A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 230

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 230 Black Out

The next day was incredibly long with Herbology, first. Professor Sprout had a hands-on lesson on learning on how to defang vampiric vegetation. As it turns, the vile, nasty buggers really like biting any bits of exposed flesh including noses. More than one student was threating to burn their assigned plant to ashes as they crossly fought with the vicious struggling vines.

Even Rowan didn't emerge unscathed with a rather red bite mark on the side of her neck. Though that caused an entirely different set of trouble for her as Bertha Jorkins spotted the red mark on Rowan's neck. And as the bite mark did in fact resemble a Hickey, it was all over the school by lunchtime. According to Bertha Jorkins, Potter had been cruelly dumped over winter break to only have Rowan quickly move on to a new target. And thus, causing a whole bunch of new rumors to spring up as they speculated on who the mysterious new suitor could be.

The rest of the day proved to be just as tiring that straight right after Gobbledegook, Rowan skipped dinner and headed back to the dorms for an urgent nap. She slept all through dinner and beyond until she was firmly awoken by Bethanie, thirty minutes before ten to give them plenty of to climb to the top of the Astronomy tower. Normally climbing the tower wouldn't be a problem for her, but tonight it was.

Despite the cool air, Rowan felt rather lightheaded around the fifth floor. Panting and holding on the wall, she felt her stomach queasily begin to churn. "You don't look so good, Rowan," Tiffany whispered as Silvia reached over to steady Rowan.

"I think we should take her to the infirmary instead," Bethanie said as worriedly eyed the pallor of Rowan's face.

Rowan couldn't hear them as she felt the world begin to spin as everything simply fell away. The stone steps felt rather cool against her face and didn't even hurt, despite them digging into her cheek. She heard shouts and yells, but she couldn't make out what they were saying. It was through they were calling her from very far away. Suddenly, she felt herself become very light as if she were floating in thin air, before everything fell away into utter darkness.

Rowan awoke to find herself staring at a pulled screen curtain around her. With a tired whimper, she slowly sat up as she tried to reorient herself. Glancing around she quickly recognized her present location thanks to the white linen bedsheets. She was in the infirmary. But what had happened?

Furrowing her brows, Rowan struggles to remember as she recalls climbing up the Astronomy tower, before everything went black. "How embarrassing," Rowan winced in utter mortification as her ears turned pink.

But worst of all she'd fainted in the middle of the tower when most of the Slytherins were still climbing up the stairs. With a sigh, she fell back onto her pillows and closed her eyes. She might as well get some rest. There was no point in her worrying.

With that firm resolution in mind, Rowan fell fast asleep and didn't awaken until her screens were being pulled open later the that following morning. The bright early morning light streaming through the infirmary windows caused her to squint. Through her squinting, watery eyes, she saw the figure of a kind, middle aged witch in a bright red dress, white apron, and crisp white matron cap standing before her.

"Good morning, Miss Prince," Madam Pomfrey briskly said as she moved forward and gently placed her hand to rest against Rowan's forehead.

"You have a bit of a temperature this morning," Madam Pomfrey said as she withdrew her hand. "But that is to be expected given that most of your body's defenses are down."

Madam Pomfrey whirled to the side causing her skirt to move with her. Grabbing the tray next to the bed she gently places a bit of sweetened oatmeal before her. "Now eat something first," Madam Pomfrey carefully instructed, "And then I'll have you drink these three here potions."

"I already have some potions to take," Rowan interrupted causing Madam Pomfrey to sniff.

"I have read Healer Prewets missive," Madam Pomfrey said with a steely gleam. "And he should have had you on bed rest for at least one more week. Why your fainting last night only proved that!"

Briskly tidying up the area around Rowan, Madam Pomfrey grumbles, "Those wretches at St. Mungo's are only interested in one thing! Being Paid, that's what!" With a huff, Madam Pomfrey flounces away to check up on a poor student that was couching rather loudly having caught a terrible cold.

Leaning back against her pillows, Rowan begins to slowly eat until she finishes the entire bowl. With a grimace, she downs each potion until she's done. Taking a breath, she waits for the wave of nausea to pass until she feels better. Putting her tray to the side, she sneaks to the corner of the bed to grab a sweet or two from the boxes at the bedside. The soft almond flavor is sweet in her mouth, and slowly chews to rid her mouth of the foul aftertaste left from the potions.

