A Bend In Time Book 3 Chapter 233

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 233 Magick Moste Evile

With dread, Rowan flipped through the next pages before finally finding that which she sought. The process in which to create a Horcrux. With some reluctance, she lowered her eyes and began to read the dreadful process.

"The concept of immortality has always fascinated wizards and even mankind since the beginning of time. And only more so upon Herpo, The Foul, a brilliant wizard and parselmouth discovered the secret to preserving a portion of the soul. Unlike the soul residing within a living body, the portion of the soul that is placed in a living container will live forever provided that the soul container is never damaged nor destroyed. It is widely believed that Herpo, the Foul had two apprentices and that one of them betrayed him so utterly horrified at his actions. Herpo, the Foul was not only killed but his Horcrux destroyed as well. As for the other apprentice, little is known about him except that he fled with as much of his master's work as he could.

Now the process to create a Horcrux in itself is rather simple for a wizard must deliberately commit murder. Murder is considered the most supreme act of evil not by wizard and muggles alike, but by magic itself. Each deliberate act metaphysically damages the wizard's soul. At such a time is when the moment of opportunity is at hand and it is time to act. But I must warn the caster, for it is essential to have a proper vessel prepared beforehand. Not just any ordinary vessel, but one that can withstand the passage of time and not be so easily destroyed.

Returning to our previous spot the wizard having just killed the victim must quickly cast, "Perdis Animan." The spell will rip the damaged portion of the soul and encase it into the prepared object or nearest object if there is not one prepared before in advance. Naturally, the entire purpose is in case if the first physical body dies the body can be regained via a ritual of death using the blood of their sworn enemy and bone of the wizard's parents. However, as the soul cannot do these things for itself, the caster must be prepared to entrust their Horcrux to someone they can trust in order to revive them. This does not come without its risk as if not the caster will remain trapped in the container for time and all eternity as long as the container exists.

But be forewarned many have tried only to fail. For the entire process is excruciatingly painful and most perilous. Many wizards have gone mad on their conquest to immortality, while others die at their own hands, and the rest perish most miserably during the ritual as their souls are torn into smithereens. The art of creating a Horcrux is not to be attempted unless the caster is willing to bet their very life and sanity. For without great sacrifice there is no equivalent recompense."

Rowan's hand trembles at the nonchalance of the writer and idly wonders if Owle Bullock created a Horcrux himself. He was rather strangely specific about the entire process, which was not a relief in any form or manner. And the Horcruxes that Riddle created were all relevant to himself in some manner.

The first creation was the Diary, June 13, 1942, Myrtle Warren, his first murder forever immortalized. Not only that but the Basilisk which was used to kill Myrtle fulfilling its purpose upon leashing death upon the unsuspecting mudblood's in the school. For Myrtle Warren indeed was a muggleborn witch.

Riddle's second creation was the Gaunt Family Ring, August 1943, the murder of his muggle family and importantly of the father, who abandoned him before even Riddle was born. Effectively cutting off all and any lingering blood ties to the muggle world.

At some point in 1946, Riddle kills Hepzibah Smith the last living descendant of Helga Hufflepuff. And steals Salazar Slytherins locket, therefore proving his obsession with the founder's relics.

However, in the following years, Riddle kills a tramp, some unknown muggle woman. But Riddle being the obsessive man that is wouldn't have just killed any woman. No, the more pertinent question is rather how was she relevant to the Slytherin locket? There is only one logical answer, this woman must be a squib descended from Salazar Slytherin. And if so, she must be from the previous generation of the Gaunt's. Either Marvolo Gaunt's sister or his wife, and frankly, if she was honest, possibly both.

The fifth Horcrux is just as mysterious as the fourth as Riddle killed an Albanian peasant for the Horcrux use of Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem. Riddle being the obsessive wizard that he was once more wouldn't have willy-nilly just picked anyone. The only logical conclusion considering the symbolic gesture of the Diadem is that the Albanian peasant was, in fact, the last living descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw, most likely a squib.

Not much is known if Rowena had any other children other than her daughter. And if she did it was more than likely that said child was a squib. Or a better question that would be far more informative as to just who is the father of Rowena's daughter? It's possible that like the amazons of ancient myths, she kept the daughter that she birthed and the son that she bore was given over to be raised by the father. Either way, there was probably much more to the Albanian peasant then first met the eye.

Feeling her head beginning to hurt, Rowan closes the book shut with a snap and feels rather sick at this juncture. She rises and puts the black leather-bound book on the bookshelf. Before turning off the flashlights and apparating away.

Making her way back to her bedroom, Rowan quickly slips into her warm bed and transfigures her pillow back to itself. Shivering she closes her eyes and clears her mindscape storing all of tonight's memories deep within Prince Manor. Not daring to leave anything not even a single tidbit out in the open in the Hogwarts construct of her mind. Finished clearing her mind, curls up and tries to sleep. But sleep had a long time coming as terrible words and visions of the past and future flashed through her mind.