A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 190

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 190 Arithmancy

As luck would have it the next day was incredibly long as they had Herbology, History of Magic, after lunch, Gobbledegook and later that night Astronomy. Herbology wasn't too bad as they were merely properly collecting needles to dry and use for potions. History of Magic was the usual bore, but this time around Rowan didn't nap and properly used it finish off any homework that she had.

Gobbledegook was an entirely different story as Professor Flitwick thought it time to teach half of their class in goblin. More than one student had a headache by the end of the classroom. To be honest, Rowan didn't even know how Lovegood was going to survive this year as it was his 5th year. But well, he graduated in the end, so he'd probably be fine...

Exhausted after detention, Rowan loudly yawning left for Astronomy. At least it wasn't at midnight this year and ten o'clock wasn't too bad of a time to be held for the class. Either way, the chill of the night served to wake her up as they began to learn the stars and their positions.

The next day everyone was a bit excited as the first class of the day was one of their new courses, Muggle Studies, Divination, or Arithmancy. Everyone waved goodbye as Rowan and Tiffany headed off to Arithmancy, while everyone else headed off to Divination or Muggle Studies. The two girls climbed all the way up to the seventh floor as even Rowan was slightly out of breath, while Tiffany was clearly winded.

"Why did it have to be on the seventh floor?" Tiffany bem.o.a.ned their fate as they paused to gain their breath. Their only sole consolation was that their classroom was the first class in the corridor.

Stepping inside they found several Ravenclaws already found within. The blond, blue-eyed, Ravenclaw happily waved them over to sit as Rowan offered a rare smile back. Walking over, Rowan says, "This is Pandora Ravine, a good friend of mine."

"Pleased to meet you," Tiffany said. "I've seen you in our astronomy class, but I don't think we've ever spoken before."

"No, but I know you," Pandora said with a twinkle in her eye. "Tiffany Topsy, a lovely lady by all accounts according to Rowan here."

Tiffany flushes and says, "Really?"

"Mm," Pandora said as they took the seat next to her. "Rowan isn't one to talk badly about others unless they truly deserve it. And she counts you as a friend so I don't believe that will ever be the case."

Tiffany lets out a giggle as Rowan's ears turn faintly pink. "Don't worry, Rowan, I won't tell everyone else," Tiffany said with a wink. "Your secret is safe with me."

"As if," Rowan huffed as she took out her textbook and other school items. While Pandora and Tiffany reacquaintance themselves, she glances about the classroom. She finds that most of them at least look familiar from astronomy including the very familiar shaggy-haired witch, Dorothy Cabot.

However, to her dismay, the rest of the puffing Slytherins begin to come in. It wasn't any of the bee queens, but still, the faces of Mulciber and Avery did little for her temperament. The two boys sat in back with a few other Slytherins as they all spread out through the room. The last of the breathless stragglers make it in, before the on the exact dot the professor enters the room.

With long raven hair, the medium-sized woman swept in scarlet robes and matching hat. The fair-skinned witch turned her dark eyes towards them and strictly said, "I am Professor Vector and I will not tolerate any fooling around."

Suddenly feeling as they were with Professor McGonagall, all the students sat up straight in their seats. "Numbers can predict anything," Professor Vector reverently said. "Our entire world is made up of numbers that even muggles believe is true. The future, past, and present can all be revealed if we know where and how to calculate."

The class is utterly quiet as Professor Vector says, "Please open your text to the first chapter, I do believe you should all be familiar with it." The class instantly does as they are instructed to as Professor Vector begins to explain the power and meaning of numbers.

By the end of the class, they were all in rapt attention as she says, "I would like for you all to calculate your own three numbers and see what it tells you about yourself. Please write a thorough essay on the meaning of said calculation. And remember to show the mathematical work. It will be thoroughly checked!"

The three girls leave the class in silent awe as Tiffany whispers, "She's wonderful!"

"Most definitely," Pandora said in agreement. "Well, I best heading off to our next class. I'll see you both later!" Pandora waved goodbye, before bounding to her next class.

Tiffany happily sighed, "I think I actually found something I'm finally good at, Rowan."

"That's very good, Tiffany," Rowan said as Tiffany squealed and hugged the Arithmancy textbook to her chest. On their way to transfiguration, they both discussed what they had learned and found their walk went by rather fast. They weren't the first to arrive nor the last as those in divination got out last.

Transfiguration was actually rather interesting to most of the class as Professor McGonagall began telling them about Animagi, (wizards who can transform into animals at will). She so demonstrated by turning into a tabby cat with spectacle markings around her eyes. However, for Rowan, it merely gave her a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach. For sure with this little demonstration, those dastardly marauders wouldn't forget their idea of becoming animagi.

After lunch, they had a period and Rowan took full advantage of that to study in one of the study halls. Making sure, she had her back to the wall in one of the corner's she swiftly began to calculate the three required numbers, the character, heart, and social number. Quickly doing the math she got the three results: 1, 3, and 7.

Reading the text, Rowan furrows her brow at the rather accurate results. For character, the number one, symbolized one who is independent. Often alone working on their own. It certainly matched her personality and her entire purpose of being the sole person fighting to change the fate of the entire world.

The number three for her heart symbolized much of the same thing as that of for character. It implied that as a person she was whole in the past, present, and future. She was connected to herself in all traits whether good or bad. Which was all true as she knew what she was and what she was not. She was rather domineering in her own way and certainly did not have much time nor space for romance in her heart. It was a fairly accurate statement in her personal opinion.

Last but not least the seven for her social number. It implied that she was rather perceptive, understanding and bright. A scholar through and through often diving into the mysteries of the world, along the way they sometimes become tainted by that which they sought. A fair description of herself not to mention her being pessimistic or sarcastic at times.

Pausing and a bit curious, Rowan quickly calculates Severus's number and blinks. His results were completely different from hers and that she knew of him. His numbers were 3, 9, and 3. His character now read as three as being aware of who he was, willing to be more than just simple light or dark. While, the nine signaled he was entirely whole and seeks out knowledge as he chooses fit. And lastly, that his heart would be at peace with the choices he would make in the future, whether good or bad.

However, his previous numbers of the other lifetime, 2, 1, and 1, read the fate for a completely different Severus. The two for his character had demonstrated his character as representing two sides, both good and evil, which he had been. The one for his heart representing being alone in the world especially in the affairs of the heart. While the one for his social number once more demonstrated his solitude and isolation in the world. There had been no one else at his side nor anyone that he could trust either.

But ever since they'd both become Prince's it would seem fate had changed both in the past, present, and future. But especially in Severus's case, he was no longer the man he once was nor would ever become. One could only hope that these changes would not only remain but be for the better.

Clutching the parchment as proof, Rowan carefully folds the precious calculation and puts it away as a reminder that the future still could be changed. Pausing to glance at the time, she sighs, before quickly putting her things away and with a grunt grabbing her bag. It was quite heavy to have four extra textbooks in there even if it was an enchanted bag capable of holding everything. It still did not do anything for the weight of everything.