A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 224

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 224 Claret

The elderly goblin, Bogrod carefully takes the silver case containing his nephews' tooth and places it within his robes. Turning back quickly to the floo, Bogrod says, "Summoning the Emergency Council." Instantly the flames turn green as he steps into the flames and swirls away.

Elsewhere silver goblin forged talismans are flashing brightly calling to all the goblin elders and clan leaders to an emergency meeting. Instantly goblin men and women rush out of their beds and put on robes to cover their night clothing. Dozens of floo connected fireplaces turn green as the goblins traverse the land to appear in a great stone hall filled with many stone benches. At the front of the circular room are twelve council stone chairs, six on either side of a great silver, goblin forged throne.

The goblin elders and clan leaders whisper in hushed voices as they take a seat in the great stone hall. As they whisper to each other they eye each other and the great hall. The great stone hall is rather simply decorated including the large, stone columns. The most intricately carved item in the entire area is the silver throne that has leaves and tree carvings across it.

Quickly the whispering voices fall silent as the twelve goblin council members enter the stone hall. Despite the late hour, all twelve members wear neat, silver embroidered robes as they each take their seat before them. The stone hall is utterly silent before them as the clang of spears can be heard announcing the presence of the goblin king. The goblins bow their heads from their seats as an old goblin with sharp eyes stomps forward.

The entire room is silent and remains bowed until Grok Gringotts, King of the Goblins takes the throne. The instant he does there is a rustle of movement as the goblin elders and leaders all peek at each other conveying an unspoken message, "The King did not summon us. And he does not look pleased with the late hour. It better be an emergency for the summoner's sake."

Grok was more than a bit displeased at having been woken out of bed on the first night's sleep he would be getting ever since the cursed breaking in. More than a bit irked, Grok growled in Gobbledegook, "Stand before your King, he or she which has called for aide on this cold, winter's night!"

From the corner of the hall, the old figure of Bogrod emerges and bows his head before his King. "Eminence," Bogrod croaked. "I, along my brethren know of the unspoken attack on Gringotts's that cost two goblin brother's their lives."

Bogrod paused and removed a silver tooth case from his pocket. Instantly gasps can be heard throughout the room as every goblin recognized the tiny silver tooth case. "My nephew, Urlort did not return to his wife and children this evening, your Eminence. I fear-."

Bogrod chocked for a moment unable to speak as he whispers, "I fear my nephew is being tortured or worse is already dead."

A burst of alarmed whispers fills the stone hall as Grok narrows his eyes and growls, "SILENCE!"

Instantly the stone hall falls silent as Grok motions to the nearest council member to his right to take the silver case from Bogrod. An elderly female goblin with rather pointed ears rises to her feet and takes the silver case from Bogrod. The elderly female goblin named Wulm, furrows her brows as she reads the magic of the tooth. "The tooth is shattered and yellow," Wulm gravely explained to her intent audience. "Bogrod's nephew was tortured, before being killed."

Bogrod lets out a cry as he slumps to his knees in shock as bursts of incensed whispers fill the hall. The elderly female goblin council member pats Bogrod on his back in an attempt to comfort him. Grok raises his hand in the air for the crowd to become silent as Wulm returns to her seat.

Grok rather somberly says, "I am sorry for your loss, Bogrod. Urlort's death will not go unavenged nor unpunished."

Bogrod numbly nods his head as Grok adds, "And I shall personally ensure that his wife and two sons are taken care of."

Before Bogrod can thank the goblin king, a shout behind him is heard saying, "This is outrageous, your Eminence!"

The crowd's heads whirl around to see the figure of Bodrig, spokesmen of the Brotherhood of Goblins rise to his feet. (A brotherhood of goblins not for violence but rather against it. However, they most certainly approved when a Goblin committed such a feat!)

The indignant goblin, Bodrig hissed, "Pardon for my speaking out, my King. But Urlort's wife is a witch and his two sons take after her. They have no need for our care and belong to the wizarding world. Let the wizards take care of their own! Why should we be burdened by them?!" There is a murmur of agreement and disagreement at his words.

Grok Gringotts narrows his sharp eyes at the clever speaking goblin. "By right of blood and marriage, Urlort and his widow have earned our care. For they wed according to our laws and their union was recognized by the head of their clan and mine. There will be no such argument to be made before me, Bodrig."

Bodrig pursed his lips and quickly changed tactics. "Then what of avenging our fallen brother? Will we wait for the wizards to seek justice for him?!" A chorus of echoing mutters can be heard after him.

"The wizards will find the killers for one of their one has already been killed at their hands," Grok growled back.

Bodrig narrows his eyes and mutters, "And how can we be so sure that will indeed be the case?!"

Grok's lips twitch menacingly as the temperature in the stone hall seems to plummet. "My word should be enough for you, Bodrig. I have warned you before, did I not?"

Bodrig quickly bows his head and strategically takes a step back. "My apologies, my King, I have not forgotten your last reprimand for my out of turn words. But I am sorely vexed by said tragic events." Still bowing, Bodrig silently took his seat.

Grok sneers in reply but does not take any further action against Bodrig. Turning towards his people, Grok says, "From now on until the killer is caught all goblins are to arrive and depart from Gringotts in assigned pairs. If there any plans or outings are made, they are to be reported to said partner. As for our wizarding employees, they too shall be subject to the same rules."

Groans can be heard throughout the room as Grok ignores his subject's complaints. "On the morrow, said assigned partner will be given. And in an understanding of said forced compliance, there will be an increase in your pay for all for your troubles." Instantly gazes brighten up as the goblins seem a great deal more cheerful at said prospect.

"As for the elders and the clan heads, I ask that you keep careful watch over all of your own," Grok sternly ordered as they nodded their heads in agreement.

"Are there any arguments from the council?" Grok turned his head to the side to ask them.

The council members remain steadfastly silent as Grok nods his head in approval. "Good," before turning his head towards Bogrod, who still kneeled on the floor.

"Bogrod," Grok rather gently said as Bogrod raised his rather sorrow filed gaze to meet with that of the King. "I shall accompany you to see your nephew's widow. I shall ensure the funeral arrangements are made as in accordance with our traditions so that your nephew may be buried on the hills of our forefathers."

Bogrod numbly makes a sound of agreement as Grok says, "You are all dismissed." Grok rises to his feet as the rest do the same. Soft murmurs fill the room as Grok and Bogrod make their way out of the stone hall closely followed by the council members and spear-wielding guards.

The minute the King is gone, Bodrig's pleasant expression falls from his face as he sneers after their king. "Wizard loving fool," Bodrig spat under his breath.

At his side, a larger burlier goblin, Radnok, the pigeon-toed coughs and says, "Shall the Brotherhood take action, Bodrig?"

"No," Bodrig muttered through narrowed eyes. "But it would be wise to keep an eye on Urlort's widow lest she has any foolish ideas of using her newfound position."

Radnok, the pigeon-toed sneered with maliciousness as he and Bodrig began to chat with other like-minded brothers. After all, they were far from being the only ones dissatisfied with the present situation at hand. For even after all this time, the goblins were still considered lesser than the wizards and witches of the magical world. And it was their right as well to possess wands such as they.