A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 215

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 215 Goblin Auction

Not long after the doors of Gringotts closed early and turned away patrons who begged to be let in but were firmly escorted out with the last of the patrons right out the golden doors. The atmosphere instantly changed the moment great golden doors were slammed shut. All of the goblins including tellers rushed to prepare the great hall for those that would be arriving soon. The usual bare Great Hall found itself decorated within minutes with gleaming Christmas decorations as long red carpets were rolled out from the doors to the door that would lead to the auction chambers.

The rest of the doors to the vaults were all shut with the exception of one which led to Gringotts personal vault. But pity the fool who tried to break into that one, for death was the least of their worries.

Out on the front steps on either side of the barriers being guarded by goblin guards, the news photographers and reporters not from just the Daily Prophet, but from other countries were present as well. Rather self-importantly on the steps stood a young blond with elaborate, rigid curls and a heavy-jawed face. Jeweled spectacles studded with rhinestones and had thick fingers that ended in two-inch claw-like nails painted crimson. Her penciled-on eyebrows were rather sharp as she gazed proudly at the envy filled gazes from the other newspapers.

Rita Skeeter paused to glance down at her crocodile-skin handbag which held her trusty acid green Quick-Quotes Quill. Her magenta-colored robes looked rather fine this evening with not a single wrinkle on them. Satisfied she impatiently waited for the first of the guests to arrive and the door of Gringotts to open.

From the fancy hotel run by the goblins for the rich and wealthy and visiting government officials, wizards and witches begin to emerge from the Ebony Hotel. The guests were safeguarded by rows of goblin guards on either side as the guests were led safely to the red carpet up the marble steps that led all the way up to the front doors and inside. There were witches and wizards representing various potion and alchemy guilds from around the world as well. Including famous alchemists and renowned potion makers.

Rita's Quick-Quotes Quill immediately burst out with a levitating notebook. "The scene is astonishing at seeing the hundreds, no, thousands of guests arriving for the auction. There are high government officials as well as those representing the potion guilds. Not excluding a few famous faces that this humble reporter can see from here. This reporter will not fail her readers and seek out exclusive interviews with a special guest or two. For the truth must always be known to her faithful readers!"

Rita pauses for the moment as her quill and notebook fly back into her crocodile leather purse as the purse closes with a hungry snap. The bronze doors open as guards stand before the gates as the first of the guests enters the gleaming decorated great hall. Rita holding her head high joins the throng as she eyes all the exotic overseas guests, why she even saw a wizard with a vulture sitting on his shoulder!

The guests are led to an open door that leads into a tunnel brightly lit by torches. The guests murmur as they enter the tunnel to only emerge a minute in a grand room brightly lit by chandeliers and floating candles that is as large and high as the great front hall of the bank. There are hundreds of seats on the floor with private VIP boxes for the ministries of the world and the guilds. Gringotts still had to give preference to the government representatives as Gringotts had a branch in each country in the world and the guilds as they were one of the main trading forces.

Those up in the VIP boxes were quickly led over to the rest of the guests picked out their seats mostly in the front and the middle. But some guests preferred the back and had brought a pair of binoculars from which to see the auction piece from their seats. While the guests waited, hired musicians played in the background giving the guests an air of relaxation. Finally, all the guests are accounted for and seated as the crowd grows silent.

An old wrinkled goblin makes his way to the front accompanied by two lavishly dressed attendants and two goblin guards. Walking to the front of the hall, the entire crowd watches the elderly goblin finally reach the front. "Welcome members of the ministries, the guilds, and all other guests for accepting the invitation of Gringotts Bank," Grok Gringotts said.

The auction hall is filled with polite clapping as Grok Gringotts patiently waits for it to die down. "Thank you for coming and we hope that you will enjoy spending your well-earned money." A chorus of laughter fills the room as Grok flashes them a toothy grin, before being led to be seated at the front of the room to watch the bidding guests.

A slick-looking Goblin emerges from a side door holding an avail. "Welcome to Gringotts Auction! We are pleased to have you. But please note that all biddings are to be final and no refunds are allowed." A murmur is heard throughout the room at the last part, but it was a given.

"Excellent, then we shall start with the first item," the slick goblin said as a neatly dressed goblin emerged with a golden necklace with a ruby the size of a goose egg hanging in the middle.

"From ancient times women have always loved beauty," the slick goblin persuasively murmured. "Forged as a gift to prove his undying love, the necklace was enchanted with ancient, beauty runes to preserve her beauty. It is said that when the wife died her skin was still as soft as that of a young girl and nary a wrinkle on her face nor a single silver hair. The bidding will start at 10 Galleons."

Immediately the bids begin to fly out mostly from the guests on the ground level through there were one or two VIP guests from boxes participating as well. "340 Galleons, going once, going twice, Sold!" The slick goblin said as he slammed his hammer on the gavel. "Guest #43, please ensure to pick up and pay for your purchase at the end of the auction."

A pretty haired witch flashes the crowd a dazzling smile as the slick goblin auctioneer moves onto the next piece, a rare herb, which caused many potion and alchemy members to perk up. "The bidding will start at 50 Galleons," the slick goblin announced, immediately followed by loud bids. Needless to say, the goblins were going to have a very fine evening.

Though after the fourth item for sale, three members of a small potion's guild urgently requested to be escorted to the restroom. Apparently, they'd overeaten, and it had begun to show. No one really paid attention to the four beyond Grok Gringotts himself. And soon that quickly faded away as one of the three guards with them returned to report that the four wizards would be stuck in the restroom for quite a while. Quickly the three men were forgotten as they were still under guard by two other goblins as the auction kicked into full gear.

The auction continued until there was a loud gasp as the 12th and final item that everyone had been waiting for emerged, a giant basilisk snakeskin. "One square foot of basilisk skin will be auctioned each time until there is nothing left," the auctioneer announced as most of the audience seemed to be drooling over the size of the giant thing. "And you know there are only 100 such opportunities. Please bid wisely," the auctioneer purposefully stirred them up. "The starting bid is 1000 galleons."

Immediately the bids were called out until the price reached, "16,081 galleons, going once, twice, and sold, to the Austrian Ministry." Everyone politely clapped congratulating them before hungrily turning to stare at the Auctioneer. The bidding had just begun and by the end of the night, the last piece of basilisk would no doubt sell for the highest amount out of all the bids. Which made Grok Gringotts and the rest of the goblins very, very, happy indeed.