A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 191

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 191 Ancient Runes

Once more left panting, Rowan muttered something about getting her cardiac exercise for the day. At least this time around, she only had to reach the sixth floor which wasn't much of a consolation really. However, the classroom was also the first classroom down the corridor.

Walking into the classroom, Rowan found it entirely empty as she picked a seat mid-front. Pulling out a few of the textbooks along with supplies, she waits for anyone else to arrive. Not long after a few Slytherins and Hufflepuffs begin to trickle in. To Rowan's great displeasure so does Quyen Crowley and Hortense Sicca. At least they were missing the third member of their trio, Gertrude Fowley.

Ignoring the sneering duo, Rowan waits and to her great relief sees flushing, round face of Andrew Abbot. Waving at each other, Andrew puffs as he tiredly slumps down into the seat next to her. "Did they have to pick the highest floor they could?"

"Mm, well, I had Arithmancy earlier," Rowan drily said. "It's on the seventh floor."

Andrew shivers and says, "I'm so glad I took Muggle Studies instead."

"Planning to go into the ministry, are you?"

"No, but one of my uncles, a squib lives in a muggle neighborhood. I'd like to least not be an embarrassment to him, when I visit."

"Well, that's kind of you."

"Thanks," Andrew said as he flashed Rowan a grateful smile.

The two of them aren't able to chat more as petite witch in dark blue robes sweeps into the room. Her crooked dark hat matches her slightly crooked, button nose. A tad to pale her coffee-colored hair is neatly coiled back as she eyes them with two colored eyes, a blue and brown eye. "Welcome to Ancient Runes," she said. "I am Professor Babbling."

Pausing to glance at all of them she says, "We will start right off the bat. Please open Ancient Runes Made Easy by Laurenzoo." They all quickly turn to open the book as she waves her wand as chalk draws runes onto the board.

"Before wizardkind wrote in Latin or any other language, Runes were the foremost form for wizards to record and to share magic with each other. Nowadays, many wizards know multiple languages or simply use translation spells. But such spells do not work on ancient runes as they are an ancient language of old. Many archaic records and archeological excavations require the knowledge of ancient runes," Professor Babbling paused to make sure they all properly had their books open.

"Today, we shall start with the first ten great symbol, numbers," Professor Babbling said as she gestured to the board. "Who can tell me what the first three runes are?"

Andrew shyly raises his hand as Professor Babbling points to him. "The first rune representing zero or nothing is a Demiguise. The number one is represented by a Unicorn. And the number two is represented by a Graphorn."

"Very good, Mr. Abbott," Professor Babbling said with a pleased expression. "Can anyone else tell me the following four?"

Quyen Crowley proudly raises her hand as Professor Babbling gestures for her to speak. "Three is represented by a Runespoor, while four by a Fwooper. Five is represented by a Quintaped, and six by a Salamander."

"Thank you, Miss Crowley," Professor Babbling murmured as Quyen Crowley proudly smiled. "And can anyone tell me the last three?"

There seems to be some hesitation until Rowan raises her hand and says, "Seven is represented by the symbol of the unknown, while eight by an Acromantula, and nine by a Hydra."

"Thank you, Miss Prince," Professor Babbling said to only be surprised to see Rowan raise her hand again. "Yes, Miss Prince?"

"Professor, do Hydra's exist?" Rowan asked as Quyen Crowley and Hortense Sicca burst into laughter as faint chuckles and smiles spring all around the room. Of course, they didn't it. Hydra's were merely children's fairytales.

Professor Babbling is silent for a moment, before replying, "It is believed by various scholars throughout the world that such terrible creatures must have once existed as they are not only recorded within our own ancient runes but are also found, and recorded in ancient muggle Hieroglyphs as well. But as no living Hydra has ever been found in recorded history, we can only conclude that they were all thoroughly destroyed by both mankind and wizardkind in a united front many eons ago."

The entire class seems quite startled at the response as Rowan says, "Thank you, Professor."

"It was a rather pertinent question, Miss Prince," Professor Babbling said. "Ten points to Slytherin!" Causing Quyen Crowley and Hortense Sicca face's to darken in irk, while Andrew gazes on at Rowan with awe and respect. The rest of the class seems to be startled at the surprising revelation.

"Now, then let us continue," Professor Babbling said as they all began to take notes on the runes before them as she explained their different meanings and their use. The class went by rather quickly as they were all signed to study and write an essay on the runes; they had learned that evening.

Packing up, Andrew and Rowan made their way out the door to only be stopped in the corridor by Quyen Crowley and Hortense Sicca blocking their way. "Prince, don't be so full of yourself!" Quyen threatened as Hortense sneered at her side.

Rowan merely raises an eyebrow in reply as Hortense's eyes Andrew with a foul gaze. "It looks like you like them blond, Prince."

"And?" Rowan said. "Andrew Abbot is pretty cute, why wouldn't I?" Andrew flushes at the compliment as the two girls sneer at both of them, before flouncing away.

"Well, they're a bit catty," Andrew said as he watched them leave causing Rowan to burst into laughter. "What? I have sisters and female cousins, you know."

Rowan wheezed and said, "I know, but still it's twice as funny coming from you." Andrew begins to chuckle as well as they both begin to laugh for a bit, before finally heading downstairs for dinner. And to be perfectly honest it was a rather good ending to the day, despite the fact that Rowan still had detention.