a mere muggle. It would seem that they were not mere rumors, after all."

James and Sirius both blink at Rowan at the startling revelation. They'd both been under the impression that the twins were purebloods, not half-bloods. But then again, that would explain how Lily and the twins were friends, to begin with.

A cold smile appears on Rowan's face as she eyes Orion Black right back. "My brother and I are most certainly are half-bloods if that is your question," Rowan matter-of-factly stated causing Regulus to let out a soft gasp of surprise.

Orion opens his mouth to speak, when an icy voice interrupts, "I cannot recall the last time I had the dubious honor of seeing you, Orion Black."

Orion's head wh.i.p.s around to see Reginald Prince staring down his nose at him. Easily a head taller than Orion, Reginald raised a silver eyebrow and said, "You've certainly grown up, boy."

Orion flushes at Reginald's words as he presses his lips in displeasure. Glancing rather provokingly at the twins, Orion says, "So, the boy and the girl are your heirs? But I suppose you would have them given that you are the last of the Prince's. It is a sad tragic twist of fate to see how far desperation can push a man."

"Pureblood or not," Reginald taciturnly took a step forward looming over causing Orion to take a reluctant step back. "My grandchildren are Prince's; you would do well to remember that, Orion Black."

Orion is the first to look away, but not before saying, "We shall see."

"I've never lost before, Black," Reginald retorted. "And I certainly shall not now."

Orion flinches as though he was slapped and turns on his heels. "Sirius, we are leaving, NOW!" Orion barked as he pushed out the door. Walburga Black glances at her son, before rushing after her husband pulling her youngest by the arm. However, her actions failed to disguise the glimmer of interest and awe in her youngest sons' eyes.

James and Sirius gape up at Reginald in awe as Lily revaluates the older man. Sirius awestruck says, "Are you a Gryffindor, sir? Because no offense, I've never seen my father quite back down like that."

"I most certainly am not! I am a Slytherin, young man," Reginald answered with pride as he finally ran his eyes over the girls to make sure they truly are fine, before saying, "Now run along now, young man, we certainly don't want you taking the brunt of your father's wrath."

"Yes, sir!" Sirius in uncharacteristic obedience does as he is told and runs off after his family without so much as a goodbye.

"It would seem you have gained a fan, grandfather," Rowan drily commented.

Reginald chuckles at her words as Severus murmurs, "Well, that was rude, Sirius didn't even say goodbye."

"I don't think, he much cared," Lily leaned over and softly whispered at Severus. "Rather I think you're in danger of having Sirius stick much closer to you from now on." Severus snorts in fake indignation, but secretly feels quite pleased.

Feeling a tinge of something in his chest at seeing the two of them so close, James says, "I don't know if we've been introduced, sir, but I'm James Potter."

Reginald glances down at the attractive shorter boy with unruly hair as his eyes flicker over to his granddaughter to only find disinterest in her eyes. Hmm, perhaps she is still much too young, Reginald privately concluded to himself, before answering. "No, I do not believe we have, but it is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Potter," Reginald said with an inclination of his head.

James beams in pleasure at Reginald's response, but before he can speak an older couple of Reginald's age, bursts into the shop with worry and relief. "James, there you are son," wheezed the aged wizard with wispy unruly hair and warm hazel eyes. "We've been looking for you and Sirius everywhere."

James sheepishly glances down at his feet and says, "Sorry about that dad."

"It's alright dear as long as you're safe," murmured the warm looking grandmotherly witch with toffee-colored eyes.

Reginald nods his head in recognition and says, "Mr. and Mrs.'s Potter, it has been some time has it not?"

The shorter wizard with knobby knees wryly smiles, Fleamont Potter says, "Yes, I do believe we have not seen much of each other since Hogwarts. I heard that you married and had a daughter."

"That is indeed correct," Reginald replied. "I am here with my grandchildren and their childhood friend, today. But I correctly presume that this young man is your son?"

"Oh?" Fleamont Potter curiously glanced at the three children easily picking out whose were Prince's by blood and the pretty redhead lass, who no doubt must be the childhood friend. However, hearing the silence grow, Fleamont instantly recalled the question. "Yes, yes, he is my boy!"

"Mm, well a belated congratulations then," Reginald murmured.

"Thank you," Fleamont beamed as his wife, Euphemia pulled their only son into her bosom for a hug. James loudly protests as he struggles to be released out of his mother's fierce grasp.

"Well, we best be going now, we have tarried long enough. And their grandmother must be fraught with worry by now," Reginald easily excused himself.

"Of course, of course!" Fleamont said as Reginald gathered the children with a mere glance, and nodded at the Potter's once more, before leaving with his ducklings in tow.

James is barely able to wave goodbye as his mother releases him from her grasp. "James Fleamont Potter, what have I told you about running off like that!" Euphemia Potter softly said to him out of earshot.

"I know, I know," James said as his mother fussed over him and straightened out his clothes.

Taking out a handkerchief from, Euphemia wipes a smudge away from her son's face as he protests to no avail. "There good as new," Euphemia happily said.

Seeing his parents having already forgiven him, James pleadingly says, "So can we get a broom now, dad? PLEASE!" James woefully begged with his eyes.

"Well-," Fleamont said in thought before Euphemia says, "It was only boys being boys, Fleamont."

Seeing himself outmaneuvered, Fleamont says, "Well, I suppose so, but not before you answer some questions, James Fleamont Potter."

"Yes, dad!" James eagerly said as he excitedly tried to keep himself still.

"The Prince children are they your friends?" Fleamont warily asked.

"Mm, yeah, they're not that bad even if they are in Slytherin," James innocently answered. "And Lily's in Gryffindor like me!"

"Well, that's nice, dear," Euphemia said in contentment. "But, run along now, James, and stay in view!"

"Yes, mum!" James happily cheered, before rushing off to stare at the nearest broom.

Lovingly smiling Euphemia turns towards her husband, Fleamont to catch him furrowing his brows. Intertwining their arms together, Euphemia asks, "What is wrong, dearest one? Was it seeing Reginald Prince?"

After a long pause, Fleamont says, "He frightens me, he always has."

Euphemia slowly nods her head and says, "Maybe, but his grandchildren seem to be quite decent sorts and they seem to be friendly enough."

"Yes, dear," Fleamont dutifully replied knowing full well his wife had made up her mind and it was in his own best interests to not disagree.

The elderly couple patiently watches and waits for their son to pick a broom, before purchasing other Quidditch supplies along as well. It wouldn't be until much later that they would set for home with their seemingly inexhaustible son and their many purchases. On that good note, Fleamont did spend less than he had thought he would, which was a bit of relief as his son at times tended to have a bit of extravagant tastes.