A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 220

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 220 Awakening

Rowan lets out a groan as she feels as though every single muscle in her body was sore. Her eyes felt incredibly heavy as she struggled to crack them open only to wince at the bright morning light. Slowly blinking she tries to swallow to only find that her mouth is bone dry. It was simply exhausting to turn her head and reach over for the cup of water next to her bed.

"Here," a voice said, causing Rowan to flinch in pain, before turning to study the pale and rather angry face of her twin brother, Severus. Severus gently held the cup in hand and pushed the straw into her lips for her to sip from. She thirstily drank half of the cup, before pulling away and leaning her aching head back against the pillows.

"Am I at St. Mungo's?" Rowan croaked as Severus clutched the cup in his hand so hard that she was afraid that it would crack in his hand.

"You were in the intensive ward up until yesterday, but they moved you early this morning to this ward," Severus said as clutched the water cup again rather too tightly.

"What day is it?"

"Christmas was yesterday."

"Oh," Rowan quietly said. "Sorry to ruin your Christmas, it wasn't my intention too."

"I know that," Severus softly said as he reached over to squeeze her hand as she squeezed his back.

"Have you been here all night?' Rowan asked.

"Grandfather, Grandmother, and Aunt Georgine have been taken turns staying with you," Severus confessed. "They wouldn't let me see you until this morning. They said, that you were in rough shape before and that I shouldn't see you like that as I'd get nightmares."

Severus makes a bitter face and harshly whispers, "As if I could ever sleep well after knowing that."

"So, what'd the healers say?" Rowan finally asked.

"They said, you'd been either cursed or been given a potion that was causing your magic to spiral out of control," Severus tightly said. "The healers tried everything as your body was threatening to break apart when suddenly your magic all on its own began to somehow be reabsorbed until it went back under control. The healers said, it must have been a miracle as they all thought you were going to die or end up as a squib."

"Well, I'm happy to be a disappointment for once," Rowan grumbled.

Seeing Rowan starting to lightly tease back, Severus says, "I think you took it too far in trying to get out of attending our relatives' festivities. What did the Vernianc's ever do to you?"

Rowan lets out a low chuckle to only wince in pain as her stomach muscles protested the action. Severus must have noticed as he agitatedly rose to stand up, but Rowan hastily said, "I'm just very sore right now and it hurts to laugh."

Severus slowly eyes her until he's certain she's telling the truth. Sitting back down, Rowan finally asks him, "So what were they like, the Vernianc's?

Severus made a wary face and said, "They're cheerful, snobby Frenchmen. You'd hate them, they're all kisses with pompous laughter."

"You're right," Rowan said with a smirk. "Did you at least get kissed by some cute distant cousins?" Severus turns cherry red as Rowan almost laughs to only quickly recall the pain. "So, how many times was it? Or better yet how many girls?"

"They weren't all our cousins," Severus protested. "It was some of their friends too!"

"Why do I get the feeling that you had all the fun, Severus?" Rowan teased a bit too hard.

"I was worried sick the entire time!" Severus instantly roared back.

"I thought you were going to die-!" Severus choked as moisture appeared in his eyes. "It was like seeing it all over again the time father hit you and you were so very still. Only this time, I wasn't even there with you!"

"I'm sorry," Rowan sincerely said as she gently reached over to wipe the tears off his face ignoring the screaming pain in her body.

Severus sniffs and dries his face with his sleeve. "Good just don't do it again."

"I'll try," Rowan tried to lightly say as she couldn't make any promises. This time had proven it and there was no guarantee she'd survive another close encounter.

The bed curtains were suddenly pulled to reveal an elderly man in green healer robes with silver har with a touch of bronze still left behind. Staring down his large nose, Lancelot Prewett says, "Good you're awake." Behind him stands a younger wizard in trainee healer's robes, Hippocrates Smethwyck.

"Now let's get a good look at you, young lady," Healer Prewett said as he waved his wand over her to get a better diagnostic. "You're quite bruised and sore, but your body is healing nicely. You should be out by tomorrow and a good rest for the rest of your winter break, should allow you to return to Hogwarts on time.

Nevertheless, I will prescribe a pain, nutrient, and muscle relaxation potion to be taken as prescribed. And not to mention a sleeping draught to be taken as needed, but no more than once every three days. Madame Pomfrey will also be informed of your needs along with your case file. It will be natural for your body to be tired for some time after and as such your professors will also be informed."

Healer Prewett pauses as his apprentice jots everything down. "And young man, tell your Aunt that if she kicks up a fuss one more time, I'll have her kicked out!" With a swirl of his robes, Healer Prewett left with his apprentice in tow.

Having noticed the similarities and recognized the name on his tag, Rowan instantly knew this must be cousin or relation to the Prewett brothers. Turning over to glance at Severus she curiously asks, "What was that all about?"

Severus ruefully grins and says, "When the healers couldn't do much for you beyond stopping the bleeding and the worst of the shakes, Aunt Georgine called them all quacks. Let me tell you the healers did not take that very well. But well, Aunt Georgine isn't one to back down and she got into a loud debate with several of them. And which I might add, she was winning. Anyway, it took grandfather finally dragging her away to get her to stop."

Severus suddenly stands up and says, "Let me go and get grandfather, grandmother, and Aunt Georgine. They were all having some tea on the fifth floor. They said, for me go and get them, if you woke up, while they were gone." Severus hurries away leaving Rowan merely staring at his distant figure.