Feeling a bit sleepy again, Rowan lays back down on her side to rest. She must have fallen asleep again, because she awoke to Madam Pomfrey pulling the bedside curtain again.

"Now, there we go," Madam Pomfrey hummed. "There's a touch of more color to your cheeks, Miss Prince. I'll have you down a bowl of soup for me with a roll and then your potions."

"Yes, Madam Pomfrey," Rowan meekly replied. "But for how long will I be in the infirmary?"

Madam Pomfrey makes a face as she says, "At least one week if not two." Seeing Rowan's paling face, she quickly adds, "Not to worry, the Professors have agreed to have your brother and friends to bring your textbooks and missed homework. They'll stop by later today with your things."

About to turn away, Madam Pomfrey paused and added, "I'll also have over your wand and schoolbag at that time, Miss Prince."

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey," Rowan said gratefully she'd watched the matron sashay away. Grabbing the shiny spoon, she slowly begins to sip at the warm chicken noodle soup and lets out a hum at the nice taste. Taking spoonful after spoonful with a pause every now and then for a bite of her roll, she quickly finishes off her soup. Feeling rather content, she reaches for the potions and downs them again, before washing away the aftertaste with another sweet or two.

Starting to doze off again, Rowan heard the rush of footsteps as she slowly sat up to see Severus followed by a gaggle of friends. Blinking in surprise she sees Pandora Lovegood, Andrew Abbot, Tiffany, Silvia, Bethanie, Terry, and Lily.

"Pandora and I took real good notes for you, Rowan," Tiffany proudly said as she held out a copy of the notes that both of them had jotted down during Arithmancy.

"Thank you," Rowan genuinely said as Tiffany beamed with pride, while Pandora gave her a wink.

"You gave us awful fright last night," Bethanie reprovingly said as Severus glared at Rowan with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I was told by Healer Prewett that I could attend classes," Rowan quickly excused herself of all blame. Which was all true! She was only following the doctors' orders!

"Quacks the whole lot of them," Both Terry and Silvia grumbled in unison as they both shared a knowing glance.

"I'll take real good notes for you in Ancient Runes, Rowan," Andrew Abbot kindly offered. "And I'll bring them straight down after class."

"That is very kind of you," Rowan said as Andrew offered her a warm beaming smile.

"I'll take notes in Gobbledegook," Pandora interjected, "If you're not out by next week. And from the sound of it, Madam Pomfrey doesn't think you will be."

Pandora leans over to whisper into Rowan's ear, "Xeno wanted to come, but he's been buried under piles of homework for his O.W.L.'s."

Rowan nods her head in understanding as Severus snorts and says, "I'll drop off the Transfiguration notes later this evening."

"I'd think it better if we did," Bethanie interrupted with a polite smile as Severus was left disarmed and unable to think of a reply nor a counter. "Good, then the girls and I will be in charge of bringing in-class notes for all our regular periods."

"Thanks," Rowan muttered as Andrew and Pandora say, "We better get going and leave you to your rest, Rowan." Quickly excusing themselves the two of them left as they still had personal errands to run, before their next class.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Lily's green eyes search Rowan's face as she says, "You should have said something, Rowan."

"I didn't think I'd actually faint," Rowan drily admitted.

"Yes, well, you certainly scared the life out of us," Terry murmured. "Especially Severus, I'd never thought he could get any paler, but I was wrong apparently." A sharp elbow from Silvia causes him to wince as he mutters something about rude, violent girls, which earned him another swift jab to the ribcage.

Rowan listens to them chatter as they all finally rise at seeing the time. "We'll come back and visit you after class," the girls called out including Lily, while Terry pretended not to hear, while Severus maintained his glower in the direction of his twin sister. Finally, being dragged away by Terry, Severus disappeared out of the infirmary as she lay back down to rest.

Though she'd hate to admit it, Rowan was rather pleased when they were all gone. Tired again from her visit, she lays back down to sleep.

Not long after Madam Pomfrey came by to check on her patient and found Rowan sound asleep. With a pleased nod, Madam Pomfrey shuts the curtains, before stomping off to see to a foolish student who suddenly found himself with growing antlers out of his head. Really, students these days? When will they ever learn to keep their wands to themselves?