A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 227

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 227 Recuperation

Rowan was dozing in bed on the last day of the winter break. Ever since having been let out of St. Mungo's she'd mostly found herself sleeping in bed with the odd hour or two of reading in-between. Her body thankfully wasn't sore anymore, but her inner energy pathways were far from being recuperated and still were vastly sensitive. For the present, she wouldn't even dare to attempt to push energy via her pathways much less be capable of a single teleportation jump. It'd been a rather close call and she knew it.

Glancing up, Rowan starred at the Starry Night painting hanging directly across from her on the wall. The goblins had personally delivered both the ledger and paining to her, where Dawn had happily proceeded to hang the painting. Much of her time spent reading had been studying the ledger. But a quick scan of the names on the sales ledger had provided absolutely nothing as none of the names listed were not connected to the five names, she had on her list nor to that of known Death Eaters. At least not that she knew of as of present.

It was a bitter shame, really, but what could she do? She was already lucky enough to be alive as it is. She shouldn't be greedy for more.

Rowan weakly leaned back to rest on her soft pillows as she glanced at her bookshelf and desk. Upon her return to the manor, her grandparents and aunt permitted Rowan to open her gifts first. They carefully watched Rowan lest she feels too tired later to do so. Which was a wise decision on their part as halfway through Severus opening his gift-wrapped presents, she'd begun to feel faint again and needed to lie down.

Sitting on top of her desk is a round, silver bowl encrusted with jewels, runes, and strange symbols. At present, the bowl is empty as the pensive didn't have any milky, cloud substances representing memories. The chances of her ever using the pensive are rather low as most of her memories can never be allowed out of her head.

While the bookshelf held several new volumes, which had all been gifted to her. There had been some other minor gifts, but that had been mostly been clothing and such sort of things. Nothing too expensive nor spectacular as the pensive on her desk.

A soft creak of the door opening caused Rowan to glance in the direction of the door to only see Severus sticking his head inside. "Good, you're awake," Severus said as he walked inside to climb into bed with her. Leaning against the pillows at her side, Severus says, "Do you think, you'll be fine, tomorrow?"

"Probably," Rowan said. "It's only the Hogwarts Express. I'm more worried about the next day. I'm not sure how well, I'll fare when climbing up and down the stairs to get to our classrooms."

"St. Mungo's should have already sent a note to Hogwarts explaining your condition and that you might be late to class and so forth," Severus replied. "Or at least that's what grandfather and grandmother said."

"Mm," Rowan tiredly hummed as she closed her eyes.

"Are you sleepy?"

"No, just resting my eyes for a moment."

There is a pause of silence until Severus says, "Rowan, you'll let me know if you need help, won't you?"

"I will," Rowan replied without opening her eyes.

"Oh, good." There is another lapse of silence until he asks again, "You promise?"

"I promise, Sev."

Seeing that Rowan was tired, Severus curls up on his side and studies the still rather pale features of his twin sister. He must have been studying her for a long time, because he too fell asleep while watching her chest rise and fall. It wasn't until he felt a weak hand on his shoulder trying to shake him awake. "Wake up, Severus, it's time for dinner."

Severus blinked and yawned as he hastily got up to reveal one side of his hair all smushed. Hiding a sleepy grin, Rowan says, "You better get going."

"Alright," Severus yawned as he got out of bed. Pausing at the door he turns and says, "I'll be back in a bit."

"I'll look forward to seeing you again," Rowan said as she watched Severus slip out the door. Sitting up, she glances at her trunk and sighs in relief. At least she hadn't unpacked when she got home and as a result, didn't really need to pack again. Beyond putting some new clothes inside and her pouch, which thankfully was a mokeskin pouch that no one else could open but the owner.

Not long after, Dawn apparated inside carrying a tray with soup, soft rolls, and a small, soft dessert for her to eat. "Thank you, Dawn," Rowan said as her stomach grumbled hungrily at the sight of the meal. She'd rather lost her appetite for a few days there and hadn't really been hungry at all. But it looked like her appetite was finally starting to return to her.

"Your welcome, little mistress," Dawn said with a pleased smile as the sleepy figure of Laldey blew a bubble in his sleep curled on his mother's back.

"Dawn is happy to see that the young mistress is hungry again. Dawn was most worried, but now Dawn sees little mistress is all better. Dawn will be back later for the tray."

With a pop, Dawn left leaving Rowan to eat her meal. It was a rather good meal to be honest. The soup was just right, and the rolls were warm and soft. Even the dessert tasted sublime. But then again, it is said that meals after near death experiences always taste much better than before.

By the time, Severus came back upstairs, Dawn had already taken the tray away leaving Rowan half dozing in her bed again. Climbing back to her side, Severus sternly grumbles, "If you ever die on me, I'll never forgive you."

Despite being half asleep, Rowan still heard his remark. "Whatever makes you think that you'll outlive me?" Rowan half jested.

Severus chokes and says, "As if! It's always the oldest twin that goes first!"

"I beg to differ."

"No, that is not the case at all!"

"I'm only older by fifteen minutes, Severus. In the grand scheme of things that's not even a single drop in the scheme of time."

"Still, you should go first. You're the older one."

"Fine, but if I do, you better die fifteen minutes later!"

"Are you cursing me to die?"

".... You started it."

Severus arrogantly stares down his nose at her and loftily says, "Well, I'm ending it."

Rowan merely rolls her eyes and closes her eyes again. "Rowan?" Severus says from her side.

"Yes, Severus?"

"Thanks," Severus quietly said as Rowan understood that simple word. He was grateful she hadn't gone and died on him.

Rowan merely reached over and tugged him down to lay down with her in reply. Snuggling closer, Severus closed his eyes as the two fell sound asleep. When their grandparents went up later to check on them, they found them both curled up around each other. With amused expressions they took off Severus's shoes and tucked him into bed with Rowan. It was a tender moment for the length of time that it lasted.